Ishkara : Pyaar ya nafrat (Episode 30)

Ishkara – Pyaar ya Nafrat – epi 30

Hi guys, I don’t wish to drag this wedding track that’s why I have written this longer update with some wedding functions, some family fun, some romance, some important decisions, some Obro time and lots of entertainment. I know you all will read it with interest and then definitely comment.

RECAP: Ishkara sangeet……Jhanvi misses Tej…….Shivika decide to talk to Tej

At present, Night at Oberoi Mansion,

Om was walking with Ishana in their back lawn, Om had covered Ishu’s eyes with his hands,

Ishana: Om, tell me naa, where are we going, please remove your hand naa
Omkara: Have patience Cham cham, stop behaving like a kid. We are almost there.
Ishana: What is this with you and surprises?
Omkara: Why you don’t like my surprises, so we can go back

Ishana: No no, I didn’t mean that. Walk fast naa
Omkara: Ok so, on count of three, open your eyes, 1…2….and 3
Ishana opened her eyes and was shocked by the scene in front of her eyes, the lawn was beautifully decorated with balloon lamps.
Ishana: It’s so beautiful
Omkara: Not more than you (He smiled at her)
Ishana: Thank you so much
Omkara: Not now, there is something else also, just wait here

Ishana: What more
The music starts playing,
Cham cham cham….
Also it starts raining (arranged by Om)
Ishana is really happy as the two things she loves a lot are there.
Omkara: So, how is it now?

Ishana: I just can’t explain in words how much I love it. Can we…
Omkara: Yes, you can dance as I know how much you love this song.
Ishana: You’ll also dance with me.
Ishkara enjoy the rain and the dance.

The next day,

Mumbai Central Jail,

Shivika were waiting when the constable comes with Tej,

Tej: You both here, is everything fine at home.
Shivaay: Everything is fine, we came here to take you home.
Tej: What!!!
Anika: We think by now, you must have realized your mistake and might have changed, so we got your bail orders.
Shivaay: Its Om’s wedding and you have the right to attend it. Also, even after all that you have done, badi maa loves you and misses you.
Tej: Thank you so much Shivaay and Anika
Anika: Please bade papa, this time don’t make me regret my decision of giving you a chance.
Tej: I promise you wont regret this time.

At Oberoi Mansion,

Shakti(on call): What Shivaay got bail for bhai saab? Ok I’ll see. (he cuts the call) Oh God, what did you do Shivaay, now that he is free, it’s a danger to me, what should I do now? I cant let him free like this. Once Om’s wedding is over, I’ll do something to send him back.

In the main hall,
Jhanvi drops the plate in her hand as she is shocked to see Shivika walking in with Tej. Hearing the noise everyone comes and is shocked, especially Omkara,

Tej: Jhanvi (and opens his arms, she hugs him)
Jhanvi: Tej
Omkara takes a step towards them but Ishana stops him, he is shocked,
Ishana: Please Om, lets not spoil their moment.
TejVi break the hug,

Jhanvi: Shivaay, Anika, thank you so much beta for bringing him back. I’ll never forget your debts on me
Anika: Please badi maa, don’t say like this, if a mother can do anything for child’s happiness even children can do for mothers
Shivaay: haa badi maa, Anika is right, please don’t think like this ever.
Ishana: I am so happy Di-jiju that you brought Dad back, now our family is complete.
Dadi: tej, I hope now you have understood the value of a family and have hanged for good.
Tej: I have very well understood maa, how imp family is. I promise that I have really changed and from now on I wont repeat anything like that again

Pinky: I just hope jethji, you remember your promise
Omkara: Even I think so choti maa, otherwise I wont tolerate it this time (and he leaves)
Ishana: Don’t worry, I’ll talk to him (she follows Om)

Everybody leaves for their rooms, only Tej and Shakti are there,

Tej: What happened Shakti, you don’t seem happy to see me.
Shakti: Don’t think that you are free so you can blackmail me again, you cant do anything
Tej: Tej Singh Oberoi can do anything.
Shakti: I wont let you ever disclose my secret.
Tej: Stop me if you can, you took my son away from me, now I’ll do the same. (they both give eachother angry looka and go)

Soumay hears all this,

Soumya: Now what are they both talking about, what secret were they talking about. What is it that we don’t know? I should talk to Anika bhabhi and Ishana di

Omkara’s room,

Omkara was really angry,
Ishana: Om, listen to me Om
Omkara: I don’t want to listen to anything. Why didn’t Shivaay talk to me first? How can he get him back just like that? And everyone just accepted him like that?
Ishana: Om, relax, this, your anger is the reason, jiju didn’t tell you. I don’t understand why it is so difficult for you to give second chances to others, you gave me a chance, then why not Dad.
Omkara: Because he already got enough chances but everytime he let me down, so not again, I telerate him only because of mom.
Ishana: Ok, so this time also, do it for mom. You saw her happiness today, please do it just for her.

