Ishkara : Pyaar ya nafrat (Episode 31)

Ishkara – Pyaar ya Nafrat – epi 31

Hi guys, finally today we are here to witness our Ishkara’s wedding, I hope you enjoy it with full fun, I have not given detailed description but enough for you all to read and love. Guys, I seriously don’t want you all to feel that I am dragging it, so please if you think its too much, comment and tell me.

RECAP: Shivika bring Tej back…….Tej-Shakti threaten eachother……AnIshSou talk about Tej-Shakti……ShivOmRu talk about Tej but Om talks rudely to them…….Om says sorry to
Ishana……..Mehnadi function……Obro moment……..Haldi function

At present, Shining Stones Lawn,

Dadi, TejVi, Naren (Ishana’s dad) and Shinky were busy welcoming the guests, Ranveer and Vikram were busy with security arrangements, ShivRu were getting Om ready, AniSou were getting Ishana ready, PriMonGau were checking arrangements.

The mandap was beautifully decorated with orchids and lights, the havan kund was all set, the entire venue was beaming with new energy and happiness, everybody was really happy. The entire atmosphere was delighted and so were the people present there.
It was time for the auspicious rituals to begin,

Our handsome groom comes down in red sherwani with golden bottom and turban, the stone beaded brooch fitting his sherwani and adding to its magnificent look. He takes blessing from all elders.

Jhanvi: Today, I am so happy, my Om is getting married.
Pinky: right jethaniji, look how these children grow up quickly, it feels like he was so small few days back and now he is getting married.
Dadi: Its like that only, children grow up but for mother’s they are always small kids.

Om sits in the mandap, the priests begins with the rituals. After some time,

Priest: Please call the bride.
Dadi: Priyanka, go and bring Ishana.
Priyanka: ji dadi

AniSouPri come down with our beautiful bride, she was wearing a royal red lehenga with golden blouse, the red duppatta over her head, the veil covering her angelic face, the jewelry completing her amazing look, she was just looking stunning. She sits beside Om.

The priest begins with the rituals, they first exchange garlands, and sit down for the rest of the rituals. The wedding was happening with full devotion.They both get up for the pheras. After the pheras, Om makes her wear the mangalsutra and fills sindoor in her hairline. (Om mangalam plays in bg)

Priest: Yeh vivaah sampan hua. Now take blessings from your elders.

Ishkara take blessings from everyone.

Dadi: Today I am so happy, all my grand children are married and happy.
Jhanvi: You are right, mummyji.
Tej: You are right maa, now our family is complete with all our DILs.
Pinky: So, lets go home.
Mona: Not now, first jiju, you have to give me a present in return of your shoes.
Omkara: Of course, my saali sahiba. (He gives Mona a gift and she makes Om wear the shoes)

At Oberoi Mansion,

Jhanvi and Pinky do aarti of Ishkara, Ishana hits the kalash with rice and later enters by placing her feet in kumkum water, and others follow her.

In the hall,

Everyone sits for the ring game,

Rudra: O, you have to win, ladko ki izzat ka sawal hai
Soumya: Ishana di will only win, dekh lena.

Priyanka puts the vessel in between Ishkara and puts the ring in it.

Priyanka: All the best bhaiya-bhabhi.

Ishana starts searching the ring and Om only puts his hand in just to show that even he is searching,

Ishana (to Om): If you sit like this, you’ll definitely lose.
Omkara: That’s what I want.
Ishana: Means
Omkara: If you win, I’ll be happier rather than me winning.
Ishana looks at him in surprise, after that she takes out the ring. All girls cheer for Ishu and Ishkara just smile at eachother.

Rudra: O, you couldn’t even win a game.
Soumya: I knew girls are the best.
Dadi: Acha bas, Prinku, Take Ishana to her room, and you all also take rest.

In Ishkara’s room,

Ishana was moving in her heavy lehenga, she was really nervous, she was just pacing around when Om came in. He saw her pacing around and guessed her nervousness, he walked to her and stopped her.

Omkara: Relax Cham cham, I know that you are nervous, Its ok, go and change, I know this lehenga is really heavy and you are tired. You change, I’ll arrange our bed.
Ishana: You are so understanding Om, thank you so much, I’ll change and come. (Ishana kissed him on his cheeks and went in)
Om just smiled at her cute antics.
Ishana changed and came out, she saw Om sitting and lost in thoughts, Ishana sat next to him,

Ishana: where are you lost, Om? (she said clicking her fingers)
Omkara: Nothing I was just thinking about us.
Ishana: Us??
Omkara: You know naa, after so many hardships we are together, I just don’t want to lose you ever again, I just want you to be with me always. (he holds her hand) ishu, you’ll be with me always naa, please don’t ever leave me.
Ishana: Om, I’n always with you and I promise I’ll never leave you again, we will always be together.
They talked for a long time and finally fell asleep.

PRECAP: Tej-Shakti talk…..Ishkara moments….Some fun

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