Ishkara : Pyaar ya nafrat (Episode 46)

Ishkara – Pyaar ya Nafrat – epi 46

RECAP: Back to Mumbai…….A mysterious letter from Naina for Mr. Oberoi…….Oberoi ladies suspect their husbands…….Mayank decides to stay for few more days

At present,

Mayank was driving while Gauri was looking out of the window, they had not talked ever since they left OM, and both were confused about how to start the convo, Gauri decided to break the silence,

Gauri: Shimla was so beautiful naa, but I couldn’t enjoy much because of this cold. And because of me, even you didn’t see much.
Mayank: Nothing like that, anyways I stay in Delhi, and Shimla is not that far.
Gauri: But still with everyone it’s more enjoyable.
Mayank: Who to hai, btw who all are there at home?
Gauri: Mom-dad and me and yours?
Mayank: well, only dad and me, mom left when I was eight.
Gauri: Sorry, I didn’t know.
Mayank: Not a problem, it’s ok.
Gauri was thinking weather to ask him or not, Mayank realized this,
Mayank: If you want to ask anything, you can ask it freely.
Gauri: How do you know that I wanted to ask you something?
Mayank: Just like that (he smiled at her, Gauri smiled back) Go ahead.
Gauri: If you have time, can we go out for lunch tomorrow?
Mayank: So you are asking me out for a date
Gauri looked at Mayank in shock, Gauri: No….actaually…..I….wo
Mayank: Relax, I was just joking, don’t worry. I’ll surely come.
Gauri: Ok, then, I’ll pick you up at 12 tomorrow.
Mayank: Ok, then see you tomorrow.

The car stopped in front of Maheshwari Mansion, Gauri got out and they waved bye to each other.

Gauri was walking,

Gauri (thinking): what is happening to me? Why I am behaving like this? Oh God, what’s all this. I don’t know but why I feel so nice when Mayank is around, it is something I have never felt in my life….(she smiles recalling all her moments with Mayank, how he took care of her in Shimla, a beautiful smile crept on her face) Gauri, ho kya raha hai tujhe………Looks like tujhe……Pyaar…..(she was lost in her own world)

Oberoi Mansion,

Shivaay was talking to Khanna,
Shivaay: Khanna, take care that no one should enter Oberoi Mansion without my permission, first I’ll see the person and then entry will be allowed. Is that clear?
Khanna: Yes Sir, don’t worry. (He nods and leaves)

Shivaay turns around to see Anika standing behind him with “Caught-you-wala” look.

Anika: I knew it, pata tha mujhe, now what will you say.
Shivaay: What are you saying, Anika, I don’t understand.
Anika: Don’t try to fool me, ok, I know everything, sab samajh rahi hu.
Shivaay: Will you please explain me, what are you understanding?
Anika: That why you asked Khanna to keep eye on anyone that comes to OM, so that when your Naina comes, you can shoo her away from outside only.
Shivaay: Anika, are you out of your mind, what are you saying, it’s nothing like that.
Anika: you just leave it, let her come then I’ll show both of you what I can do. Anyways I am in no mood to talk to you.

Anika starts walking to their room, Shivaay follows her, asking her to listen to him. Anika goes and closes the bedroom door.

Shivaay: Anika, atleast let me in, why are you doing this?
Anika: Till this Naina matter is not clear, you are not allowed in, go and sleep in the hall.
Shivaay: Anika, this is not fair, it’s my room also.
Anika: Shut up and anyways everything is fair in love and war.
Shivaay: Anika, you are so nice naa, please let me in.
Anika: nice gaya tel lene, I am going to sleep.
Shivaay: Chal beta Shivaay, today to you have to sleep on the sofa. (he walks to the living room)

Rumya’s room,

Rudra was looking at something in his mobile phone, Soumya sees him looking seriously into his phone,

Soumya: Rudra, what are you doing with your phone from past one hour?
Rudra: Sumo, I am checking something.
Soumya: what??
Rudra: I am searching for any Naina in my list of GFs, kya pata letter mere liye ho (he said lost in his phone)
Soumya: What did you say? (Rudra looked up to see Soumya glaring at him and he realized what he said)
Rudra: Sumo, I didn’t mean that, I mean…..
Soumya: I very well know, what you mean….chalo..get up fast
Rudra: Arrey Sumo, listen…

Before Rudra could complete Soumya dragged him out of the room and closed the door.

