Ishkara : Pyaar ya nafrat (Episode 44)

Ishkara – Pyaar ya Nafrat – epi 44

RECAP: Youngsters play a game……..Fun and enjoyable moments

At present,
Morning at Pine View Resort, Shimla

Everybody except for Gauri had gathered in the hotel lobby,

Shivaay: Where is Gauri, she is never late?
Rudra: Today toh even I am on time.
Omkara: Shut up Rudra.
Soumya: She would be late because of something more relevant than your stupid excuses.
Mayank: You all wait, I’ll check up on her.
Ishana: Haa, you get her, we’ll be waiting near the cars.

Mayank nods and leaves. Others move towards the car parking.

Mayank reached Gauri’s room, he knocks on the door,
Mayank: Gauri…Gauri, open the door (he knocks harder)

The door doesn’t open,

Mayank: What should I do, I don’t have her number also? (he was thinking when the door opened, he saw Gauri coming out, she was not looking well)
Gauri: May… (she sneezes) Actually…. (she sneezes again)
Mayank: Ok, I got it, you have caught cold. So this is why you didn’t come down and we all were waiting for you (Gauri nods)
Gauri: I had messaged Ishana, I guess she didn’t see it. You…. (she sneezes again)
Mayank: You need rest, come let’s go in. (they go in her room, Mayank makes her sit on the bed) Wait here, I’ll call the doctor.
Gauri: No need of all that. You go, I’ll take rest and (she sneezes)
Mayank: Look at yourself, I am here only. (he messages ishana)

Outside the hotel,

Ishana reads the message from Mayank, she shows it to Om and they both smile at each other.

Jhanvi: Why are they not coming, (to Rudra) Rudra, go and check?
Omkara: Rudra no need to go.
Pinky: Why Omkara?
Ishana: Mayank just messaged me that Gauri is not well, so she is resting, he’ll be with her.
Dadi: Gauri is not well, we should see her once.
Omkara: No need dadi, Mayank is there. Let us go.
Shivaay: But Om…
Anika: Shivaay, you won’t understand, Mayank is there naa. (Anika signals Ishkara)
Soumya: So let’s go, Bade Bhaiya, you don’t worry.
Rudra: haa Bhaiya, let’s go now, I am really excited.
Mona: haa jiju, chalo naa.
Dadi: Acha ok, come.

They all sit in the respective cabs. Jhanvi had well planned the outing, taking care that they enjoy the most and get to see Shimla’s beauty to the fullest. They reach the first place,

Anika: Wow Badi maa, this place is so beautiful.
Pinky: Haa jethani ji, too goods.
Jhanvi: Yaa, actually this is….

Shivaay (looking in his mobile interrupts Jhanvi): this is Ridge. The Ridge is an open wide street located on the side of mall road. The Ridge has everything from shops selling some exclusive artifacts to the beautiful view of mountain ranges. The place is a delight for all kinds of tourists. The place also has some old establishments which attracts a great of history fanatics. (before he could continue further, he saw everybody giving him blank looks) What? I was just giving you some history about the place.

Rudra: Bhaiya, we are not kids out for a history school trip. Waise bhi ghar jake test thodi hoga, “GK Quiz on Shimla” (everybody laughs while Shivaay gives a “whatever wala” look)
Anika: Shivaay, we are here to enjoy, please stop googling with your mobile.
Omkara: Shivaay, relax and enjoy.
Jhanvi: Acha, leave all this, there are plenty of beautiful spots here, so enjoy yourself. (she turns to elders) Mummy ji, there is a beautiful temple here, lets visit it.
Pinky: Haa jethani ji, let’s go.

All elders go towards the temple and youngsters are busy admiring the beautiful scenic beauty of Shimla, which covers the pine forests, hilly terrain, lush greenery, whispering rivers streams, snow clad Himalayas. Mona was capturing the beauty of Shimla when she turns to see all the love birds lost in themselves,

Mona: Looks like I have to enjoy alone, inka kuch nahi hoga.

Shivaay sings holding Anika’s hand,

Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath Ho Saari Jannatein Mere Saath Ho
Tu Jo Paas Ho Phir Kya Yeh Jahaan Tere Pyar Mein Ho Jaaun Fanaa

Om and Rudra hold Ishana and Soumya’s hand respectively,

Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath Ho Saari Jannatein Mere Saath Ho
Tu Jo Paas Ho Phir Kya Yeh Jahaan Tere Pyar Mein Ho Jaaun Fanaa

Priveer sing together,

Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath Ho Saari Jannatein Mere Saath Ho
Shivika and Ishkara together,

Tere Dil Mein Meri Saanson Ko Panaah Mil Jaaye
Tere Ishq Mein Meri Jaan Fanaa Ho Jaaye

Jitne Paas Hain Khushbu Saans Ke
Jitne Paas Hothon Ke Sargam
Jaise Saath Hain Karvat Yaad Ke
Jaise Saath Baahon Ke Sangam
Jitne Paas Paas Khwaabon Ke Nazar
Utni Paas Tu Rehna Humsafar

All together,

Tu Jo Paas Ho Phir Kya Yeh Jahaan
Tere Pyar Mein Ho Jaaun Fanaa
Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath Ho Saari Jannatein Mere Saath Ho

