Ishkara : Pyaar ya nafrat (Episode 28)

Ishkara – Pyaar ya Nafrat – epi 28

Hi guys, I hope you enjoyed the previous episode. I hope you keep liking the story.

RECAP: Youngsters play hide and seek……..Ishu’s turn to find others……….Shivika, Rumya and Priveer hide in the kitchen……….Ishkara in Om’s room………Ishkara are shocked to see others

At present, Oberoi Mansion,

Everybody had gathered in the living area as it was Dadi’s order,

Rudra: Dadi, why have you called us here?
Priyanka: Tell naa, Dadi, what’s the news?
Omkara: Dadi will speak only if you both keep quiet and let her speak.
Dadi: Thanks Om puttar, that you told them to stay quiet. So, I asked priest for the mahurat for Ishkara’s marriage, and he said

Omkara: What did he say Dadi?
Rudra: Now, O, you are not only letting Dadi speak.
Omkara: Shut up Rudra
Shivaay: You both shut up
Dadi: He said 18 July (it was the first time Om met Ishu when she performed on Cham cham) is an auspicious day for marriage
Pinky: OMM, but this is just next week
Jhanvi: Haa, maa, how will we do all arrangements?

Anika: Don’t worry, Badi maa, we’ll do everything.
Soumya: You all relax, we’ll do everything ache se
Dadi: I am sure all my DILs will check everything, so I am tension free

Everybody congratulates Ishkara, ShivRuRan hug Om and AniSouPriMona hug Ishu. Everybody is really happy.

Shivaay: I think, we should have the sangeet tomorrow.
Soumya: Great idea, Bade Bhaiya.
Mona: It will be so much fun.
Dadi: So, kal hoga sangeet.

Omkara’s room,

Ishana entered his room but found Om missing, Ishana: Where did Om go?
She was about to go when she found Om’s clothes lying on the bed,

Ishana: Uff, yeh Zulfi singh Oberoi (she starts folding the clothes properly as she was working a folded paper fell down) Now, what is this? (she picked up the paper and opened it) Looks like a letter (she starts reading it and is shocked)

*Piece of paper*

I don’t know what is happening to me, ……………it’s been three months that I confronted her but not even a single day is there when I don’t think of her…………… She lied to me, broke my trust, played with my emotions and took advantage of my frndship but …………still I can’t get over her. I miss her a lot…..after she left as my heart and soul also left me……… every day I go out in the hope that… day again……she’ll be sitting on those stairs…….or will be dancing on cham cham………or will again collide with me…….but no, I don’t see her anywhere…… if she just disappeared from my life……….Ishana, Pata nahi tujhse kya rishta hai par jab tum pass hoti ho to dard mehsoos nahi hota………..Ishana……….just for once come back……..I need you……I can’t live without you……I LOVE YOU

*Note ends*

Ishana was shocked by this sudden revelation, she never thought that Om was thinking all this in the 6 months after their confrontation, she was always thought Om would be angry on her, would be hating her, would never want to see her face again but the reality was so different, Om not only remembered her but also missed her, loved her and wanted her to come back.

She wiped her tears and kept the paper back in its place, she didn’t want to disclose Om’s little secret to anyone not even him.
She was walking in the passage, lost in her thoughts, she collided with Om.

Omkara: Cham cham, you are so lost in my thoughts that don’t pay attention anywhere else, dhyaan rakha karo.
Ishana just hugged Om tightly which surprised Om a lot
Ishana(Hugging Om): Om, I love you a lot.
Omkara: I love you too.
Ishana: Please don’t ever leave me and go. I can’t live without you. (she had tears in her eyes) I should go, I have to help Di and Soumya.
Omkara: What happened to her suddenly? (he went to his room confused) Cham cham, naa, gets senti sometimes. (he started completing his painting)

Everybody was busy with sangeet preparations.

AniSou were checking arrangements, IshPri were inviting guests, ShivOmRu with the food and Ranveer was busy with security.
Ishana was going to her room, when she heard Shakti talking on phone,

Shakti (on call): See I don’t want to meet you Bhai saab, I have informed the commissioner also not to send me any of your messages. Please stop giving me these threats, you can do nothing sitting in prison. (he disconnects the call)

Outside the room,

Ishana(thinking): Was chote papa talking to Tej uncle, but why and what threats was he talking about, should I ask him. No, if there is something, Chote papa will tell us. I am over thinking.

In the hall,

Dadi, Jhanvi and pinky were discussing something, Shakti, MP and Vikram were talking, girls were busy with dresses and jewelry and boys in their talks.

Gauri: Om, this is not fair. Tomorrow is your sangeet and no one informed me (everybody turned to the door where Gauri was standing)
Omkara: I am so sorry, Gauri, it just slipped of my mind.
Gauri: Shadi se pehle hi mujhe bhul gaye, baad main pata nahi kya hoga
Ishana: How can we ever forget you, because of you we are together?
Gauri: So, all work done or have you all left something for me.
Ishana: Of course, very imp work.
Gauri: What??

Ishana: Tomorrow, you’ll sing for all of us.
Rudra: Haa Gauri di, you run a music academy but we never heard you sing, tomorrow will a special performance by you.
Gauri: Ok, I’d love to sing for all of you.
Dadi: Now that you have come, have dinner and then go.
Shivaay: Today, I have made something you’ll love.
Omkara: Your favorite Pasta and white chili sauce.
Rudra: Let’s have dinner.
Ranveer: haa, I am really hungry now.

The boys take Gauri, followed by the elders.

Anika: Shivaay, never makes aloo puri also with so much love.
Soumya: Rudra, taunts me that I eat unhealthy food and see how he is mad for her favorite food.
Priyanka: When I say to have dinner, he makes excuses and now, “I’m really hungry”
Ishana: Mera favorite to pata bhi nahi hoga, is Zulfi Singh Oberoi ko
Mona: Looks like Gauri di is really very special to them.
AniSouIshPri: Kuch zyada hi special
Mona: Lagta hai kuch jal raha hai

AniSouishPri: I am not jealous (Mona laughs at their faces)
Mona: Come on, all of you are just over thinking (she turns to Ishana) Di, you very well know because of Gauri di, you and jiju are together (to AniSouPri) you know naa how much they love you, stop behaving like this girls
AniSouIshPri: You are right Mona

PRECAP: Ishkara sangeet……..Jhanvi misses Tej……Shivika’s decision

So guys, how is the story proceeding? I hope its not too fast for Ishkara’s marraige. I hope you are enjoying Ishkara moments, I know I focus more on Ishkara but what can I do, see in show there is no Ishana and I really love her and miss her, so sorry for Shivika and Rumya fans, also Priveer fans.
please keep reading, commenting and SMILING !!!

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