Ishkara : Pyaar ya nafrat (Episode 41)

Ishkara – Pyaar ya Nafrat – epi 41

Really can’t believe that I am posting the 41st episode, I never thought that this ff would come all this way. Really thanks to all my readers, who comment regularly and show their love and support and also to all my dearest silent readers, guys you should also comment once in a while. I hope I keep entertaining you all like this for longer times.

So, now enough of me, let’s get back to our lovely Ishqbaazians,

RECAP: Mayank realizes his mistake……things settle between Ishu and Mayank

At present, Night at Oberoi Mansion,

TejVi’s room,

Tej was angrily looking at the family photo hung on the wall behind his bed,

Tej: People say mothers don’t differentiate between their children but maa you did………when my faults came open, the entire world got to know, my years of reputation just crumbled in moments, I was punished, insulted in front of the whole world, and my family turned their back to me…..and Shivaay you, you sent me to jail………… and I, Tej Singh Oberoi had to spent six months in that 10 by 10 prison cell. And now when Shakti’s faults came open, what did you all do, haa… (He angrily throws a flower vase which shatters into pieces) you all forgave him, just because he and his wife shed few tears………what about justice then… could you all be so unfair with me……how……..but even I am Tej Singh Oberoi…….won’t lose so easily……..Shakti and Shivaay……you both will pay for this………now you’ll face the wrath of Tej Singh Oberoi…….get ready…….the game begins….. (he gave an evil smile)

While Tej was saying all this, someone was listening, the person enetered and shouted at the top of his voice,

Person: Mr. Oberoi (Tej turned around and was shocked to see Omkara looking angrily at him)

Tej (ignoring Om’s anger): You, what do you want? Your mom is not here, if you have come for her.
Omkara: please stop this drama, I have clearly heard all that you said just now, so don’t pretend in front of me atleast.
Tej: It’s better you heard, and anyways it doesn’t matter to me, if anyonw knows or not, because I’ll do what I wish to do. I don’t care if you all are affected or not.
Omkara: I know that you don’t care, because I very well know you never cared for us in your entire life, you have always cared for yourelf and will care for yourself only……but remember one thing, I am also Omkara Singh Oberoi, an if you do anything that hurts my family, especially Shivaay and Rudra, I won’t tolerate it….so be careful…….because then you’ll face my wrath…….. (Om leaves)
Tej: Do whatever you can but you can’t stop me………No one can ever defeat Tej Singh Oberoi

The next morning,

Everybody was having breakfast,

Shivaay: Bade papa, I think you should join back to business, now that things have cleared, we need to get back to work.
Shakti: Haa Bhai saab, your guidance is mudh needed.
Tej: Of course, even I was thinking the same, I’ll join from tomorrow after all I need to settle scores (he said looking at Om who in return gave an angry look, Ishana noticed this but ignored)
Dadi: Tej, you can’t join from tomorrow, you’ll join from next week.
Shivaay: Next week but why Dadi, he can join from tomorrow.
Jhanvi: He cannot because we all are going for an outing for next four days.
Rudra: Outing, wow Dadi such an amazing idea, anyways I was getting bored at home.
Soumya: You to anyways get bored everywhere.
Shivaay: But Dadi, why suddenly, I mean there is lots of work at office, we can’t just leave it like that.
Anika: You are right Shivaay (she turned to Dadi) dadi, let Shivaay stay back for office work, we all will go. (she turned back to Shivaay) Now ok, your work will not be affected.

Everybody laughs at Shivaay’s shocked face.

Shivaay: No no, even I’ll come, I’ll settle work by today itself.
Ishana: Wow di, you very well know how to make jiju agree.
Rudra: Haa, Bhabhi, only you can manage this tadibazz Bhaiya.
Anika: You are right Rudra, if someone else was there, she would have ran away the next day itself, main hoon jo inki tadi sehen karti hu.
Shivaay: Oh please Anika, even I tolerate you.
Anika: What did you say, you tolerate me, get cleared with your MU, I am the one who tolerates your nakhre noor jahan ke.

Shivika start argueing as usual.

Dadi: Chup, ek dum chup tum dono, wherever you get time you start argueing.
Rudra: Thank God, Dadi, you stopped them otherwise, World War 3 would have taken place.
Shivaay: Shut up Rudra.
Anika: Oh please, don’t you say anything to my devar.
Pinky: Ok now, enough, start packing, we have to leave tomorrow morning.
Ishana: But Choti maa, where are we going?
Dadi: Shimla
Soumya: Wow, Shimla, it’ll be so much of fun.
Jhanvi: And Mayank, you’ll also come.
Mayank: But aunty, it’s your family outing, what will I do.
Omkara: What we’ll do, enjoy. You have to come.
Dadi: Anika beta, call Prinku and Ranveer also.
Ishana: Dadi, I think we should call Gauri also.
Pinky: Good idea, so do one thing call Mona and your dad, also.
Jhanvi: This is great, everyone together, it’ll be fun.
Shivaay: So done, Bade papa, dad and I’ll manage office work by evening.
Anika: I’ll do the prepareations along with OmRu, Ishu and Soumya.
Pinky: So tomorrow’s family outing.
Dadi: All get ready by 7 am. Rudra, tu sote mat rehna warna yahi chod kar jayenge.

Everybody laughs while Rudra makes a puppy face.

Rudra: what yaar Dadi.

PRECAP: Family picnic…..travelling fun

Sorry guys, for this short update, I am really busy with my cousin’s birthday preparations, and that’s why I won’t post for next two days. I hope you’ll understand. I promise to write longer updates from next time. Till then please share your views on today’s epi via comments.

Keep reading, commenting and SMILING!!!!!

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  1. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear.. Happy birthday to your cousin brother….

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    Fabulous???? and please do congratulate your cousin from me?


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    Awesome…Happy birthday to ur cousin brother pass my wishes to him dear

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    Its again dramatic yrr.
    I think u r second Ekta Kapoor:P:P:P:P:D:D:D8):)):))
    Rudra ko bhool jana ki woh uthega:)):)):))but Anika hai na so no worry.
    Tej is right , Shakti should pay for his deeds its not small thing for whom Tej did crime. I’m with Tej….Shakti be ready ..
    Agar me ho na toh Shimla ki pahadi o me dhkka de du:)):)):)):@:@:@B)B)B)

  6. Ye Tej kabhi nahi sudhrega. Ok I agree ke Shakti nd Pinky did wrong but uss punish karne ke aur bhi to tarike hain. Evil banne ki kya jarurat hain. Apne hi ghar me kalesh karke kya milega.Ab IB mein bhi kuch naya panga karne vala hain. Plz koi isse samjhao. But besides all dis luved dis epi. Liked dat breakfast table wala scene.

  7. Ankita27

    Amazing update… loved breakfast table scene… as always khidkitod shivika nok-jok.. n bichara rudra dadi ne bhi nai chhoda… sab chale picnic pe.. so much fun… waiting for the next update…

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