Ishkara : Pyaar Ya Nafrat (Episode 3)

Ishkara – Pyaar ya nafrat – epi 3

RECAP : Ishu comes to OM………Rudra reveals Ishkara’s past……….Anisoumpri support Ishu

At night, Shivika’s room,
Shivaay still had doubts about Ishana’s intentions. Afterall how could the number one business man of India be convinced so easily. Anika entered the room and found Shivaay lost in his thoughts. She walked to him and kept her hand on his shoulder, Shivaay guessed her presence.

Anika: I know Shivaay, you are worried about Om but don’t worry, Om has become stronger now and I don’t think Ishana will cheat us again, she has changed for good.
Shivaay: I hope so
Anika: Leave, all this, lets have dinner everybody is waiting
Shivaay: I’ll have dinner later. I have some work. (saying so he left in a hurry)
Anika: yeh tadibaaz bhi naa, koi baat jaldi maante hi nahi hai

Omkara’s room,
Om was stuck between a storm of emotion, his mind told him not to trust Ishana but his heart always pleaded to trust, moreover love her. He couldn’t decide upon whom to listen. He was standing near the window,

Omkara(thinking): how can I trust her? What if all this is her plan to trap me again? She may use me again, I can’t fall for her innocence again. But her eyes say a different story, maybe she is helpless, after all she did all that for her family, its not her choice but she was forced. No, Om, what are you saying whatever the problem is you shouldn’t lie and hurt others. This girl is making me mad.

Ishana’s house,

Ishu was sitting in her room thinking about Om, just then Mona came to her,
Mona: Di, how was your day at OM?
Ishana was about to answer but just then she saw Shivaay’s reflection in her mirror hiding near the window.
Ishana: It was good. Everybody there is very nice, especially Anika Di. I did very wrong by hurting them earliar.
Mona(confused): Di, what are you saying, aap toh….
Ishana(cutting off): We’ll talk tomorrow. Now lets sleep, I am tired and you must also rest now.
Mona left with confusion and Shivaay left with satisfaction that Ishana has changed.
Ishana(to herself): Shivaay, now you must be happy that I have changed but you don’t know Ishana Patel. Be happy, anyways this is short term happiness. Just wait and see what all I do.

The next day, at OM, near the poolside,

Anishu were practicing near the pool,

Ishana: Di, you continue, I’ll make a call at home and come. I need to check Papa has taken medicines or not.
Anika: no problem, but come fast haa

In the corridor,

Ishana was roaming around the place searching for something,

Ishana(murmuring to herself): Oh God, such a big house. Now where will I find their study. I am sure I’ll get some proof there.

As she was lost in her search, she bumped into someone and the person held her preventing her from falling.

Ishana: I am so sorry, I didn’t see you coming.
Person: its ok, even I didn’t see you. By the way, who are you and what are you doing here?
Ishana: I am Ishana, Anika Di’s dance teacher but who are you?
Person: Actually, I am ACP Ranveer Singh Randhawa, Priyanka’s fiancée. (looks at his watch) ok, I should leave now.

Ranveer turned to go but stopped hearing Ishana,

Ishana(teary-eyed): Veer bhaiya
Ranveer(shocked): Chutki
Ishana ran and hugged Ranveer and started crying, Ranveer consoled her.

Anika heard all this from a distance,
Anika(thinking): Veer bhaiya? Chutki? I have to find out.

PRECAP: Ishu reveals truth to Ranveer …. Anika finds the truth……Ishkara moments

I am really sorry for no Ishkara moments but this is also important. Please comment and drop your views.

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