Ishkara : Pyaar ya nafrat (Episode 47)

Ishkara – Pyaar ya Nafrat – epi 47

RECAP: Mayuri’s talk in the car…….Oberoi men thrown out of their rooms by their wives

At present, Morning at Oberoi Mansion,

Ishkara’s room,

Omkara was getting ready when his phone rang, the caller ID said, “Shreya Sood”, he was shocked and looked around to confirm that there was no one around, he then picked up the call,

*On Call*

Omkara: Hello
Shreya: I thought you won’t pick up, but looks things have changed.
Omkara (rudely): Why have you called me? I had warned you not to contact me ever again.
Shreya: I very well remember what you had said, but she was not listening and is always after me that she wants to meet you, I couldn’t say no to her.
Omkara: Oh so now, you have started using her as your excuse.
Shreya: Think whatever you want, I called to inform, we are coming to Oberoi Mansion tomorrow. (Before Om could answer back, she disconnected the call)

*Call Ends*

Omkara (thinking): If she really comes, it won’t be good. What will I tell Ishu, how will she react…No, I have to stop her at any case.

Shivika’s room,

Shivaay was reading a file really carefully, his eyes not leaving even a small detail that the page contained, after finishing it, he kept it safely in the secret drawer of his wardrobe and locked it with his finger print,

Shivaay (thinking): This file clearly states that she had broken all relations earlier only then why come she is coming back after ending everything. I have to make sure that Anika doesn’t come to know about all this…..I have to stop her at any cost.

He goes out of the room.

Rumya’s room,

Rudra was busy with his mobile, checking all his social media profiles, he looked up and sat down thinking,

Rudra (thinking): She has disappeared from all social media accounts, how the hell I am going to find her and stop her….if Sumo got to know to anything about this, I am toh dead, she won’t even give me chances to explain anything…..i have to stop her at any cost

He takes his car keys and goes out of the room in a hurry.

At Shinning Stones Restaurant,

Mayank and Gauri had seated in the restaurant, Gauri was goinh through the menu card,

Gauri: So, what would you love to have?
Mayank: Anything you order, I’ll love anything you wish to have. (He smiled at her and she smiled back)
Gauri: Ok, so I’ll place the order. (she calls the waiter, and places the order)
Mayank: So, I heard you run a music academy. It’s great.
Gauri: Yaa, actually music is my first love.
Mayank: Oh so what is your second love?
Gauri was shocked by his question, Gauri: haa?
Mayank: Relax, I am just joking, you get so serious.
Gauri: Actaully, I wanted to talk to you about something really imp.
Mayank: Say naa
Gauri: Wo…the thing is…I… (she was not getting words to complete her sentences)
Mayank: What happened, any problem, (he placed his hand on hers) See, you can share anything with me.
Gauri was about to speak when the waiter comes with the food,
Mayank: Oh, looks great, I hope tastes also the same.
Gauri: You’ll love it.

They have their lunch talking about each other’s life, their likes and dislikes, about their careers, after finishing the lunch, they come out to the lawn, and they decided to have a walk,
Mayank was walking ahead when Gauri held his hand, Mayank looked at her in surprise,

Mayank: Gauri……(he was about to say something but Gauri signaled him to stop)
Gauri: Please don’t get me wrong, Mayank, I don’t know what has happened or what is happening but the thing is that from the time I have met you, something has definitely changed, I don’t know, how, where, when, why, but……(Mayuri share an eye-lock) I LOVE YOU.
Mayank: Gauri…
Gauri: It’s Ok, you don’t have to answer, I just told you what I feel. (Mayank didn’t know how to answer back) Anyways, let’s get back home, I have work at the academy.

Mayank just nodded, Gauri dropped him back and went, and neither of them spoke a word on the way back.

At Oberoi Mansion,

Mayank was walking lost in his thoughts, he didn’t see Ishu who was coming from the other side, and they bumped into each other,

Ishana: Ouch..Mayank, where are you lost?
Mayank: Sorry ishu, I didn’t see you (she looked at Mayank and guessed that something was wrong)
Ishana: What happened…you went with Gauri naa…something went wrong?
Mayank: Not something, everything went wrong.
Ishana: meaning??

He tells her about Gauri expressing her love, and how he didn’t have an answer.

