Ishkara : Pyaar ya nafrat (Episode 48)

Ishkara – Pyaar ya Nafrat – epi 48

RECAP: ShivOmRu are worried about something…….AniRu, ShivIsh and OmSoum convo……Gauri tells Mayank about her love for him……..Mayank confused

At present, Oberoi Mansion,

ShivOmRu were sitting in Shivika’s room,

Rudra: Bhaiya, what will we do now? If she comes for real, what will we answer back to others? You know naa Sumo will kill me if she comes to know.
Shivaay: Stop this non-sense Rudra, I am already worried and you are increasing my BP, I am worried if Anika comes to know, she will to…Oh God…I can’t even imagine that.
Omkara: If they come to know this, they’ll throw us out of this house only, and Ishu, she’ll to definitely kill me.
Shivaay: Guys, it’s better we talk about stoping her rather than thinking about what our wives will do.
Omkara: Right Shivaay, before they come to know from someone else, we should tell them everything.
Rudra: You are right,O, if they come to know from somewhere else, it won’t turn out to be good at all.
Shivaay: So, let’s go and tell them.
OmRu: yess

ShivOmRu come down to the living room and see,

Dadi, Pinky and Jhanvi were busy talking, Tej-Shakti were discussing about business, Mayank accompanied them and AniSouIsh talking and chatting.

Omkara: Everyone is so happy, I don’t feel like saddening them.
Shivaay: Om, this is the time to think practically, don’t get emotional.
Rudra: haa, O, be strong.

They come down. Before Shivaay could say anything they heard a voice from the main entrance,

Voice: Mr. Oberoi….See I came

All are surprised and look into the direction of the voice, a cute liitle girl of about five years, wearing a floral printed frock with two ponytails was standing with the world’s cutest smile, looking at the surprised faces of OF, ShivOmRu are shocked while the rest were confused,

She quickly ran and hugged Omkara who in turn lifted her up, except ShivRu, all look at him with shock,

Girl: See I told you naa I’ll come and see I came, you are happy naa.
Omkara: Of course, why wouldn’t I be happy, I am super happy.
Girl: But I am angry, why didn’t you come to meet me, I waited so much.
Shivaay (walked to Om and caressing her hair): Naina, he was busy so he couldn’t come.
Rudra: But see, now you only came to surprise us, we are so happy you came (he said taking her into his arms)

All others looked at each other in shock, as they had thought Naina to be someone else,

Naina: Mr. Oberoi
ShivOmRu: Yes princess (all are even more shocked, they couldn’t understand what was happening)
Naina: I am so tired, I am feeling sleepy.
Shivaay (to Rudra): Rudra, take her in.
Rudra: come on Naina, lets go, I’ll show you, your room. (Naina happily held Rudra’s hand and they went in)

Now ShivOm turned to the others who were looking at them with a thousand questions,

Pinky: Shivaay, who is she?
Anika: Acha toh she is Naina, but how do you know her?
Ishana: How come three of you know her but not us?
Soumya: when and where did you meet her?
Dadi: Stop it you all, let them speak, Billu, tell us the whole thing.
Shivaay: Dadi, actually…
Omkara: No Shivaay, it’s my thing, I’ll tell. The truth is that Naina is my daughter.

Ishana looked at Om in disbelief, TejVi shared shocked glances, Pinky, Shakti and Dadi were confused and Anika looked at Shivaay with surprise,

Jhanvi: What are you saying, Om? She is your daughter, how is that even possible.
Pinky: That means you married someone earlier, and you didn’t tell us.
Shivaay: Mom, please atleast think before speaking.
Pinky: What thinks, this is only what all will think.
Tej: Omkara, what are you saying, have you lost your mind?
Omkara: What I said is the truth only, Naina is my daughter.

Ishana without saying a word left from there, she went and locked herself in the room, tears were already flowing from her eyes, she couldn’t believe what she had just heard, her mind had already accepted the truth but her heart wasn’t able to accept it,

Ishana (thinking): Naina is Om’s daughter…but how…no this is not true….but Om never lies…..that means Naina is really his daughter…..(she cries keeping her head on the bed)

In the living room,

Mayank’s phone rang and he saw the caller as Gauri, he went in to attend the call,

Mayank: hello Gauri, what happened?
Gauri:What happened Mayank, I have been calling Om but he is not picking even Ishana didn’t reply, is everything Ok?
Mayank tells her what all happened today, Gauri was shocked.
Gauri: Don’t worry, I am coming. (she disconnected the call)

Back to the main hall,

Others were still digesting the fact they had just come across,

Anika: Om, do you understand what you said just now….You said that she is your daughter….are you even in your senses?
Omkara: Bhabhi….. (before Om could complete another voice was heard)
Voice: He is right, Mrs. Anika Singh Oberoi.

All look at her in confusion while ShivOm get angry,

Shivaay: How dare you enter my house, I had warned you never to come around my family?
Lady: Relax, Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi, I am just doing my duty.
Soumya: Who are you and how do you know all of us?
Lady: Hello everyone, myself Shreya Sood, Naina’s caretaker.
Anika: what do you want from us?
Shreya: Actaully, I don’t want anything from you all, Naina was missing Om, so just brought her here so that she can meet her father. (She smirked at ShivOm who returned angry glares)
Omkara: You didn’t change at all, still trying to take advantage of my situation.
Shreya: What I am doing is the result of your deeds, and you have yourself put in this situation. How am I doing anything wrong?
Shivaay: Of course, you are never wrong, we are wrong that we trusted you.
Dadi: Stop it all of you, will anyone tell me, what is happening?
Shreya: Why not dadi ji, your grandsons have a lot to tell. (turning to ShivOm) Naina will stay here, once she is ready to come back again, I’ll take her back (she turned to go but stopped midway and turned to Omkara) All the best.
Jhanvi: Omkara, will you tell us anything? Please, I am not able to believe whatever I heard now.
Shivaay: I’ll tell you all.

PRECAP: Naina-Shreya-ShivOmRu connection revealed………Ishana feels betrayed…..Oberois are shocked

So guys, how is this shocking truth, now how many of you thought that something like this could happen. the twist started with something and turned to something else only. So get ready as some shocking revelations lie ahead. Please share your views via comments and tell me what you feel about the current story line.

Keep reading, commenting and SMILING!!!!

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