Ishkara : Pyaar ya nafrat (Episode 31)

Ishkara – Pyaar ya Nafrat – epi 32

So guys, how many of you though that I would plan something in the wedding, actually I had thought at first but then it would be too complicated so I changed the track a bit. I know you all interested for what it is between Tej-Shakti, well it will be cleared in the further episodes, also I don’t want to lose my focus on Ishkara, so there will be Ishkara moments. So I hope you enjoy the story.

RECAP: Ishkara wedding

At present, Morning at Oberoi Mansion,

The study,

Tej: Shakti, why did you call me here?
Shakti: You know very well. What’s your problem, why do you wish to destroy our family’s happiness?
Tej: what I am doing? I just don’t want to lie anymore, like my secret came out, yours should come out too.
Shakti: Bhai saab, please understand, it will do no good to anyone but only complicate our lives and relations.
Tej: So, now you care for relations, then what about my relation with Jhanvi and my children, my Om still hates me. If you would have stood by me then, I wouldn’t have to face all this disgrace.
Shakti: But you have killed someone, how could I stand by you.
Tej: But you know why I killed them, it was never for business but always for..
Shakti: I know, you killed Ranjeet for me and my secret but then why are you doing this now
Tej: Because of you I, Tej Singh Oberoi, spent 6 months in prison.
Shakti: But now you are free, things are normal again, why dig the past again.
Tej: So that even you know how it feels to be hated by your own son, your own family.
Shakti: I won’t let you do it.
Tej: Stop me if you can (Tej smirks and leaves)
Shakti: Sorry bhai saab but you are making me do things I don’t wish to. (he leaves)

In Ishkara’s room,

Ishana was getting ready when Om placed his hands around her waist and rested his chin on her shoulders,

Ishana: Oh so, romance from morning.
Omkara: What to do, you look so beautiful that I can’t stop myself.
Ishana: Acha bas bas, get ready fast, we have to go for breakfast.
Omkara: What’s the hurry, Cham cham, let me spend some time with you, anyways I won’t get time afterwards.
Ishana: Why wouldn’t you get time afterwards?
Omkara: Because I am going out for two days.
Ishana pushed Om back and turned towards him, Ishana: What, you are going out for two days, Om, we married yesterday and you are going out for work.
Omkara: I am sorry, Ishu but Its really imp and I couldn’t cancel it.
Ishana: Why didn’t you tell me earlier?
Omkara: I didn’t want to spoil your mood in our wedding, so I didn’t tell you.
Ishana: I don’t want to talk to you, you are really bad (she leaves)
Omkara: Ishu, listen to me, Ishu…..

At the breakfast table,

Ishana comes down, Anika guessed that Ishu was upset,

Anika: What happened Ishu, you look upset?
Ishana: Ask your devar only (Om comes)
Jhanvi: What did you do Om, why is my daughter upset?
Omkara: Mom, actually I am going to London today for some imp work.
Pinky: What, yesterday was your wedding and today you are going for work.
Ishana: Wahi toh Choti maa, he didn’t even tell me earlier.
Jhanvi: Cancel your work Om.
Omkara: I cannot mom, otherwise I would have already, but trust me its really imp otherwise, I wouldn’t have to go.
Shivaay: Its ok, Om, I know sometimes, work gets really imp.
Anika: Aap to please leave it, you are making Om like you only, workaholic.
Shivaay: But Anika….
Rudra: Bhaiya, Bhabhi is right, after marriage, who goes for work next day.
Soumya: But Rudra, if Bhaiya is saying its imp, it must be.
Dadi: Acha bas, Om you go. Ishana. Beta you know Om, he is going because its imp, otherwise you know he would have cancelled it.
Omkara: Thanks Dadi, I am sorry Ishu.
Ishana: Its Ok, but come fast.
Pinky: Leave all that, and have breakfast now.

Some unknown place,

Shakti was talking to a man,

Shakti: This is advance, rest after the work is done.
Man: Don’t worry, work will be done and no one will ever know.
Shakti: Its better if things go according to plan, otherwise you know.
Man: Don’t worry, I’ll make things happen according to plan.

Oberoi Mansion,

Tej (on call): Thanks, don’t worry, I’ll be careful. (he disconnects the call) oh so, this is your plan, Shakti, but your plan will never be a success, because your brother is always two steps ahead of you. I am sorry but your deeds are making me think that my decision of dislosing the secret is right.

Evening at Oberoi Mansion,

Om was leaving,

Ishana: Take care and come fast. I’ll miss you.
Omkara (kissed on her forehead): I’ll miss you too, I’ll come ASAP.
Ishana: Bye.
Om said bye to everyone and left.

Ishkara’s room,

Ishana was reading a book, just then her phone beeped, she quickly picked her phone excepting it to be Om but it was an unknown number, there were two messages,

“I heard you got married” the first message read, Ishana was confused, she read the second message, “By the way, Mayank here, I hope you remember me”
Ishana was shocked and remembered what happened four years ago.

PRECAP: Ishana’s past…..Killer in Oberoi Mansion

The next few episodes will reveal Ishana’s past, see I told you she became a con girl to get justice for her parents, so she had a normal life. Now lets see, who is Mayank? Why did he message Ishu? What happened four years ago? Why is he back? All questions will be answered in coming episodes. Also you all must be waiting for Tej-Shakti secret revealation. So be ready as the upcoming episodes will reveal a lot of things we never thought would ever happen.
Keep reading, commenting and SMILING!!!!

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