Ishkara : Pyaar ya nafrat (Episode 38)

Ishkara – Pyaar ya Nafrat – epi 38

RECAP: Pinky realizes her mistake and says sorry to Shivika…….Shivika forgive Shinky……..Mayank tells about his friendship with Ishu…..Everybody tells Ishu to forgive Mayank (they don’t know the truth)

At present, Oberoi Mansion,

Ishana was sitting near the pool, she was very angry with Mayank’s behaviour and lies, how he convinced everybody that Ishana was angry just because he didn’t attend her wedding, Ishana wanted to throw Mayank out of her life ASAP,

Ishana (thinking): What should I do, I think it’s better I tell Om about my relation with Mayank, atleast Mayank will be away from my life then but…….No, Om loves and trusts me……he would definitely understand and support me…….Om has always supported me in all times……it’s better that I tell him soon

Her thoughts were disturbed by AniSou’s voice who were looking for her,

Anika: Ishu, you are here and we searched everywhere.
Soumya: Haa Di, come in naa, everybody is sitting and chatting.
Ishana: I am in no mood to chat.
Anika: Ishu, why are you so angry with Mayank, he is your friend na, forgive him.
Ishana: No Di, he is not my friend and after all that has happened, I will never forgive him.

AniSou are shocked,

Soumya: He is not your friend, then who is he?
Ishana: He is my ex-boyfriend.
AniSou (shocked): Ex-boyfriend
Ishana: Haa, we were in a relationship for three years.
Anika: Three years? And then you broke off but why?
Ishana: One day…..

*FLASHBACK to 4 years ago*

St. Stephen’s college, Girls hostel,

Ishana and Mayank had not been talking for a week now, they had an argument because Mayank saw Ishana going out with Karan, his friends manipulated him that Ishana was cheating on him, so he argued with Ishana on the matter,
Ishana was sitting in her room, just then her phone rang and the caller was none other than Mayank,

Ishana: Hello
Mayank: Ishu, I need to meet you, please come near the hostel gate in 5 minutes.
Ishana: I am coming (she disconnects the call)

Ishana thought that finally Mayank had realized his mistake and would apologize to her, so she decided to meet him.

Outside the hostel,

Ishana reached the gate and saw Mayank already waiting for her,

Mayank: Let’s walk to the park and talk.
Ishana: Sure

In the park,

They both were sitting in the park,

Mayank: Ishana….actually….
Ishana: It’s Ok Mayank, I understand and I forgive you.
Mayank: what did you say, you forgive me but for what I didn’t do anything that you’ll have to forgive me, in fact you should be saying sorry.
Ishana (shocked+angry): What, so you think it’s all my mistake
Mayank: No, it’s my mistake, I shouldn’t have trusted you.
Ishana: Really, you trusted me? When, if you had trusted me, you wouldn’t have questioned my character in front of the entire college, and you say you trust me.
Mayank: Oh so, you mean to say it is all my fault, I trusted you a lot but you took advantage of that and broke my trust.
Ishana: I didn’t break your trust but today you have broken my trust that I thought you’ll change.
Mayank: Why will I change, Mayank Saxena will never change for a characterless girl like you.

Ishana slapped Mayank, Ishana: dare you say that again, and we are over, don’t you show your face ever again.

Ishana and Mayank walk in opposite directions.


Ishana: After that, I left Delhi forever. I deleted Mayank from my life forever and came here.
Anika: Mayank, such a liar, I wouldn’t leave him, he questioned my sister’s character.
Soumya: Haa Bhabhi, I’ll give him a tight slap then his brain will start functioning, how dare he broke my Ishu Di’s heart.
Anika: Ishu, you come with me, we’ll tell everyone and throw him out.
Ishana: Relax Di, we don’t have to do anything, I’ll talk to Om tonight, he’ll throw him out.
Soumya: But di, how’ll we tolerate him till then.
Ishana: Just like I am, from yesterday.

AniSouIsh come down and see Mayank happily chatting with others,

Anika (to IshSou): I feel like put a full tanker of water on him, then he’ll never question any girl’s character.
Soumya: Haa, Bhabhi, I’ll just stuff his mouth with green chilli parathas that he’ll never be able to open his dirty mouth.
Ishana: Girls, control.

Rudra sees AniSouIsh,

Rudra: Why are you all standing there, come sit here?

AniSouIsh come ant sit with their husbands,

Omkara: I must say Mayank, you are really great, what a sense of humour.
Rudra: haa Mayank Bhaiya, we both will make perfect partners.
Shivaay: Ishu, you are really lucky to have a friend like him. (Ishana just gave a fake smile)
Dadi: You all talk, we are going, I am really tired now.
Pinky: Enjoy

The elders leave.

Mayank: Ishu, I hope you are not angry anymore.
Omkara: Haa ishu, you shouldn’t be.
Anika: Don’t worry Mayank, I talked to her, she is not angry anymore. Right Ishu? (she signals Ishana)
Ishana: Of course Di, I am not angry anymore. (Mayank was shocked)
Mayank: Thanks Ishu.
Omkara: Wow Bhabhi, you made my work easy otherwise I would have to convince her.

Anika just smiled at Om.

The boys were involved in talking while girls talked about how to tolerate this Mayank.

PRECAP: AniSouIsh decide to teach Mayank a lesson

So guys, how’s the episode? Please feel free to comment and share your valuable opinions. i hope the story is interesting, please tell me if you think I should improve any where. Also i promise that there will be Ishkara moments from next episode onwards.
Keep reading, commenting and SMILING!!!

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  1. Fenil

    Goid chappy.
    Why short chapter today dost ?:D:D
    i m toh waiting for Tej and Shakti hehehe.
    Sumo jaldi se chilli paratha daalo mayank ke muh me.:P:P:P8)8):)):)).
    If u can give Rumya moments.

  2. Sairan

    Mayank ???

  3. AMkideewani


  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear

  5. Aarti32

    It amazinggg dear..but Ishana shud tell everything to Omkara asap

  6. Niriha


  7. awesome
    now waiting for the girlz gang to maza chakhoing this Mayank
    update soon


    Dear prajkta
    Story is going suuuperb.i like AniSou dialogue.anika”I feel like put a full tanker of water on him.then he”ll never question any girl character”???soumya”I will just stuff his mouth with green chilli parathas that he’ll never be able to open his dirty mouth???.waiting for girls power and waiting for mayank tai tai phis.i think AniIshSou ko ShiOmRu se bhi baath karna chaahiye.girl’s power with oberoi power hoga tho maza hoga.but I think first usko girls power dikhana chaahiye?

    Take care?

  9. Da epi was very cute. Liked AnIshSou’s convo. I want to kick hard on dat Mayank’s ***, but how could I dat is Namish.
    BTW I think Ishu should told Om everything. He will definitely supporther. Nd plz ggive IshKara scenes.

  10. Shilpa

    You just nailed it dear…AniSou Convo was soooo nice…waiting for the next update eagerly….

  11. Ankita27

    Superb update.. loved anishumya convo…

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