Ishkara : Pyaar Ya Nafrat (Episode 2)

Ishkara – Pyaar ya nafrat – epi 2
Recap : Ishana becomes Anika’s dance teacher

Morning at Oberoi Mansion,
Om was busy working on a statue when the song, “Cham cham cham….” Reached his ears and it instantly reminded him of Ishana. He dropped his tools and followed the sound of the music. With every step he took, his heartbeat was increasing, he couldn’t understand the effect this song had on him, but he couldn’t stop himself from thinking about her, her angelic beauty, her cute antics, her graceful moves, everything about her was so mesmerizing that no one could stop noticing her,
Om(thinking): Song, that too in our house. Prinku and Soumya must be enjoying.
As he was walking in the coridoor, he meet ShivRu who were also attracted by the music.
Rudra: arrey bhaiya, who is listening to songs in our house at such loud volume.
Shivaay: I think its definitely Anika, she is not in the room. And such ideas can only come to her khidkitod mind.
Om: maybe they all are having fun.

Rudra: then let us also enjoy (he smirked at ShivOm)
ShivOm: shut up Rudra
Shivaay: it is there private party and we shouldn’t interfere
Om: yes, Shivaay is right.
Rudra(in his full on drama mode): oh God, you have given me such boring brothers (turning to ShivOm) you both don’t want to come, then don’t come, I am going
Saying so Rudra left.

Shivaay: let him go, but we’ll not go
Om: we are not like Rudra
They both look at eachother and knew that even they wanted to go.
Shivaay: Rudra is a kid, he will do some mistake, we should go to check on him
Om: correct Shivaay, he is a duffer, we should go otherwise yeh raita jaroor faila dega
They both also leave following the music. They reached the poolside and were surprised as AniSouPriRu were standing and a girl in white anarkali was dancing with her back towards them. Shivaay tries asking Anika as to what was happening but she signaled him to keep quite. As she turned around ShivOmRu were shocked to see her as it was none other than Ishana, as Ishana saw them looking at her angrily she lost her balance and was about to fall when Om held her and they both shared an eyelock.

Ishana(thinking): what happens to me? Everytime I look into his eyes, I forget the world around me. I feel like getting lost in his eyes. Stop thinking non sense Ishana, control your emotions, you have to work on your plan and revenge.
Om(thinking): I don’t know how but I knew it could be none other than you. The dancing moves were so beautifully done that it had to be you. Whenever I see these innocence in your eyes I forget that these are the same eyes that lied to me, broke my trust and betrayed me.
They both soon realized their position and stood up properly.
Om(angrily): How dare you come to my house?
Ishana was feeling sad to see the softspoken Om speaking with anger but she controlled her emotions and replied.
Ishana: I am Anika Di’s dance teacher.

Shivaay: So you found a new way to trap us again.
Rudra: we are not going to believe your fake story again.
Ishana: Listen, Mr. Oberoi I have no interest in trapping you or your family. I have started earning with honesty and hard work.
AniSouPri were confused as to what these four were talking about.
Anika: what are you all talking about (turning to ShivOmRu) you already know her?
Om: we know her really WELL
Soumya: what do you mean bhaiya?
Rudra: I’ll tell you

Rudra told them everything about how Ishana tried to con Om. At the end AniSouPri were shocked and Ishana had tears in her eyes.
Ishana(wiping her tears): I think now you wont need me Anika Di, I should leave before I hurt anyone else.
Ishu turned to go but Anika held her hand and stopped her.

Anika: you call me Di and is leaving just like that without completing your promise, yaad hai naa ki you are going to teach me dancing, you cannot leave just like that (Ishana was shocked so were the others, anika turned to the others) whatever she did was her past and I don’t judge ppl on the basis of their past, what matters to me is their present and at present she is working with honesty and that is more important (Anika walked towards Om) I know she has hurted you and I am not going to justify what she did but I am only going to say one thing, we all commit mistakes but everyone deserves a second chance, I hope you will give her the chance she deserves
Ishana felt sad for using Anika’s emotions and hurting her but suppressed her emotions.
Soumya: you are right bhabhi
Prinku: Haa bhabhi, even I agree with you
Ishana: Thank you so much for your understanding
The girls hugged eachother tightly.
Rudra(whispers to ShivOm): Even I think bhabhi is right
Om: but we cant trust her just like that

Shivaay: Don’t worry, I’ll test her and then only trust her

Precap: Shivaay follows Ishana…………. Ranveer shocked to see Ishana

I hope you guys like it. Please drop your valuable comments and share your frank opinions. See you all soon, till then keep reading and smiling.

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