Rumya and Priveer together,

Rone De Aaj Hamko Do Aankhen Sujaane De
Baahon Mein Lene De Aur Khud Ko Bheeg Jaane De
Hain Jo Seene Mein Qaid Dariya Woh Choot Jaayega
Hain Itna Dard Ke Tera Daaman Bheeg Jaayega

Jitne Paas Paas Dhadkan Ke Hain Raaz
Jitne Paas Bundon Ke Baadal
Jaise Saath Saath Chanda Ke Hain Raat
Jitne Paas Nainon Ke Kaajal
Jitne Paas Paas Saagar Ke Lehar
Utne Paas Tu Rehna Humsafar

All together,

Tu Jo Paas Ho Phir Kya Yeh Jahaan
Tere Pyar Mein Ho Jaaun Fanaa
Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath Ho Saari Jannatein Mere Saath Ho

(Background Voice:
Adhoori Saans Thi Dhadkan Adhoori Thi Adhooren Hum
Magar Ab Chaand Poora Hain Falak Pe Aur Ab Pooren Hain Ham)

All the four couples were enjoying the snow covered greenery.

Back to the resort,
Mayank had contacted the hotel manager to arrange for a doctor, the doctor had a visited and given her few medicines. Gauri was sleeping, Mayank was sitting beside her, and was admiring her beauty,

Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta
Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta
Kyun hai yeh kaise hai yeh tu bata
Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta

Gauri wakes up and sees Mayank staring at her, Mayank sees her, their eyes meet and they share an eye-lock,

Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta
Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta
Kyun hai yeh kaise hai yeh tu bata
Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta

Mayank breaks the silence,

Mayank: Acha hua you woke up, I have ordered lunch, freshen up.
Gauri: Thanks
Mayank: It’s Ok.

They smile at each other.

(Raabta from Agent Vinod plays in BG)

Gauri goes to freshen up.

Mayank: What is happeneing to me? Why was looking at her like that?

Inside the washrrom,

Gauri was looking at herself in the mirror,

Gauri: What are you doing? Why were we looking at each other like this? Oh God, what is happening to me?

She freshens up and comes out, to her surprise Mayank had already set the plate for both of them.

Mayank (passes the plate to her): have it now, later you have to take medicines also.

They have lunch in silence.

Back to others,
All elders come back after visiting the temple.

Rudra: Let’s have lunch, I am really hungry.
Jhanvi: Ok, let’s go, there is a nice restaurant over here.
Shivaay: But badi maa…
Jhanvi: Don’t worry, Shivaay, its completely hygienic.
Anika: You’ll never change.

They all reach the restaurant and take their seats.

Shivaay (asking Pinky): Mom, what will you have? (he looks up to find her missing)
Anika: Mom is not here.
Jhanvi: But she was with us only.
Rudra: Oh my mata, choti maa kho gayi.
Omkara: Shut up Rudra.
Shakti: She’ll be here only, I’ll check. (Shakti leaves with Shivaay, they come back after fifteen minutes)
Dadi: What happened, where is Pinky?
Shivaay: Don’t know dadi, she was not anywhere near.

All get worried.

Shakti: But she was with us in the temple, where did she go then.
Anika: did you call her on her mobile?
Shivaay: I did but she is not answering.
Tej: I think we should check the temple once, maybe she left out there.
Omkara: You are right, we should check.

All reach the temple and were searching for Pinky.

Soumya: Did you see her?
Mona: No Soumya di, aunty is no where seen.
Shivaay: Mom, where are you?
Anika: Don’t worry Shivaay, we’ll find her soon.
Dadi: Billu, chinta mat kar.

Rudra calls from far, Rudra: BHAIYA, O, COME HERE FAST. (all rush to him)

Omkara: Kya hua?
Rudra: Look there

All look in the direction Rudra points, they see Pinky siiting with the bhajan singers, lost in her singing.

Dadi: Yeh bhi naa, iska kuch nahi ho sakta.
Shakti: PINKY (Pinky looks at him, he signs her to come)

Shivika immediately hug her.

Pinky: What happened to you two?
Rudra tells her the whole thing.
Pinky: You all naa, I was to enjoying the bhajans and didn’t see when you all left.
Shivaay: Mom, never do this again.
Pinky: haa baba, sorry.
Rudra: Chalo, kuch kahte hai, I am really hungry after searching for Choti maa.

All give him a “You-can-never-change” look. They all have lunch and do some shopping. They reach the hotel in the evening.

Anika: Today was so much fun.
Ishana: haa di and we did so much of shopping.
Soumya: yaa and this place is so nice.
Priyanka: I wish even Mumbai was like this.
Mona: Right priyanka di.

They see Mayuri (as you all suggested) coming down.

Pinky: How goog they look together?
Jhanvi: You are right, Pinky.
Dadi: Looks like Ishqbaazi is going to start. (Mayuri come)
Pinky: gauri beta, how are you feeling now?
Gauri: Much better, aunty.
Mayank: So how was your day?
Mona: Really nice bhaiya, we enjoyed so much, come I’ll show you pics (she shows Mayank the photos)

Gauri looks on.
Ishana comes to gauri,

Ishana: Mayank is really nice naa.
Gauri: Yeah, he is not just nice but so caring and loving also.
Ishana: Acha
Gauri (realizing what she said): I mean really caring friend.
Ishana: Only friend…are you sure.
Gauri: Ishana

PRECAP: Back to Mumbai…….a mysterious letter

I hope you all enjoyed the Shimla track. Please share your views and opinions via your comments. I hope you all are liking the progress in the story.

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