Omkara: Please leave me alone, I don’t want to talk to anyone.
Ishana: But Om,
Omkara: ISHANA, I said I don’t want to talk, do you get it, out now
Ishana leaves as she knows its not the right time to explain him anything.

In Rumya’s room,

AnIsh: What are you saying Soumya?
Soumya: What I heard them talk?
Ishana: Now what is it that they both are hiding?
Anika: Oh God, can’t we get some time without problems, first Daksh and now this secret thing, why can’t we have normal family life.
Soumya: But bhabhi, what will we do now?

Ishana: Lets talk to them directly, its better that we ask them otherwise they’ll keep making plans to stop one another and it’ll only distress the family.
Anika: You are right, Ishu, we should talk to them but only after your wedding
Soumya: Haa bhabhi you are right, all this after the wedding.

Omkara’s room,

Om was sitting on the bed when ShivRu come there,

Rudra: Arre, o, you are here, I searched for you everywhere
Omkara: I very well know that why you both are here, and I am in no mood to talk about that
Shivaay: What but we thought you would be really excited for your wedding
Omkara: What

Rudra: Haa, O, we came here to ask you, what will you prefer in your wedding, Ishana bhabhi told us about her choices so we came here to ask you
Shivaay: Ishana has given such a big wishlist, I hope your will be shorter one
Omkara: Guys, stop lying, I know why you both are here
Shivaay: When you know it, so lets talk it for once and all (ShivRu sit beside Om)
Rudra: O, we know you are angry with Dad, but now its high time, you forgive him and you both move on
Omkara: 25 saal ka gussa, dard aur dukh sirf 6 mahine mein nahi khatam ho sakte, I’ll never be able to forgive him, never
Shivaay: we understand Om, but things will just worsen if you behave like this, atleast think about badi maa
Omkara: Everytime I think about mom and give him a chance but not this time, I don’t want to waste energy by talking anything more about this topic because if we talk, things may change between us also.

Rudra: O, what are you saying, nothing can ever change between us.
Omkara: Time changes everything (he leaves while ShivRu are shocked)
Rudra: I though we’ll have an Obro moment but O didn’t even talk to us properly
Shivaay: I understand how hard it is for him, we’ll talk to him but after the wedding.

Ishana’s room,

Ishana was sitting lost in her thoughts when there was a knock on the door, she turned to see Om standing there,

Ishana(turning her face away): Looks like your anger went away, or have you come back to shout on me again
Omkara: Cham cham, I am really sorry but I was really hurt that time, so I shouted but I didn’t mean it
Ishana: You were hurt so you shouted, even I am hurt but I am not shouting on you
Omkara: Ishu, please naa, I am really sorry to hurt you, please don’t talk like this.
Ishana: now you know how I felt
Omkara: I am sorry and I pomise I won’t ever do this again
Ishana: If you ever do it, I won’t ever talk to you (they hug each other)

Outside ishana’s room,
Shivaay: Thank God, atleast he said sorry to her.
Rudra: Really.

The next evening,

Everybody is present in the hall as it was the mehnadi ceremony going on,
Ishana was sitting with two girls applying mehnadi to her, Om was sitting with Dadi, Pinky and Jhanvi were sitting enjoying, Tej, Shakti, Vikram and MP were talking,
Shivika, Rumya and Priveer dance on “Mehnadi lagake rakhna, Doli sajake rakhna — Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge”

At night, Near the poolside,
ShivRu were sitting there, Om comes and sits next to them,

Omkara: I am really sorry
Shivaay: Its Ok, aur haa don’t ever say sorry again
Rudra: Hamare bich no sorry and no
ShivOm: thank you
They hug each other.
Rudra plays the song and starts dancing,
They hug each other, “Laafzon ka rishta plays”

The next day,

The haldi ceremony was going on,
Ishkara were sitting in the centre, Ishana in yellow lehenga with white blouse and duppatta, she was looking gorgeous as usual, and Om was wearing white kurta and bottom.
First Dadi, followed by TejVi, Shinky, MP, and Vikram applied haldi.
After the elders, younsters had haldi fight, everyone was running here and there applying haldi to one another.
There was full on masti, dhamaal and happiness.

PRECAP: The most awaited ISHKARA wedding is here

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