Rudra: Sumo, what is this, please let me.
Soumya: Why should I, go to your GFs only, till this naina thing is not over, you’ll sleep outside only.
Rudra: Sumo, atleast give me pillow or duvet.
Soumya: No way, sado bahar hi.
Rudra: Now, only Shivaay Bhaiya is my support. (saying so he walks to Shivika’s room)

Ishkara’s room,

Ishana had gathered all paintings of Om which had any girl, she was standing with her hands folded and Om looked at her in confusion,

Omkara: Cham cham, why have you gathered all my paintings here?
Ishana: So that I know that who is Naina among them, tell me quickly, who is Naina, is she in any of these paintings?
Omkara: What!! Seriously you think that Naina is my GF and so you did all this.
Ishana: Of course, and moreover you have so many paintings of beautiful girls, now tell me, is she Naina (she said pointing at one of the paintings) or she (she picked another painting)
Omkara: No Cham Cham, no one among them is Naina
Ishana: Acha, I am sure you must have kept her painting in the gallery so that I don’t see it.

Omkara looked at her with shocked expression,

Omkara: Ishu, why are you doubting me like this, I am saying naa I don’t know any Naina.
Ishana: How do I know, you had a GF earlier also?
Omkara: Believe me
Ishana: Of course, but only after this Naina thing is clear, till then….
Omkara: Till then…what?
Ishana: Till then, you’ll not sleep in this room (she picked up a pillow and threw it to Om)
Omkara (catching the pillow): What, Why me Ishu?
Ishana: That you ask yourself only (saying so she made him go out) Good night (she closed the door before Om could say anything)
Omkara: Now, I have to sleep on the sofa. (saying so he walked towards the living room)

ShivOmRu were walking in the corridor when they meet each other, they look at each other and guess that all have had the same fate,

Rudra: Bhaiya, I thought I’ll sleep with you but looks like Anika bhabhi, threw you out. (he makes a sad face)
Shivaay: Not only Anika, but even Soumya and Ishu have thrown you out.
Omkara: Don’t know who this Naina is, because of her we have been thrown out of our own rooms.
Shivaay: Just let her meet me, then I’ll show her what SSO can do?
Rudra: That is alright but what about now.
Omkara: Let’s go and sleep in the hall, we don’t have any other option.

They walk to the living room but to their shock the sofas were already occupied by Tej and Shakti,

Rudra: Looks like Mom and Choti maa also did the same (he laughs)
ShivOm: Shut up Rudra
Shivaay: Dad, Bade papa, what are you both doing here?
Shakti: That only what you three are here for.
Rudra: Acha, toh Choti maa and Mom threw you out.
Tej: Jhanvi, she didn’t even let me in, throwing away to dur.
Shakti: Don’t know whats wrong with Pinky, she has only one question, who is Naina? Bhai, how do I know (he makes a helpless face)
Omkara: Leave all this, lets sleep now.
Rudra: But I don’t have a pillow also.
Omkara: Ishu was generous enough to give me a pillow.
Shivaay: I didn’t even change also.
Tej: Leave it Shivaay, today sleep like this only.
Shakti: There is no other option also.

They all settled themselves on the sofas and went to sleep.

PRECAP: Mayuri’s lunch date……Om’s mysterious call……..More fun

So guys, I hope you all are enjoying the current track. Also, I want to know if you all want pregnancy track. Please tell me your views via comments.
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