Ishkara : Pyaar ya nafrat (Episode 34)

Ishkara – Pyaar ya Nafrat – epi 34

RECAP: Ishana remember’s her past with Mayank……..Attacker in OM………AnIshSou decide to confront Tej-Shakti

At present, Oberoi Mansion,

Anika: You both are ready?
IshSou: Yes
Anika: See it can be anything that may shock us, break us or even worse but we have to be strong for our family, they’ll need us more than we’ll need them.
IshSou: Yes Di/Bhabhi
Anika: Let’s go

The study,
AnIshSou were waiting for Tej-Shakti, who came in,

Tej: What happened Anika beta, why have you called us here?
Shakti: Haa beta, what happened?
Anika: Dad, Bade papa, we need to ask you something. And we also expect you to answer it with truth.
Soumya: Dad, after you came back, I heard you and Chote papa threatening each other about some secret (Tej- Shakti are shocked) we want to know, what it is?
Tej: Nothing, you are MU something.
Ishana: Please Dad, it’s not a MU, please tell us.
Shakti: I don’t think you all should know about it, it’s our matter.
Anika: No, Dad, after yesterday’s incident, it’s no more your matter, we know it’s something really serious.
Tej: Ok, but promise us that you wouldn’t tell this to anyone else.
Shakti: It has to ne between the five of us only.
Tej: Yes no one should know.

AnIshSou look at each other and then nod their heads in a yes.

Shakti: So listen, you know that Bhai saab killed your parents, (the three of them nod) but you don’t know why, right. It was because of me, although I never thought Bhai saab would do it, but it was for me.
Ishana: But you were business rivals, then what does this mean now?
Anika: For you, what does that mean, Dad?
Tej: We never got them killed for business, do you think we would kill someone just because they were better than us in business, never, it was for something more personnel.
Shakti: It was for Shivaay and you, Anika.
Anika: For Shivaay and me…..
Shakti: Yes, for you both.
Ishana: what do you mean?
Shakti: Shivaay is not my son but you are my daughter Anika….

AnIshSou are shocked, this was the last thing they had ever expected to be the reason, Anika who had decided to be strong and face any truth was not able to hold herself, she had tears already flowing from her eyes, she looked at Tej-Shakti,

Soumya: What are you saying, Chote papa?
Tej: It’s the truth, you and Shivaay were born on the same day, Pinky always wished for a son, who would become the heir of Oberoi Empire, but you were born and..
Shakti: And I knew Pinky wouldn’t ever accept this and may not even give you the same love, then I met Ranjeet, his wife gave birth to a son, they always longed for a daughter after their elder daughter died two years ago, I talked to Ranjeet and we decided to exchange kids before anyone comes to know. In fact we changed the documents also, so Shivaay’s DOB changed to 23 May instead of 30 September.

The three of them listened in shock, all this while Anika was feeling bad for her parents, she always longed for mother’s love and care, a father’s protecting nature, she longed for something she always had.

Tej: However, Ranjeet wanted his son back after Ishana was born as he also wanted a son to be his next heir, that’s when Shakti told me about all this, at first I was against him but seeing his love for Pinky, I decided to help him, we convinced Ranjeet and his wife in all possible ways but all in vain, when nothing worked, I got them killed. And before we could reach you both, Pritam sent you away.
Shakti: I am really sorry, Anika, I am a very bad father, I gave upon you just like that. (he sat down crying)
Ishana: So you killed my mom-dad to hide your bl**dy truth, haa (Ishana almost shouted) and then all you say is sorry, your wife wanted a son, so you gave upon your own daughter and then all you say is sorry, what do you think your sorry will fix things, no it will never.
Anika: Ishu, calm down
Ishana: No di, I can’t, all this while Chote papa knew the truth but he kept quite.
Soumya: I can’t believe that you did all this just that your son could be the next heir, is this where our society still stands, I don’t believe that really we live in such a backward society.
Tej: I know what you all are thinking but this is true, Pinky always said that either she’ll have a son or no child at all. And I know I did wrong but I couldn’t think of anything else at that time.
Anika (she looked at Shakti): I’ll never be able to forgive you Dad.

AnIshSou leave.

