Ishkara : Pyaar ya nafrat (Episode 43)

Ishkara – Pyaar ya Nafrat – epi 43

RECAP: Gauri meets Mayank…….All reach Shimla…….Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya nok jhok

At present, Night at Pine View Resort, Shimla

All younsters were sitting around the bon fire, the elders had already retired to their rooms.

Anika: I am getting bored, let’s play something.
Rudra: Right bhabhi, let’s play truth and dare.
Soumya: But we have played it so many times, let’s play something new.
Priyanka: So, let’s play a different game.
Gauri: what game?
Priyanka: We’ll spin the bottle, and at whomever it stops, that person will confess any mistake that they have never told or something where we let others get scolded.
Ishana: wow, sounds fun (looking at Om) now, let’s see who has hidden what.
Omkara: Haa haa…let’s see.

Shivaay: So the game begins. (saying so he spinned the bottle and it stopped at our cutie Rudra)
Soumya: So cry baby, tell us your secret.
Rudra: O, after listening please don’t kill me.
Omkara: what, aisa kya kahega tu.
Rudra: You remember that sculpture you had made for Dadaji’s bday, (ShivOm try to recall) and it was broken, I told you it was because of Khanna (Om nods) I had broken it.
Omkara: What!!! Rudra ke bache, you are gone (and he starts chasing Rudra, finally he gets caught, others laugh at Rudra’s situation) Now, where will you run
Rudra: Bhaiya, save me from this long haired dangerous creature.

Omkara: You know, I kept awake the whole night
Rudra (making a puppy face): O, please sorry
Shivaay: Leave it Om, anyways its been four years now, leave him. Let’s continue the game. (the bottle spins and stops at Ranveer)

Priyanka: Mr. ACP, now is your turn.
Ranveer: Actually, Priyanka that dress I gifted you on your last birthday was….. (Priyanka looks at him with narrow eyes) was not my choice but my collegue Aparna’s choice.

Everybody looks in shock and Priyanka was angrily glaring at Ranveer.

Priyanka: That’s why I was wondering, how come your taste changed to so good suddenly.
Ranveer: I am sorry I lied.
Priyanka: Its Ok, anyways it was a nice dress.

Anika spins the bottle and it points at Mona.

Ishana: Ab dekhte hai tune kya-kya chupaya hai?
Mona: Di, I have hidden something that I shouldn’t have.
Ishana: what are you saying Mona?
Mona: I told you that I dropped my music class because I didn’t want to join again, but in reality I gave that money to dad, he asked me to give it, and later he brought alcohol with it, Di I am so sorry. (Tears flow from her eyes, Ishu hugs her tightly)
Ishana: It’s Ok, Mona, that time was only bad.

Everybody adores the two sisters.

Gauri: Acha bas, now don’t make all of us senti. (she spins the bottle and it points at Shivaay)
Anika: Now, let’s see Billu ji, what you have to say?
Shivaay: Waise toh I don’t do such mistakes, but still let me think.
Anika: Yaha bhi aapki tadi nahi jaa rahi.
Shivaay: Rudra, that statue you told Om, you have broken, actually…it was not you but me.
OmRu: What!!!
Rudra: Bhaiya, when I told it now, you kept quite and I got a beating, but now you are also gone. (Rudra starts chasing Shivaay, others laugh)
Anika: Rudra, don’t spare him today.

Shivaay: Panika, you should save me but you are encouraging him more.
Rudra: because she is my partner in crime, righ Bhabhi.
Anika: Of course my dear.
Shivaay: Rudra, ab to maaf kar. (Shivaay stops folding his hands)
Rudra: Only on one condition, you have to buy me protein shake for complete year.
Shivaay: Condition accepted.

Gauri spins the bottle and it stops at Ishana.

Omkara: Acha, let’s see tumne kya kiya hai.
Ishana: Wait, let me think….yaa, Di, you remember, I told you that you put salt instead of sugar in kheer, (Anika nods) it was not your fault, I had intentionally changed the bottles, but it was only for fun, I didn’t knew you would ive it to jiju.
Shivika: What!!!
Shivaay: What yaar Ishu, because of that I ate the whole kheer thinking Anika would feel bad.
Omkara: That’s why I tell you not to be with Rudra, I am sure such ideas come to his mind only.
Rudra: Haww, O, what do you mean.

Soumya: Bade baal wale bhaiya is right, Rudra can only give such dumb ideas.
Anika: very bad Ishu, you know how much time I wasted in saying sorry to Shivaay.
Ishana: Sorry di, but I really enjoyed it. Now lets continue.