Mayank: Ishu, I didn’t know what to say, I mean she is a nice girl, I even like her but love…I don’t know.
Ishana: It’s Ok Mayank, I can understand. I think you should tell her everything clearly but before that talk to yourself, maybe you love her but just can’t understand.
Mayank: But Ishu, I am so confused.
Ishana: I know, it becomes like this but just think with calm mind, you’ll get all your answers.
Mayank: Thanks Ishu, you are really my best friend.
Ishana: Who toh hai……Acha freshen up and take some rest.

They leave for their respective works.

Anika was going to the kitchen when Khanna comes to her,

Khanna: Ma’am
Anika: Haa, what happened Khanna ji?
Khanna: Ma’am, these are letters for Shivaay Sir, Omkara Sir and Rudra Sir.
Anika: For three of them, at once, strange. Acha, give it to me, I’ll give them.

Khanna gives her the letters and leaves.

Anika was wondering who has send letters to the three brothers at once, just then Omkara comes there,

Omkara: What happened Bhabhi, kya soch rahi thi aap?
Anika: Acha hua you came, see these are letters for the three of you, don’t know who has send them.
Omkara: For us (he takes the letters from her) I’ll check it and also give it to Shivaay and Rudra.
Anika: Ok, thanks (she smiles at him and leaves)

Shivika’s room,

Shivaay was busy with work when Ishana came there,

Ishana: Jiju (Shivaay looks at her) I hope I didn’t disturb you.
Shivaay: Not at all, come sit naa.
Ishana: Jiju, I wanted to ask you something.
Shivaay: Ask whatever you want, ask naa.
Ishana: Jiju, you know about the letter from that Naina, I just want to know, Om really doesn’t know naa any Naina. (Shivaay looks at her in shock) I know you three never hide anything from each other, so please jiju, tell me, he really doesn’t know any Naina or is he hididng something.
Shivaay: You don’t have to worry for Om, I am sure that letter is not for him. and if he is saying, then its definitely true.
Ishana: Now I am relieved, if you are saying, its true only. Thanks jiju.
Shivaay: Anytime. (Ishu smiles and leaves)

Shivaay (thinking): Sorry Ishu, for lying but I don’t want anyone of you to know about it. This is Om’s secret and I’ll never disclose it to anyone.

Rumya’s room,

Rudra was doing his push-ups when Anika comes there, he sees her,

Rudra: Arre Bhabhi, come in naa
Anika: Rudra, I am your dearest Bhabhi naa
Rudra: Of course Bhabhi but what happened.
Anika: You to know naa about this Naina, just tell me honestly, Shivaay is not related to her naa (Rudra looks at her shocked) Dekho, don’t try to hide anything, tell me clearly.
Rudra: Bhabhi, you don’t worry, Shivaay bhaiya has nothing to do with her, I know Bhaiya well.
Anika: If you are saying, I am glad, now I don’t have to worry. (She leaves)

Rudra (thinking): Sorry Bhabhi, you trust me so much and I lied to you but what can I do, this is Shivaay Bhaiya’s secret and no matter what happens, I’ll never disclose it to anyone. I am sorry.

Ishkara’s room,

Om was busy with his sculpture when Soumya comes there,

Soumya: I hope I didn’t disturb you Bhaiya.
Omkara looks at her, Omkara: Not at all, come naa
Soumya: Bhaiya, you never lie naa.
Omkara: Why are you asking like this Soumya? Any problem?
Soumya: Bhaiya, you to know about this Naina. (Om nods) Just tell me once that it has nothing to do with Rudra, if you say I would be sure that its true.
Omkara placed her hand on her head and patted her cheek, Omkara: It has nothing to do with Rudra. Happy now? (he smiles at her)
Soumya: Happy, you said naa that means I have nothing to worry about. (She smiles and leaves)

Omkara (thinking): Even I hope Soumya, there is nothing to worry about, I just pray you never come to know about any of this.

ShivOmRu are lost in thoughts. They hold the letters in their hand thinking to open them or not.

PRECAP: Finally Naina comes……ShivOmRu are shocked……Oberois are confused

So guys, what do you think, to which Mr. Oberoi is this Naina related to? You please mention your answers in the comments. Let’s see who guesses it correctly.
I hope the story is not getting boring. I am trying my best to give equal space to all of them. Please do share your views via comments.

Keep reading, commenting and SMILING!!!!!

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