Ishkara : Pyaar ya nafrat (Episode 40)

Ishkara – Pyaar ya Nafrat – epi 40

So, after reading your comments on yesterday’s episode, I have combined all your suggestions and come with the ultimate way, I hope you all like my way (of course inspired by the great ideas from my readers).

Before we proceed, I have given below a link wherein all Ishkara fans like us can go and sign a petition to bring our magical couple Ishkara back. Please do sign the petition and if this works, we may get Rumya back also through the same process.

The link:

So let’s get back to the story,

RECAP: Shivika….Ishkara…..Rumya…..Love in the air

At present, Morning at Oberoi Mansion,

Omkara: What, so much happened and you all didn’t tell us, what were you all waiting for?
Rudra: Mayank, I’ll not leave him, how dare he question my Ishu Bhabhi?
Shivaay: How dare he think he’ll disturb Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s family, I’ll sew him, let me see him, I won’t leave him.
Anika: Guys, relax, you’ll not do anything like this.
Ishana: I know I should have told you all earliar, but I thought he would leave but he is so stubborn that he’ll not leave just like that.
Soumya: But, now it’s high time, we need to show him the way out of our house and our lives.
Omkara: But how?
Ishana: I have a plan (she smirks) Get ready Mayank Saxena.

She tells her plan to the others, they all smile at each other and say together, “DIL BOLE OBEROI”.

In guest room,

Mayank was busy reading a book when there was a knock at his door, he looked up and was surprised to see Ishana smiling at him,

Mayank: Ishu, you? Here, in my room? Strange.

Ishana was walking towards him and pretends to fall down, Mayank instantly got up and held her to prevent her from falling, (Guys for sometime just imagine Ishana in Mayank’s arms)

Ishana: You still care for me, so much.
Mayank: I have always cared for you more than anything, you mean everything to me.
Ishana: Acha, if you cared so much, why did we break up?

Before Mayank could say anything, they both heard Om,

Omkara: Ishana, Mayank, what are you both doing?

Ishana stood up properly and Mayank moved away,

Ishana: Om, actually….

Omkara forwarded his hand signaling her not to say anything,

Omkara: So this is what you do behind my back, I never thought you are such a cheap girl, you married me and now romancing with your ex-boyfriend, that too in my house.
Ishana (loudly): Om, how can you say all this about me, don’t you trust me?
Omkara: Of course, I trusted you but how can I deny something that I saw myself.

Just then Shivika and Rumya also come,

Shivaay: Om, what happened, why are you shouting?

Om tells them what he saw,

Anika: Ishu, how can you do all this, don’t you have any shame.
Shivaay: Whom are you asking Anika, if she had any shame, she wouldn’t have done anything like this?
Ishana: Di-jiju, even you both, don’t you all trust me?
Rudra: Bhabhi, how can we trust you after whatever we heard from O, I’ll trust my brother more than you?
Soumya: You are right Rudra, how can you do such cheap things?

Tears start flowing from Ishana’s eyes, Mayank who was standing quite all this time couldn’t tolerate any more,

Mayank: Enough is enough, how can you all say anything about Ishu, without knowing the truth, she was about to fall so I hust helped her. And Om, (he turne to Om) you, how can you say that Ishu is cheating on you, in fact how can you even think all this. I have known Ishu for 6 years and she is the most trust worthy person I’ve ever met. I have once done the mistake of not trusting her, Om please you too are doing the same thing, please ishu is not like that.

Everyone was shocked to hear this from Mayank,

Ishana: Mayank…
Mayank: I am really sorry, Ishu, I am sorry.
Omkara: So you realized your mistake (Mayank looked surprised at Om, he understood all this was a plan)
Mayank: That means, you all…
Rudra: We all were acting and we did this to make yourealize your mistake and understand that what we see is not always the truth.
Mayank: Thanks all of you and Om, sorry for the inconvenience I caused.
Omkara: There is no inconvenience in friendship, Right ishu?
Ishana: Yes Om, and Mayank, I have forgiven you, maybe we weren’t meant to be together.
Mayank: You are right Ishu, you deserve someone like Om, who loves you so much and trust you so much.
Shivaay: Acha, now let’s go and have lunch.
Anika: Haa, after so much drama and work, we all must be hungry.
Rudra: You are right, Bhabhi.
Shivaay: And Mayank, till you are in Mumbai, you’ll stay with us.
Mayank: Thanks Shivaay.

All of them go down, Ishana also moves to go but Om held her hand,

Ishana: Om…
Omkara: I am sorry Cham cham.
Ishana: Om, why are you saying sorry?
Omkara: For whatever I said earlier, I know it was our plan but I am really feeling bad for saying things like this to you.
Ishana: Om, you are so cute (she planted a kiss on his cheek) Now, lets go, everybody must be waiting.
Omkara: Sure.

They both went downstairs.

PRECAP: Some masti time……Picnic planning……Tej’s plan

So I hope you all are happy with today’s epi, even I like drama to some extent so thought to make kayank realize his mistake. Please do comment and share your views.
Keep reading, commenting and SMILING!!!!!

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