Ishkara : Pyaar ya nafrat (Episode 35)

Ishkara – Pyaar ya Nafrat – epi 35

Hi guys, so how are you all? I am sure you all are liking the story, that’s what I have come to know from your comments. Thanks to all of you for your comments and aslo to my silent readers. Let me tell you all Mayank Saxena will be played by Namish Taneja (Laksh from Swaragini, actually the role suits him), I hope you are fine with it, also if you want, you can give suggestions, I am open to all suggestions. So now let’s get back to the story.

RECAP: AnIshSou come to know Tej-Shakti secret…….Om comes back……Ishana is shocked to see Mayank in OM

At present, Oberoi Mansion,

Mayank: So, you are Mrs. Oberoi now?
Ishana: Why are you here, I had clearly told you to stay away from me and my life?
Mayank: Come on Ishu, I atleast deserve a “Hi, how are you?” don’t be so rude.
Ishana: I am not here to exchange pleasantries with you, just get away from my life, my family, and I don’t know what story you told Om, that he brought you here. But now you’ll do only one thing, just leave from here, the door is open there (she pointed towards the door)
Mayank: I am not going back, not until I get what I want. And please stop being rude, I know I have hurted you a lot but atleast give me a chance to explain myself, you don’t know how much I have regretted letting you go, how much I have missed you, Ishu, please just come back, I’ll handle everything.
Ishana: Are you out of your mind, I am married, to someone whom I really love a lot, and who also loves me the same way, I am happy in my life, so just cut this non-sense and leave.
Mayank: even I love you a lot Ishu, just for once look into my eyes, you’ll see how much I am regretting?

Looking into Mayank’s eyes, Ishana remembered her past.

*FLASHBACK to 5 years ago*

Ishana and Mayank were sitting in a coffee shop, Ishana was busy with her book and Mayank was just looking at her, Ishana guessed Mayank looking at her,

Ishana: Mayank, please stop looking at me like this, we are in a coffee shop.
Mayank: Wahi toh Ishu, we are in a coffee shop, but you are still lost in your book, when will you stop reading books and start reading my eyes.
Ishana: Oh so, you want me to read your eyes, but they are so charming that if I look into them, I’ll get lost and then…
Mayank: And then…
Ishana: Then I won’t be able to come out, that’s why I prefer reading books.
Mayank: Ishu, I really love you a lot.
Ishana (holding his hands): I know, and I also love you a lot.
They both share an eye-lock.


Mayank: Ishu, where are you lost?
Ishana (coming back to reality): Nowhere, I’ll show you the room, but tomorrow you are leaving, I don’t want any discussions.
Ishana showed him the room and left to her room.

The next day,
ShivOmRu were talking in the kitchen

Shivaay: I think Anika is behaving different
Rudra: Bhaiya, even Sumo is lost nowadays.
Omkara: Same is the case with Ishu, I am back after two days but she didn’t talk to me and was lost in her own world.
Rudra: I think something is bothering them.
Shivaay: I tried asking Anika a hundred times, but she was not ready to answer, she just switched topics.
Omkara: I think it’s serious that they don’t want us to know.
Shivaay: But we will find out, right?
OmRu: Right.

In Ishkara’s room,

Ishana: Di, for how long will we hide this, one day everyone will come to know, it’s better if we tell them otherwise they’ll be hurt if they know from somewhere else.
Soumya: Ishana di is right, I think we should atleast tell our husbands, yesterday Rudra asked me so many times that I was ok or not.
Anika: Even Shivaay was asking me but I switched topics but not for long, they’ll either find out on their own or keep asking us.
Ishana: Whichever way they do, they’ll come to know, so its better we only tell them.
Anika: But Shivaay will be heart broken after he knows.
Soumya: But bhabhi, he’ll be heart broken if he comes to know it the wrong way, its better we talk to them.
Ishana: We’ll talk to them first and then the other family members.

In the kitchen,

ShivOmRu were busy cooking, when AnIshSou come there,

Rudra: Arre, why are you standing there, come in.
Anika: Actually, we…..(and starts crying which shocks ShivOmRu)
Shivaay (holding Anika): What happened Anika? Why are you crying, Anika please tell me, (he looks at IshSou) Ishu, Soumya, tell me what happened to her? Will someone say something?
Ishana: Jiju, actually…… (she tells everything, ShivOmRu listen shockingly)
Soumya: We got to know this yesterday only, we thought its better you all also know it ASAP.
Rudra: You all are joking right, Somu, this not true naa, please say all this is a lie (Rudra sits down crying, Soumya goes to him)
Anika: I wish Rudra, all this was a lie, but this is the biggest truth of our lives.
Shivaay: Anika… (He couldn’t complete and just hugged her tightly)
Anika: Shivaay, please calm down, I am with you, please.
Ishana: I wish all this was a bad dream and we could just wake up from it.
Omkara: So what if this is true, it doesn’t change anything that we three share, nothing will ever change between us, Right (ShivRu hug him)
Shivaay: Nothing will ever change between us, we are all for one and
OmRu: One for all

“Laafzon ka rishta – plays in bg”

AnIshSou share a hug. After sometime, they all compose themselves.

Shivaay: I’ll never forgive Dad for whatever he did. But remember one thing you all, now its between us, no one else should ever come to know about this, never ever. (Others nod)

Outside the kitchen,

Tej hears all this,

Tej (thinking): Sorry Shivaay, but everyone will come to know and soon, I’ll bring the truth out just like you brought my truth out, if I paid for my mistakes, even Shakti will pay.

Ishana was going to her room when a hand pulled her,

Ishana: What are you doing (she was shocked to see Mayank) You, have you lost your senses. Leave my hand Mayank.
Mayank: Ishu, listen to me, if you don’t agree to what I say, I’ll tell your husband about us.
Ishana: Tell him, Om trusts me, he is not like you who’ll believe anything an outsider says. He believes in more than I do.
Mayank: I know ishu, I should have trusted you but I was hurt by what my friends said about you and Karan, that I lost control and blamed you, I am really sorry but please don’t punish me like this, I can’t live without you ishu.
Ishana: But I can live really happily without you (she freed her hand and left)

PRECAP: Tej reveals the truth to the family

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