Ishkara…the pair of truthand lie ( Episode 18)

This is Kavya again…all set to bother you with my ff again….a d i think that this part is pretty big one…it took six and half pages of ms word..hope that you will like it. Sorry but i wrote this in hirry so there might bd mistakes..but still plz lz read it…and tell me how is it….
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Episode Eighteen
So one week leap…A lot had happened in this week. Well, tia and swetlana managed to seek a entry in Oberoi Mansion and started their plans…But nothing is serious…( I mean that the MMS, divorce part, janavi suicide, Tej-Om major clash..none of these happened short, nafratbaaz track is on a really primary level)…But apart from this, there was also a big..big change… ANd that change was in Ishana-Omkara’s thoughts…Both were still in a shock and surprised state…knowing sooo many things about each-other…although they were not at all close, or friends..After that Jealousy-talk…both decided to part their ways and talk to each other the least…and both succeeded in that. But their minds didn’t co-operate with them AT ALL…both were having a ‘Pehla pehla pyaar’?? vali feeling..their thoughts, ideas used to be filled with eachother only. Despite the tensed problems, going on in their lives, they didn’t fail to think about each-other FOR ALL THE TIME…

Date- 11-2-2017…..Directly at the art-gallery
Omkara entered and he was pleased to see Ishana already there.? She was wearing a yellow-coloured frock-style top with light blue coloured jeans three-fourth and hairs beautifully tied in a side braided hairstyle…Om always used to love the way her curls used to fly around her face all the time…and the smile which used to be on her adorable lips in every moment…she was the joy in herself…’…No thinking about HER’, ?Omkara again warned himself…Now-a-days it used to be the best part of his work. Seeing HER. Although he never really talked to her after that day, it used to be just ‘WORK’ talk. He had worked on his stupidity to get lost every time seeing her. Because now it was his habit of seeing her close to him. Though all they shared was nothing, they were not even on friendly terms till now, Whenever Ishana tried to come a little closer, Om intentionally kept a little distance. Omkara had now whole-heartedly forgiven Ishana for all what she did in the past. He didn’t know how, but for the first time, He was not judging someone for being a liar once. But the problem was that he never confessed it to Ishana. Om just accepted her in his company. Just a week, but he got so used to her presence, as if she was a part of his life since the beginning of time. Now he couldn’t even imagine his work without her. Which was the most shocking thing? According to Om, the most important thing in his life was his Art, He was an artist who conveyed his pain through his art. But now, on that path where he was all alone till now, there was someone accompanying him. And that person was none other than Ishana. She was the one who knowingly or unknowingly brought cheer in his life. She organized it, she gave a speed to it. He could not even imagine this art-company without her. He tried his fullest not to get attracted, affected by any of her moves, but her mare presence was enough for it. Every day, he used to get tones of new reasons to admire her even more and more and he used to just shut his heart up by reminding himself that HE CANNOT TRUST HER AGAIN….But he knew he could… he easily could. Because one thing, he realised very soon. When he first met her, SHE was NOT Ishana…She was BELA, a mask she wore to fool him. And this girl working in his gallery was a lot different from her…Actually totally opposite. But he was not sure if it was the real Ishana or again a fake face of hers. Maybe this was the reason he kind of feared to trust her again, to connect with her again. He was scared that she will break his trust and he WILL HAVE TO hate her again…which he really didn’t want to. Om was confused in all these thoughts.

Where Om was confused, Ishana was on very different terms. For her, the focus was mainly her new life and the new start. But with working in the gallery, her life was occupied by Him and his thoughts only. She knew that she had got much more than she deserved. She knew that Omkara was the most beautiful and noble personality she had ever seen or imagined. According to her, he was just the idol of truth and honesty n himself. All of his small gestures, the few lines, his intense eyes and that look all were so deep. He used to speak a way too less and when he did, he spoke in a manner that might take a moment or a while to understand. It brought a smile on her face reminding, how much he was in his sculptures and paintings, as if they understood more than anyone else in this world. He was just the perfect one. The dream of every girl. He WAS NOT judgmental, or was not someone who believed in importance of status, money lineage when it came to persons, even if they were strangers. He was self-made, still so polite, he cared about & helped everyone in every way possible. He believed in treating people with the respect for who they are. But what she liked about him most was that he valued emotions, relations more than anything.. He was not high-headed about his family lineage or upbringing. And most importantly, he believed in accepting his flaws rather than denying them. Yes, Ishana had noticed it. And it really made her regret her words, what she had said him on the confrontation day. But all that she knew for now was that wherever Omkara was, it was the most comfortable place for her to stay. ???