Tej: I am sorry, but you needed this. Now you’ll know how it feels when your children hate you. Soon the entire family will know the truth.(Tej leaves)

IshSou tried to talk to Anika as she was broken after the revelation but Anika didn’t let them talk, the rest of the day passed like that, Ishana was still lost in the chaos her life had put her into, first Tej-Shakti and then Mayank, she cursed her fate that all problems had come together, she still didn’t know how to handle Mayank,

Ishana was in her room when she got a message, “Coming soon, come down, my love” it was from Om, the only thought that cheered her mind after the hectic day, she immediately got up to go down,

Everyone was already present when Ishu came down,

Omkara: Hi everyone

ShivRu hugged Om, Rudra: O, you don’t know how much I missed you, see even my biceps have shrinked

Omkara: What yaar Rudra, aate hi tera drama shuru
Dadi: Chup Rudra, let him come in, he must be tired.
Omkara: Thank God dadi, you saved me from his drama.
Rudra: So now love for you is drama, O, you have broken my heart.
Soumya: Really Rudra, don’t you get tired of this drama.
Rudra: Bhabhi
Anika: Acha bas, no one will tease my rudy anymore.
Shivaay: By the way, who are you?
Omkara: Oh sorry, I forgot to introduce him, he is Mayank Saxena.

Ishana was shocked and looked at Mayank, for the first time they were face-to-face after 4 years.

Mayank: Hello everyone, actually I am new to Mumbai, so
Omkara: So I told him that he could stay with us till he finds a place.
Mayank: I hope it suits you all.
Dadi: Of course, beta, you can stay here. Feel like it’s your home only.
Pinky: Acha, we’ll talk tomorrow, let them rest now.
Jhanvi: Ishana beta, please show Mayank his room.

Everyone leaves, now only Ishana and Mayank are present there.

PRECAP: Flashback of Ishana’s past………….Shivaay: I think Anika is behaving different……Rudra: Bhaiya, even Sumo is lost nowadays……….Omkara: Same is the case with Ishu

So guys, how do you feel write now, see all comments good or bad are accepted. please comment and tell me your responses and Tej-Shakti fight is not yet over. lets wait and see what more they have to do, and tell me your views about Mayank also.
Keep reading, commenting and SMILING!!!!

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  1. Sairan

    Amazinggg great

  2. Madhuani

    Yup you are right not only poor or middle-class people but high-class people are also the same*except some in all* their thinking is such a …I just can’t get words.
    Shakti was so cruel with his own daughter.
    Tej was just thinking of his brother n so committed crime but he shouldn’t have done it still.
    I’m so much disturbed after this.
    Need to relax.
    But very well written.
    I liked it.
    Shakti(doing such crime) as well as pinky(thinking as such)needs to be punished.I hope you would do so.
    Ishana’s outburst was so much right.
    N now what’ll happen mayank in om?


    Dear prajkta
    Aapne tej shakthi ka secret revel karke shock diya what a surprise yaar??? keep it up.i hope mayank IshKara ki beech raitha na felaye??ShiOmRu ko apni wife ka behave jaldhi patha chala ab tho sach bahar aakhar hi rahega.kyunki ye theeno unse sach bulvake bina nahi chodenga.i hope aap aisa hi plan kiya ho?

    Take care keep smiling??????

  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice

  5. Niriha

    O my mata what a twist ?? awesome dear…fabulous part

  6. AMkideewani


  7. Aarti32

    Interesting episode dear..
    Now y is dis mayank back!!?

    I hate d beta chahiye’s just ***??
    Even my grandmother taunts my mum bcz she has only two daughters..I hate dis mentality so much..

  8. Riddhima

    What ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? shock of the week ….

    1. Riddhima

      But beta concept ??????????????????????????????????????????????????
      Tension anger frustration irritation all comes … What beta is sons ate born in this world directly … blo*dy society …

  9. Mahi-IshKara

    Poor ShivIka,feeling really bad 4 them. Nd ShInky nothing 2 say about them. They sucks. Tej also supports them. But now I’m really worried about IshKara. I hope dat Mayank will not create any MU btwn them.I hope after knowing all Om supports Ishu.

  10. Ankita27

    Really frustrated with that ‘beta hi ghar ka chirag’ type mentalities of people n hate shinky for that.. want to see jealouskara ??? but no more mu bw ishkara.. Eagerly waiting for the next update..

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