Ishkara : Pyaar ya nafrat (Episode 49)

Ishkara – Pyaar ya Nafrat – epi 49

RECAP: Naina comes to OM……Om says Naina is his daughter…….Oberois and Mayank are shocked…..Shreya tells Om to tell his family the truth

*FLASHBACK to 3 years before*

ShivOm were returning home after the hectic day, Shivaay was busy with meetings and Omkara in his gallery, they planned to go home together to get some brotherly time, Shivaay was driving chatting with Om, it was late night and also the weather showed signs of betrayal,

Suddenly Om shouted at the top of his voice and Shivaay looked ahead, but before Shivaay could do anything the car hit two people walking on the road. They exchanged horrified glances and got down the car. They were shocked to see a man and woman lying in a pool of blood.

Omkara: Shivaay, what will we do now?
Shivaay: Relax Om, I’ll call the police and ambulance. You don’t worry, I’ll handle it (Shivaay said consoling Om who was in a state of shock)

*8:00 am, next day, Meera Rd Police Station (Fictional)*

ShivOm had been waiting at the police station, the police had identified the victims as Mr. and Mrs. Ashok Batra, who died due to loss of blood, Shivaay was consoling Om when the inspector came,

Inspector: Sir, the victims’ family is here, looks that they have no one other than their daughter. I think you should meet them.

ShivOm nodded and followed the inspector, they reached to see two pairs of innocent eyes looking at them as if asking hundred questions, Om’s heart pierced as he looked at the little angel and Shivaay, even he couldn’t hold himself, for taking away her happiness,

Shreya: You killed my di and jiju, I won’t leave you. (she said pointing a finger at Shivaay)
Shivaay: I can understand your pain but trust me it was an accident, we never thought something like this would happen.
Omkara: We are really sorry for your loss.
Shreya: What will your sorry do, haa, what about this little kid, you have snatched her happiness at such time when she needs love and care, tell me, do you have any answer now?

Shivaay couldn’t find words to answer and kept quite, but Om was deeply hurt for that little soul and spoke something which shocked everyone present there,

Omkara: I’ll adopt her, she will be my daughter and I’ll take care of her.
Shivaay: Om, what are you saying? I’ll handle it, you please calm down.
Omkara: No, Shivaay, I have decided and that’s final.
Shreya: I cant let this happen, she is my Di’s daughter, I won’t let her come with you.
Omkara: She will stay with you only, I’ll adopt her but you will be her caretaker. (He looked at Naina) Her happiness is my duty from today.


At present, Oberoi Mansion,

Shivaay was telling and others were listening with shock,

Shivaay: we did the legal formalities and Om adopted her. Before coming home, we called Rudra and told him everything. From that day, we decided that she is our responsibility. I know we should have told you all but just couldn’t. We are sorry.

All were shocked and still digesting the facts that they had come across, Om whose eyes were down all this while finally looked up to meet those pair of eyes that had the most pain but to his surprise, Ishana was not present there,

Omkara: Cham cham

Now everybody looked around to find Ishana missing,

Omkara: Bhabhi, where is Ishu?
Anika: She was here only, I think she went to the room.
Soumya: Om Bhaiya, there (all looked in the direction Soumya pointed and were shocked to see Ishana coming down with a bag)

Ishana walked down and placed the bag in front of them,

Dadi: Ishana puttar, what is all this?
Ishana: Dadi, I have decided that I am not going to stay here any longer.
Omkara: Ishu, what are you saying (he said going near her but Ishana signaled him to stop which shocked Om)
Ishana: Don’t you dare come near me.
Anika: Ishu, what are you saying? Have you lost it?
Ishana: Please Di, you don’t and for that, none of you’ll speak in between, I am talking to him, I accept that you all understand. (Now turning to Om) Don’t you think that I have taken this decision because naina is your daughter, and that I think you have lied to me? I have taken this decision because I have failed in our relation, I couldn’t be worthy enough that you share your pain and problems with me, I couldn’t be worthy enough that you trust me….
Omkara: Ishu, its not like that…I wanted to tell you but I feared losing you….
Ishana: Then your fear came true…….you have lost me.

Others were shocked and Ishkara shared an emotional eye-lock, Ishana’s eyes showed the feeling of betrayal and Om’s eyes showed his helplessness,

Anika: Ishu, how can you take such a big decision just like that, atleast listen to why Om did all this?
Ishana: Di, I know and trust Om that I know he would have done all this only for something good (Ishkara again share an eye-lock) but he didn’t trust me the same. Om, if you would have just told me after the letter came, believe me I wouldn’t have asked you a single question or asked for any explanation, and would have stood by you to support you but see…..where we are today……now even hundred explanations can’t bring the trust back.

Omkara just looked at her with guilt and pain in his eyes, now he was hating himself for making his ishu, who always stood by him, feel so hurt and betrayed.

Mayank: Ishu, I know this is your decision and I have no right to speak in between, but I would still want to say this. Ishu, you only taught me that no relation can be broken in a moment, just like they take time to build, they take time to brake also, and your and Om’s relation is where it wouldn’t brake even if you wish to…..i know you are upset and hurt, but you only say naa, decisions should be taken when your mind and heart agree…… does your heart agree with your mind?

Ishana looked at Mayank with shock and Om looked at Ishana with hope,

Ishana: I have lost my heart long ago, it doesn’t even beat for me anymore because it has started beating for someone else….. (she took a pause)……but, my mind has made the decision and no one can change it.

Om looked at her in shock, he felt something breaking inside him, all others were shocked to the core and Mayank looked at her disbelief, Rudra and Gauri who had just come, stood at one place when he heard Ishana’s last statement.

Ishana: I am sorry, I know I am doing wrong with you all but please understand me also, I don’t want to stay here.

She picked up the bag and looked at Om and OM for maybe the last time, and turned towards the door, as she took a step forward, she felt something holding her back, she turned back and was surprised to see Naina holding her duppatta,

Naina: Cham cham, where are you going? You stay here only naa, then why are you going? I though we’ll spend time together, but you are leaving me (Ishana looked at those innocent eyes and just hugged her tightly)
Ishana: I am sorry beta, but I have to go. This is not my house.
Naina: You are going because you are angry with Mr. Oberoi, hai naa?

All looked at her in surprise and Ishana didn’t know what to answer,

Ishana: beta….wo…
Naina: Please don’t be angry with him, he is really nice, please don’t go naa, stay with us.

Dadi came forward to them,

Dadi: Puttar, you are tied to this home and family forever, see now even God doesn’t want you to leave.
Naina: You’ll stay here naa, Cham cham.

Ishana nodded a yes and all smiled.
Ishana: you go to your room, I’ll come. (she kissed Naina’s forhead and Naina left)
Ishana: I am staying here only for Naina, once she goes even, I’ll leave.

Saying so Ishana left.

PRECAP: Naina brings Ishkara closer……Mayuri talk……..Ishkara convo

So guys, I hope you liked it. Please tell me your opinions through comments. I hope the story isn’t dragging, please if you feel so, tell me. I’ll try to change it for the better. Also, I hope you are not angry because of this Ishkara part, I hope you’ll understand Ishu’s POV also.
Keep reading, commenting and SMILING!!!!!

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