Ishkara : Pyaar ya nafrat (Episode 42)

Ishkara – Pyaar ya Nafrat – epi 42

RECAP: Tej decides to revenge Shakti…….Oberois decide for outing to Shimla

At present, Oberoi Mansion,

Rumya’s room,

Everybody (Oberois only) were standing surrounding Rudra’s bed as he lay peacefully, all thinking of ways to wake him up,

Soumya: See Dadi, from past hour I am waking him up but he is not listening to me.
Shivaay: I can understand your irritation Soumya, as I have to struggle like this everyday (he said looking at Anika)
Anika: What do you mean by struggle everyday…I don’t tell you to wake me up?
Shivaay: But if I don’t, you’ll be sleeping till afternoon.
Anika: So how are you affected, my sleep, my wish.

Shivaay was about to answer back but realized everybody staring at them with “Inka kuch nahi ho sakta” looks, Shivika keep quite.

Tej: We have to reach the airport in one hour, if he doesn’t wake up soon, we’ll miss our flight.
Jhanvi: He’ll take one hour to get ready only, how will we ever reach on time.
Dadi: Stop thinking about all that and think about waking him up first.
Anika: Now there is only one way.
Ishana: What di, what will you do?

Anika gave a khidkitod smile and Shivaay guessed what she was thinking.

Shivaay: I was thinking only, how come you didn’t do it till now?
Omkara: Do what, Shivaay?
Shivaay: Her lovable task, just wait and watch.

Anika came with a bucket full of water and everybody guesses her idea, she emptied the entire bucket on Rudra who woke up with a jerk,

Rudra: What the wuck… (he saw everybody glaring angrily at him and realization struck him, he mentally slapped himself) oh no, I am so sorry guys, I’ll get ready in ten minutes, please just ten minutes (he jumped from the bed and entered the bathroom)

Everybody looked at his antics with “he will never change” look.

Outside Oberoi Mansion,

Mayank was busy on a call and walking out, from the other side Gauri was coming with her stuff, they both were unaware of each other and walking bumped into each other, Gauri was about to fall when Mayank held her hand tightly and they share an eye-lock (Mahi, I thought to use your suggestion also), they soon break the lock,

Mayank: I am sorry, are you ok?
Gauri: Its ok, I am fine, you?
Mayank: I am fine, don’t worry.
Gauri: Btw, who are you, I mean I have never seen you here earlier.
Mayank: Actaully, I am Mayank, Ishana’s college friend, came to see her, I have been staying with them till I am here. And you?
Gauri: I am Gauri, Om’s friend.

They both were talking when Oberois come out. Gauri takes blessings from all elders and hugs AnIshSou and greets ShivOmRu.

Dadi: Anika beta, Prinku and Ranveer didn’t come yet?
Anika: Dadi, they’ll directly meet us at the airport along with Mona and Uncle.
Shivaay: So let’s leave.

They all sit in the cars and reach the airport on time, there they meet Priveer, Mona and MP (Mona’s Papa). They all board the flight and reach Shimla after 2 hours. They come out of the airport and board taxis to reach “Pine View Resort”.

Everybody was mesmerized by the beauty of the valleys covered with snow caps, the cold breeze gushing past their faces, the sun rays which made the snow shine, the greenery around covered by a layer of white.

They reached the resort and were stunned by its scenic beauty.

Ishana: Om, all this is so beautiful, hai naa.
Omkara: It is indeed beautiful but not more than you. (Ishana blushed while Om just smiled)
Mona: Kya jiju, aate hi romance, not bad. (Ishana glared at Mona who was laughing)
Rudra: Waise I have heard, pahadi girls are really beautiful.
Soumya: Right, why don’t you find one for yourself?
Rudra: Sachi Sumo, you are such a nice wife.

Soumya was shocked and hit her forehead.

Shivaay: Tera sach mein kuch nahi ho sakta, duffer.
Rudra: But Bhaiya, what did I do?
Omkara: leave it, if we start explaining you, zindagi bhi kafi nahi hogi.

Rudra was more confused.

Anika: Acha, now stop it both of you, stop confusing him.
Priyanka: Thanks dadi, that you planned to bring us here, we’ll have lots of fun. (she hugged Dadi tightly)
Gauri: Right Priyanka, we should come on vacations once in a while.
Jhanvi: Now let’s go to our rooms, get freshen up and we’ll meet for lunch.

They all leave to their respective rooms.

Ishkara’s room,

Om was hell irritated as ishana was not coming out of the bathroom from past 45 minutes.

Omkara (knocking the door): Cham cham, how long will you take, its been 45 minutes, if you don’t come out now, I’ll go without you.
Ishana (from inside the bathroom): Just a minute, Om, I am coming.
Omkara: From past half an hour, you are saying this only. Come out fast.

He heard the door opening and turned to see Ishana standing in light yellow anarkali, with her hair still wet, the jhumkas swinging as she was drying her hair, Om was lost in the beauty of his wife. Ishana quickly set her hair properly and turned to Om who was busy looking at her.

Ishana: Stop staring at me like this, Om, now you are not getting late.
Omkara: I knew, “Sabar ka faal mitha hota hai, par itna mitha hota hai, yeh aaj pata chala” (he held Ishana by her waist)
Ishana: Om, someone will come, leave me, lets go down.
Omkara: You made me wait for so long, you have to pay your fine.
Ishana: Fine, what fine (she saw Om moving close to her, he gently placed his lips on hers and they were lost in each other, they parted away after few moments)

(O Saathiya plays in the bg)

Ishana (looking into his eyes): Now, can we go?
Omkara: Sure, after you.

They both came down to see everybody present there waiting for them.

Mona: Kya jiju, you took so long to come down.
Omkara: Ask your Di, how much time she takes to get ready.
Ishana: Oh please, first you took so long to get ready, I had to hurry up.
Omkara: Hurry up and you, don’t forget you took one full hour to get ready.
Ishana: Acha, and what about you, you took one hour to set your hair only.
Shivaay: Stop it you both, and Ishana, what happened to you, looks like being with Anika, you have become like her.
Anika: Excuse me, what do you mean, you mean I keep arguing with you always.
Shivaay: Koi shak, ask anyone here, you are the one who starts the argument always.
Anika: Oh please, clear your MU, you start it first.
Rudra: Bhaiya, Bhabhi, seriously you guys are unique pieces, kahi bhi shuru ho jate ho aap log.
Soumya: Really Rudra, for the first time you said something right.
Rudra: What do you mean Sumo, for your kind information, I always speak sensible things only.
Soumya: Oh really, I don’t think so because if you ask anyone, they’ll all remind you of the stupidest things you say.
Rudra: Sumo, you think my talks are stupid.
Soumya: Any doubt, cry baby.
Rudra: Don’t call me that.
Soumya: I will, cry baby.
Rudra: Sumo.
Dadi: Shut up all six of you, we are here for fun but you all can’t keep quiet. Jaha dekho bas shuru ho jate ho.

Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya keep quiet while Priveer, Mona, Mayank and Gauri laugh at them getting scolded.

Pinky: Now lets have lunch.
Jhanvi: Yaa, let’s go.

They have their lunch.

PRECAP: More fun to come ahead

So guys, I hope you liked the episode. Please share your views through your lovely comments. Also please suggest me a ship name for Mayank and Gauri. I will try adding more Ishkara scenes.

So keep reading, commenting and SMILING!!!

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