Ishkara : Pyaar Ya Nafrat (Episode 1)

Episode 1

Hi guys, I am back with the first episode, I hope you all will love it. The story will basically revolve around the Ishkara and her comeback in Om’s life. i am really sorry for shivika and rumya fans but I am not that good at handling 4 love stories(I missed Priveer) at once, so a very big SORRY. i hope u all wud love it and please do comment and tell me ur frank opinions. After all in the long run your support is valuable. the initial episodes would be short but later I will give longer updates.

Here it goes,

I – Ishana
O- Om
A- Anika
R- Rudra
M- Mona

Scene 1 : Ishana’s house

I (calling out loudly) Mona, I’m leaving. u take care.
M (coming out from her room) Wait a minute di (She ran to ishu and held her hands) di; r u sure u want to do this. they already know our truth.
I : Dont worry, I know what I am doing.
M (hugs idhu tightly) Take care di
Ishana leaves with a fire and determination in her eyes but Mona is still worried for her.

Scene 2: Oberoi Mansion

Om was walking towards the main door, when he heard Anika calling him and he stopped. turned to her.
A : Om, u r going out na ?
O : Haa bhabhi, u have any work?
A : Haa woh, I have to go to the temple but there is no car to drop me and Shivaay is also busy. will u drop me on ur way?
O : Why are u asking bhabhi, u just command (he bows his head down) bhabhi ka hukkum sar aankhon par.

Rudy who was passing by hears this and comes there.

R (making a sad face) Bhabhi this is not fair.
A (surprised) what is not fair, rudra
R (in his dramebaaz mode) You dont love me now, ur fav devar is O, thats why u r taking his help. U have forgotten ur partner and now he is ur new partner.
A+O (together giving him a impossible wala look) Shut up Rudra !!!
R (fake crying) See, bhabhi now u are copying his dialogue aslo (fake crying loudly) Ab mera yaha koi nahi raha
O : shut up Rudra (to Anika) Bhabhi, lets go, he is just wasting time. His drama will never end.
A : wait a minute Om (she goes to Rudra) Rudy, you know naa ur bhabhi loves u the most then Y r u saving like this then. waise bhi u r my masti partner and I thought y to disturb u for such boring job so I thought I will go with Om (they both give a hi-fi) Now be my cute devar and turn off this crybaby made

Rudra hugs Anika and goes from there merrily like a child.

A : He is so cute
O : duffer he is.

they both leave. Om drops Anika at the temple and goes to his gallery.

Scene 3 : At the temple,

Anika does her puja and was coming out when a girl bumps into her. They both hold eachother tightly so none of then falls.

A : Are you ok? I didnt see u coming. I am sorry.
G(girl) : No its not ur falut, I was only in a hurry
A : What happened ? U look really worried.
G : Poor people have only one problem, how to fill their stomach.
A (feels bad for her) U can tell me, I am just like ur sister.
G : Actually., I teach dance but I dont have any new students and I am in need of money for my sister’s education. (she had tears in her eyes) Do u know anyone who wants to learn dancing?
A (After thinking for a while) Waise to I am a khidkitod dancer but still u can teach me, i also love dancing.
G (with excitement) Really, thank u so much. BTW I am Ishana.
A : I am Anika. come to OM tomorrow at 4 pm. we’ll start.
I : thank u so much.
A : see u tomorrow then, i need to go now.

Anika leaves from there.

I (thinking) I am really sorry Anika di, I am using u for my benefit but what to do you are my key to entry in OM and Om will be my key to destroy them. I can never forget what they did with me.

FB shows 2 little girls crying sitting at the footpath FB ends.

Ishana wipes her tears and leaves.

PRECAP : Ishana enters OM

I hope you all wud like it.

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  1. This is so intresting . It’s d first ishkara ff i am reading…so pls update fast

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  6. interesting dear…can u plz add som mor rudra sence…bcz I’m big fan of rudra he’s such a quite end very funny whenever he talks I feel laughing…if u can dear…

    1. I’ll try and add rudra scenes
      But more will be ishkara

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  7. Ruby_MarNy

    It’s interesting..ishu going to be dance teacher for anika..good..waiting for next..

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