Ishkara : Pyaar ya nafrat (Episode 33)

Ishkara – Pyaar ya Nafrat – epi 33

So guys excited for Ishu’s past. I’ll give glimpses of the past in between episodes, also I’ll reveal Shakti’s secret. So keep reading further to know more.

RECAP: Tej-Shakti talk…..Om goes to London……Shakti decides to kidnap Tej…..Ishu gets a message from Mayank

At present, Night at Oberoi Mansion,

Ishana was still standing with the phone in her hand, the two messages were still revolving around in her mind, she had never excepted her past to comeback to her like this, what had happened that Mayank messaged her four years after their break up, she had left Delhi and came back to Mumbai, she met Om and things changed over time,

*FLASHBACK to 5 years ago*

St. Stephen’s College, New Delhi,

Ishana was reading a book in the library, when a boy came from behind and kept his hands covering her eyes,

Ishana: Mayank, I know its you.
Mayank: How do you know always that its me?
Ishana: Because when my boy friend is here, how can anyone else dare to do this?
Mayank: Who to hai, btw aur kitna padhogi, lets go out naa.
Ishana: Acha, lets go, but drop me back in time.
Mayank: I know that Ishu, but first lets go from this boring place.
Ishana: Ok baba, come.


Ishana was thinking about her relationship with Mayank, everything was going on so well and how one day things just ended. Suddenly her phone rang and she came out of her thoughts,

Ishana: Hello
Omkara: So, you didn’t sleep till now
Ishana: No, just thinking about something
Omkara: Bas bas don’t think so much about me, that you forget to sleep.
Ishana: Acha bas, waise bhi I wasn’t thinking about you, I was thinking that I should join the dance academy back.
Omkara: That’s great, you’ll feel nice, you should join back.
Ishana: I’ll join from next week, is that ok?

Omkara: You don’t have to ask me, do as you wish.
Ishana: Om, I miss you, please come back soon.
Omkara: Just one day more, I’m coming tomorrow night.
Ishana: Had your dinner?
Omkara: Not yet
Ishana: what, no first have something, them talk to me.
Omkara: Acha, I’ll have something.
Ishana: love you
Omkara: Love you too.
Ishana disconnected the call and saw a message,

“I am coming to Mumbai tomorrow. I am really sorry” it was from Mayank, Ishana was shocked,

Ishana (thinking): Why is he coming back? What does he want? What will I do now, I should talk to Om, no not now, I should talk to Mayank first.
just then she heard a loud scream from a room,

Jhanvi: TEJ

Ishana (thinking): This was mom, she shouted dad’s name, I should check?
Ishana quickly ran to TejVi’s room, others had also reached, she was shocked to see Tej holding a man with knife,

Ishana: Dad, mom, are you Ok?
Jhanvi: Thank God, Tej came on time.
Shivaay (holding the man by his collar): How dare you enter Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s house, who are you and who sent you? (he gave him a hard punch) Answer me, I am asking you.
Man: I cannot, you kill me if you want but I can’t give the name, its against our work.
Shivaay: Go hell with your work, answer me or else I’ll really kill you
Anika: Shivaay, please calm down, please.
Rudra had called Khanna, who came with the security,

Khanna: Shivaay Sir, leave it to me. I know how to make him answer.
Shivaay (pushing the man to Khanna): He better answer soon
Khanna left with the man.
Pinky: OMM, jethji, your hand is bleeding.
Everyone looked at Tej’s bleeding hand. Jhanvi immediately brought the first aid kit and dresses his wound.
Tej: I am Ok Jhanvi, stop crying please.
Dadi: Thank God, that Tej came on time.

Anika: Badi maa (she handed a glass of water) are you ok?
Jhanvi: I am fine, thank God, Tej came on time.
Shivaay: Its late, you all should rest, I’ll handle the matter.
Everyone went to their rooms.

In the kitchen,

Anika: I am not sure but I think Dad sent that man to threaten Bade papa.
Ishana: But Di, how can you say this?
Soumya: But that’s what I heard them talk, they clearly threatened each other.
Anika: I think we should talk to them before things get out of hand.
Ishana: You are right Di, somethings should be talked of early as possible (she was reminded of Mayank)
Anika: We’ll talk tomorrow itself.
Soumya: You are right bhabhi, the earlier the better.
Ishana: we should find out before things worsen.
Anika: Acha, now lets leave otherwise Shivaay and Rudra will come.
Ishana: good night.
AniSou: Good night.

PRECAP: AnIshSou are shocked……..Om comes back with someone

So guys, I hope your excitement levels are already up, I hope its not confusing as Ishana has to deal with a lot of problems at the moment. But see problems in life don’t tell and come, its all unexpected.
Keep reading, commenting and SMILING!!!!!

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