Ishkara : Pyaar ya nafrat (Episode 36)

Ishkara – Pyaar Ya Nafrat – epi 35

RECAP: ShivOmRu come to know the truth……Ishana’s past…..Ishana warns Mayank

At present, Oberoi Mansion,

Shivika’s room,

Shivaay: I am sorry Anika, once again because of my family your life got ruined, you beared all that when you were supposed to live your life as a princess, I am not Shivaay Singh Oberoi but you were supposed to be Anika Singh Oberoi, I am so sorry….
Anika: Shivaay, please don’t say sorry, it’s not your fault but it was our destiny and see na what I couldn’t get it then, I got it later, see I became Anika Singh Oberoi.

Shivaay hugged Anika and cried his heart out.

Ishkara’s room,

Omkara: You know Cham cham, Shivaay always used to say he is all this because he is an Oberoi, Shivaay is nothing without his Oberoi surname, he never realized that he was being SSO and forgot to be Shivaay. Today he remained strong in front of us but I know he must be crying in his room, because I know how much hurt he would be.

Om hugged Ishana tightly and cried.

Ishana: I know Om, you brothers stay strong in front of each other but inside you all were crying.

Rumya’s room,

Rudra: I am sure Sumo, O and Bhaiya would be crying in their rooms, they show how strong they are in front of me but inside even I know their heart broke into millions when the truth unfolded. I know Sumo, they are my support but today they would be needing support and I will be that upport, Sumo

He said all this crying and hugged Soumya

Soumya: If you will be a crybaby like this, how will you become the support?
Rudra: I am crying in front of you, so that I don’t cry in front of them.
Soumya: Acha, when did you become so sensible.

They laughed and cried at the same time.

Suddenly they heard sounds of Tej shouting and calling all of them in the hall, everybody assembled in the hall,

Omkara: Prinku, when did you come? (They see Priveer standing with Tej)
Priyanka: Just now Bhaiya, dad called and said there is an imp meeting here and I should come with Ranveer.
Jhanvi: Meeting? What meeting, Tej?
Tej: I have to tell you all something really imp for our family and I thought even Prinku should know it, so I called both of them.
Shakti: Bhai saab, what is that you have to tell?
Tej: Something you couldn’t tell earlier.

Shivika, Ishkara, Rumya and Shakti understood what Tej meant and were shocked.

Pinky: What jethji, what did Shakti ji not tell us?
Ishana: Nothing Choti maa, there is nothing like that.
Omkara: Mr. Oberoi, will you please for once think about your family and not about your profit.
Tej: Omkara….
Rudra: No O, Dad is right, everyone should know this, and after all how will the great Tej Singh Oberoi leave any chance of letting us down for his benefit. Right Dad? (he gave and angry look to Tej)
Tej: Whatever Rudra, but I’ll definitely disclose the matter to my family.
Omkara: Oh really, your family, if you ever thought this was your family, you wouldn’t be doing this.
Dadi: Will someone say things clearly?
Shivaay: Dadi, I’ll tell you all.

AnIshSou, OmRu and Shakti look at him with shock,

Anika: Shivaay…

Shivaay: No Anika, please don’t stop me, one day or the other it will be out, Dadi, the thing is I am not Shivaay Singh Oberoi,…
Pinky: Shivaay, what are you saying? Are you in your senses?
Omkara: He is right Choti maa.
Jhanvi: Om, what are you saying.
Rudra: I’ll tell you mom…. (he tells the whole thing)
Pinky: NO…. (Shouting loudly she sat on the groun crying, Shivaay ran to her) Shivaay, this is a lie, naa you are my son, Shivaay, you are my son, I have given you birth, you are my Shivaay (she hugged Shivaay and cried)

Dadi walked upto Shakti and gave him a tight slap which shocked everybody.

Dadi: Don’t you have any shame, that day when Tej’s truth came out, you were standing just like that, we all accused Tej but even you are an equal partner in his crime. I have really failed as a mother today, I couldn’t give my children proper upbringing, all my children brought me down today (she sits crying and Jhanvi consoles her)
Jhanvi: I can’t believe it just because you wanted your son to be the next heir of Oberois, you did all this, shame on your thinking.

Anika: Thank God, I didn’t grew up in this house or otherwise my whole life I would have to listen to taunts only and you Mom (she looked at Pinky who was shocked by Anika’s anger) you are someone’s daughter and still you said all that, just imagine how would you feel if your parents left you when you were born just because you are a girl. I thought rich people have high thinking but I was wrong, rich people can stoop any low and you all have proved it again and again.
Ishana: Di, it’s no use saying anything to them, this is the truth of our Indian society, and whenever a girl is born she has to struggle from her birth to stay alive here.
Soumya: Really, money can give you facilities and services but it can never give you open minds, which can think from a human’s POV. Really, this far have we come.

AnIshSou leave to their rooms,

Priyanka: Thank God, today I got to know what my family feels about their daughters. Lets go Ranveer, I don’t wish to stay here a moment longer. (she leaves)
Omkara: Prinku…
Ranveer: It’s Ok Om, I’ll handle her. (he leaves)

Dadi leaves with Jhanvi, Tej_shakti also leave. Mayank also leaves thinking it’s their family matter. OmRu leave.

Pinky: Shivaay….
Shivaay: It’s Ok mom, you don’t say anything. (he leaves)

Pinky cried their alone.

PRECAP: Pinky realizes her fault and talks to Anika……Ishana argues Mayank, everyone is shocked.

Guys, the next part will be updated on Monday as I am going out of town tomorrow. I am really sorry but I have to go.
Also I have a great news to share with all of you, I got admission to India’s no. 1 architecture college, Sir JJ College of Architecture. Really happy and excited.

See you all soon.

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