Ishkara : Pyaar ya nafrat (Episode 45)

Ishkara – Pyaar ya Nafrat – epi 45

RECAP: Enjoying Shimla…….Mayuri spent time together……Love blossoms in Shimla

At present, Oberoi Mansion,
At the dining table,

Dadi: Even when you roam the entire world, the real happiness is when you came back to your own home.
Omkara: Rightly said Dadi, Home Sweet Home.
Anika: But really, Shimla was so much of fun naa, pata hi nahi chala kab chaar din khatam ho gaye
Soumya: Haa Bhabhi, wish sould stay longer
Shivaay: No worry Soumya, we’ll plan such trips once in a while
Jhanvi: Of course, it was so relaxing and now we all can get back to work with new energy
Tej: You are right Jhanvi (Turning to Shivaay) I think I’ll join office from tomorrow.
Mayank: Dadi, Ishu, I think now I should get back to Delhi, its been long time now.

Ishkara look at each other, Ishu signs Om to say something, and Gauri looks on,

Omkara: Arre but Mayank, whats the hurry, spend some more days with us.
Mayank: Thanks for the warm invitation Om, but I can’t, work needs me there.
Ishana: Mayank, but just a few more days.
Mayank: Sorry but I can’t ishu, please
Anika: Mayank, ruk jao naa
Mayank: Sorry Anika di, but…
Gauri: If everyone is saying, so stay back naa. (Mayuri share an eye lock)

Everybody smile seeing them. They break the eye-lock.

Rudra: Now even Gauri di id saying, please live with us.
Mayank: Ok, if you all say.
Ishana: Acha we all or (she signs towards gauri)
Mayuri: Nothing like that

They again look at each other in surprise, others laugh.

Anika: Acha, now we all know.

Just then Khanna comes in with an envelope,

Shivaay: What happened?
Khanna: Sir, this is a letter, but
Rudra: But what, give it to the person for whon it is.
Khanna: Sir that is what I don’t know.
Shivaay: Don’t know, read the name on the envelope.
Khanna: Sir, there is no name.
Dadi: No name, bring it here. (Khanna gives the letter to Dadi and leaves) Gauri beta, open it and read it.

She opens the letter and reads it, she is shocked.

Pinky: What happened Gauri, read loudly naa, even we want to listen.

She nods and reads the letter loudly,

*The letter*

My dear Mr. Oberoi,

I really love calling you this, I know you wouldn’t mind it at all, after all our relation is so special, what I can do. By the way, I am really angry with you, it’s been three months and you haven’t come to meet me, I think you have completely forgotten me or is it that you don’t love me anymore. Haa, you don’t love me that’s why you are not coming to meet me but no worries because I have decided that I am coming to meet you soon, and you know where, to Oberoi Mansion, I am sure you must be really happy to know this and by now must be dancing in happiness.
So get ready Mr. Oberoi because now I am coming.

Lots of love. So see you soon. Bye, take care.

Yours loving

*The letter ends*

As Gauri finished reading the letter, all Oberoi ladies were looking at their husbands with narrow eyes and anger.

Shivaay: Anika, why are you looking at me like this, this letter is not for me, I don’t know any Naina.
Anika: Acha, seriously, I am sure it is for you, sach batao, kya chakkar hai.
Shivaay: What are you saying Anika, koi chakkar nahi hai.
Ishana: Haa di, I am sure jiju can do nothing like this but (she looks at Om with an angry look)
Omkara: Ishu, don’t look at me, this letter is not for me, I am telling you.
Ishana: Acha, how do I believe you, waise bhi you had a girlfriend earlier also, maybe this one also.
Soumya: No Ishana di, it can’t be Om Bhaiya, because it is 100% Rudra.

Shivaay: haa it can only be Rudra, anyways he has list of girlfriends.
Omkara: Yes Shivaay, you are right, isi duffer ka kaam hoga.
Rudra: Acha, yeh acha hai, now don’t blame me, Sumo, I may have known many girls but this Naina, is definitely not my girlfriend.
Soumya: Acha, aise kaise maan lu.
Pinky: Maan le Souyma, i know it is not Rudra but Shakti ji, hai naa.

All look at her in surprise.

Shakti: Pinky, what are you saying, at least think before you speak.
Pinky: I am saying only after thinking, you say what’s this Naina connection?
Shakti: There is no naina connection, stop doubting me.
Pinky: I’ll doubt till you don’t tell the truth.
Jhanvi: Truth will definitely come out, right Tej, (she looked at him) will you say?
Tej: What will I say, I dont know anything about this letter and this…what was her name
Jhanvi: Naina
Tej: see I don’t even remember her name.
Dadi: Keep quite all of you, now I am asking you all for the final time, does anyone of you know, who Naina is.

ShivOmRu: No Dadi, we don’t know her
Tejkti: haa maa, we also don’t know
Dadi: Phir thik hai
Pinky: But mummyji, how can we leave it like that only.
Dadi: Leave it for now, anyways she is coming here, we’ll know then. (Dadi leaves)
Gauri: Even I should leave.
Mayank: I’ll drop you. (Gauri nods and they leave)
Anika: Shivaay, if later I come to know it’s you, I won’t spare you at all.
SouIshPinJhan: Same applies for you all.

The ladies leave give warnings to their husbands. Tejakti also leave.

Shivaay: What is this, galti naa ho phir bhi warning.
Omkara: I am sure, Rudra, all this is your fault only, that’s why I used to say don’t get involved with so many girls.
Shivaay: Now fail gaya naa raita.
Rudra: You both stop blaming me, I know I had long list of girlfirends but yeh Naina, not my fault. In fact, jaroor, its one of you.

Omkara: Shut up Rudra, don’t talk any non-sense.
Rudra: Why should I shut up, when your turn came you both are blaming me.
Omkara: That because, 99 times its your fault.
Rudra: Don’t say like this, O.
Shivaay: Ok, stop it guys, instead of arguing with each other like this, its better we focus on finding who this Naina is and what’s her connection with us.
Rudra: Not with us, Bhaiya, with you.
Omkara: Shut up Rudra.

Shivaay: But first lets handle our wives.
OmRu: You are right Shivaay/Bhaiya.

They leave to their respective rooms.

PRECAP: More fun because of Naina….Gauri realizes her feelings

So guys, I hope you all are enjoying the story. Lets see who is this Naina and for which Mr. Oberoi is this letter? Please drop your views in the comments below.
Keep reading, commenting and SMILING!!!!

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