Ishkara : Pyaar ya nafrat (Episode 37)

Ishkara – Pyaar ya Nafrat – epi 37

RECAP: Shivika’s birth truth is out

At present, Oberoi Mansion,

Shivika’s room,

Anika had been continuously crying for the past one hour, Shivaay tried hard to calm her down but couldn’t,

Anika: Shivaay, am I not even worthy enough to get my parents love, care and affection. What wrong did I do that my father gave up on me? My mother didn’t even know that I existed. Am I so unlovable that people always gave upon me, why Shivaay, didn’t I get the love I needed, didn’t I deserve even this small happiness, why God did this with me, why Shivaay….why? (she held Shivaay’s collar and cried)

Shivaay hugged Anika tightly,

Shivaay: No Anika, who said you are not lovable, you are, that’s why I love you so much, that’s why you are my world, you are not just a part of my life but a part of me, I love you a lot and that’s enough for both of us. Nothing will ever matter to me, till we are together, we’ll love each other till our last breathe.

He hugged her tightly and caressed her hair.

Pinky: Anika…..Shivaay……. (Shivika broke their hug and looked at Pinky, who had tears flowing from her eyes)
Shivaay: Mom…..

Before he could complete, Pinky sat down and started crying badly, Shivika looked at each other and then went to Pinky,

Pinky: I am so sorry Anika beta, I am really sorry, Shivaay always said that I am world’s best mother but in reality, I am world’s worst mother. I was so fond of a son that I didn’t know that having a daughter would be such a blessing. When you came as my DIL and took care of everyone, I understood what it is to have a daughter and wished even I had a daughter……I was so keen on Shivaay being the Oberoi heir that I didn’t understand that even a daughter could be the next heir………..i am really sorry…….please if possible forgive me…….please (she folded her hands crying, Anika could no longer see Pinky’s broken state and hugged her tightly)
Anika: Please mom, don’t cry like this, I can’t see you like this.
Pinky: Please forgive me
Anika: It’s ok mom.

They hugged each other tightly.

Shivaay: You both mother-daughter are forgetting that even I am here.

Pinky opened her arms and Shivaay hugged both of them. They broke the hug after sometime, when they heard clapping. Shivika and Pinky were shocked to see the entire family there.

Dadi: Chalo aant bhala to sab bhala.
Jhanvi: I am glad you realized your mistake, Pinky.

Shakti went to Shivika and folded his hands,

Shakti: I no my mistake has no forgiveness, but please I am really sorry beta.

Shivika hugged Shakti.

Shivaay: It’s ok dad.
Anika: We have forgiven you.
Rudra: If your family moment is over, let’s have dinner, I am really hungry.

Everyone looked at Rudra and gave him “you-will-never-change” look. They all went down to have dinner.

At the Dining Table,

Pinky: Today, I’ll feed my daughter myself (she made Anika have a bite, Anika also fed her)

Everybody felt happy seeing them.

Jhanvi: Mayank beta, have this kheer, Soumya makes it really tasty.

Mayank forwarded his hand but Ishana stopped him,

Ishana: Mayank, you can’t have it, you have diabetes and it is very sweet.
Mayank (thought this is his chance): But Ishana, I’ll just taste it.
Ishana (without realizing what she said earlier): No, you don’t just taste it but will finish the complete the entire bowl. You know naa last time, what happened.
Mayank: What happened?
Ishana: You know how much Raj uncle scolded the both of us.
Mayank: Dad is not here to scold us.
Ishana: So what, you’ll not have it.

Everybody looked at Ishana and Mayank in surprise.

Omkara: Ishu, you already know Mayank.

That’s when Ishana realized what all she said.

Ishana: Wo…
Mayank: Ishana and I are college friends.
Rudra: What and Bhabhi, you didn’t tell us.
Mayank: Actually she is angry with me.
Anika: Ishu is angry but why?
Mayank: Because I didn’t attend her wedding.

Ishana looked at Mayank in shock.

Ishana: Yeah, we studied together in Delhi.
Mayank: She didn’t talk to me from yesterday because she is angry.
Shivaay: Cmon, Ishu, you shouldn’t be angry, he is your friend after all.
Omkara: Haa Cham cham, he might be busy so he didn’t come, right Mayank?
Mayank: Yeah, otherwise I would have definitely come.
Anika: Ishu, you should talk to him, he is your frined.
Rudra: Haa bhabhi, friends se kya naraz hona.
Soumya: Please Ishu di, maaf kar do.
Mayank (taking advantage of the situation): Please Ishu.

Ishana couldn’t tolerate Mayank anymore and left the place.

Omkara: Mayank, don’t worry I’ll talk to her.
Mayank: Thank you so much Om.

Mayank smiled.

PRECAP: Ishana tells AniSou about Mayank……Mayank bonds with the family

So guys, back after a day’s break, as per promise I posted the next part. I hope you are liking the story. Please do share your opinions.
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