Ishana spins the bottle and it points at Mayank.

Soumya: Lets see, what you have done Mayank bhaiya.
Mayank: Waise toh you all know about my mistake but today, I am again saying sorry ishu, I have really hurt you a lot. I am sorry.
Ishana: Its ok, Mayank, we have left it long back.
Mayank: thanks Ishu.

Anika spins the bottle.

Gauri held Mayank’s hand, Gauri: Accepting your mistake and trying to rectify it, is the best you can do. (She smiles at him, Mayank smile back)

Mayank: Thanks.

Ishkara see this and smile. The bottle stops on Priyanka.

Soumya: I don’t think Prinku would have done something mischevious like you all.
Priyanka: No Soumya, actually, Shivaay bhaiya, that statue was not broken by you also (everybody looks at her surprised)
Omkara: That means, Prinku you…
Priyanka: Haa Bhaiya, it was my mistake, I was searching my stuff, when it fell, I kept it back again without anyone seeing, Shivaay bhaiya came and his hand hit it, and he thought its his mistake.

Shivaay: That means, Rudra ka jo maar khaya, all waste.
Rudra: Prinku, tu to chupa rustom nikli, you didn’t tell us even when Bhaiya and I confessed the same thing.
Shivaay: Now I feel ki, ab agar hamari family mein se kisi par bhi bottle ruki to wo yehi kahega ki statue usne toda hai.
Ishana: Seriuosly guys, you bro-sis are impossible.
Priyanka: Sorry Bhaiya.
ShivOmRu: Its ok.

Now the bottle stops at Gauri.

Anika: Bolo Gauri, finally your turn.
Gauri: Acha, I’ll tell you, you know I have a bua, she is really irritating, whenever she used to come to our house, she would boss over us. So, one day, I decided to put her away, so that she never comes to us, you know what I did.
Rudra: What Gauri di?
Gauri: I put honey on her bed and then put ants, and at night when she went to sleep, she was shouting like hell. I was laughing at her condition, from then on she never came to stay with us again.
Mayank: Seriously, honey and ants, you were really very naughty.
Rudra: Wish I got this idea earlier to shoo that lady baba Tia.
ShivOm: Shut up Rudra.

Omkara: This is really bad, Gauri.
Ishana: No Gauri, you did right, some realtives need such treatment.
Anika: Yes Gauri, kuch logo ko sabak sikhana padta hai.
Shivaay: I though only Rudra was such but you girls are really his perfect crime partners.

The bottle again spins and stops at Soumya.

Rudra: Now lets see Sumo, tum kaise bachti ho.
Soumya: Bade bhaiya, I am saying sorry in advance.
Shivaay: Now what have you done?
Soumya: Bhaiya, that day when your favourite white shirt had those paint stains, actually I did it, I thought it is Rudra’s shirt and he was irritating me, so I did it. Sorry.
Omkara: Dekha Shivaay, and you were shouting at me.
Rudra: Very bad Sumo, you wanted to spoil my fav shirt.
Shivaay: Shut up Rudra, you irritated her so much that she had to do it. Its ok, Soumya.
Soumya: Thanks Bhaiya.
Rudra: Sach mein had hai.

Rudra spins the bottle and it points at Anika.

Shivaay: Panika, tum kaise bachogi?
Anika: You don’t worry about me,.
Shivaay: Let’s see.
Anika: Veer, you remember, I told you that Priyanka wants you to buy her new dresses and you hurriedly went to buy her gifts.
Ranveer: Now don’t say that you lied and kept the dresses for yourself.
Anika: Actually, yes.

Ranveer: What and I wondered why Priyanka gave them to you. Tu to abhi bhi nahi sudhari.
Anika: What could I do, Shivaay said no to come and I was in no mood.
Priyanka: Oh so that’s why Ranveer kept asking about those dresses and I thought he is lying.

Anika spins the bottle and it stops on Om.

Ishana: Now lets see, Mr. Satyawadi, what have you hidden?
Omkara gets up,
Rudra: O, why did you get up?
Omkara: because neither of you three broke the statue, it was broken by me only.
ShivRuPri: What the wuck!!!
Anika: That means, ab tak yeh statue wali baat clear nahi huyi.
Rudra: O, you are gone.

ShivRuPri chase Om, who was running away from then. Others were laughing at the bro-sis.

PRECAP: Shimla tour…..someone goes missing

So guys, I hope you liked the episode.
Sorry cant talk much, today is my birthday, really busy.
Keep reading, commenting and SMILING!!!!

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