Ishu’s POv-
I saw him coming in the gallery today. With his usual clothes and the long hairs flowing away slightly with the wind, like a dream hero of a fascinating fairy-tale…or a Greek god. The warmth of his eyes filled the room with a assuring and comfortable surrounding which I cannot express in words. I seriously cannot help but just stare at him senselessly, whenever he enters like this every day. Come on, it’s the only time when I get to see him. Even after working in the same place, we don’t really talk. Well, actually I do, he doesn’t. He just keeps silently working on his art and instructing me, whenever needed. His and my works are also a LOT different. He is the one who is creator of all those beautiful masterpieces…and I am the one who connects it to the exhibitions, auctions and the business. In short, I handle all the office work. We don’t have a conversation. The things between us are not complicated or sorted…actually there is nothing between us…It’s just me getting crazy by seeing his perfection in every way possible…But…Wait…I SHOULD NOT think about him…Why Am I? What happened to you Ishana, from when did he started mattering so much to you…Yes, he is flawless…the perfect one, the most soulful one. And that’s the only reason why you should not be connected to him. ….Just focus on your job and the work…you have a lot to do……..The debts they are still to be paid…Mona is your responsibility. And moreover his and your world is totally opposite. You cannot bring pain to his life by relating with him, connecting with him again. (POV ends)
So, Ishkara both were attracted toward each other and somewhere inside, they had accepted it. But both were trying to ignore or rather say suppress their feeling. Om by remembering his principles, and Ishana by reminding her responsibilities & limits. They didn’t have any kind of direct visible relation or strong bond. But from inside, they had become the most important person for each other. An unbreakable thought and a unbelievably beautiful dream of their respective lives.

But just in a week, they were meant to come closer directly. And the reason was none other than Om’s family…Yeah…the OBEROIS…
Actually none of them had anything to do with Ishana. After the teasing and nudging for 2-3 days, even Shivaay and Rudra left that Topic as it was nothing important or serious to them. And Om worked hard not to mention anything about Ishana in front of them or anyone in the family. So surely, for all the other Oberois, a girl named Ishana was not at all worth noticing….actually they didn’t even know her. But all were totally unaware of the fact, that how important role she was gonna play in their future.?

The next Day:- So, it was Sunday. And the youngsters were just chilling around the pool area today?. It was weekend, so neither Shivaay was at office nor Om engrossed in his art-gallery. The brothers were spending some quality time, and were accompanied by Anika and Soumya.
Rudy- I love Sundays….I wish everyday was a Sunday. Then my brother’s won’t have to be paraya dhan for me for whole week.
Om and Shivaay burst out in a laugh after hearing it.??
Soumya- What’s the difference Rudra? Anyway your life is a long holiday. Every day is Sunday for you. But not for all other working people, Duffer Oberoi.?
Rudra- Yeah, as if you discover a new planet every day, even u are a lazy Sumo who does nothing but eating for whole week.?
Soumya- Why comparing me with you….
Shivika and Om were enjoying their fight, but it was interrupted by Prinku who came there looking quite tensed…
Prinku- Soumya, Anika actually I need a little help….??
Everyone noticed her tension and nervousness..
Shivaay- What happened Prinku? Is there a problem?
Prinku- NO bhaiya…not a problem…but still a very big problem..
ShivOm exchanged glares indicating that they understood nothing. But Anika, Soumya and Rudra nodded as if they knew everything…and started to explain Prinku..
Rudra- Oh come on Prinku!!! NO need to be tensed. And this is not a problem my dear sis…It’s a great opportunity. And don’t worry you are gonna be rocking….After all you are THE ROCKSTAR Rudra Singh Oberoi’s Sister…
Soumya- Priyanka…Don’t listen to this duffer. But yeah, you will do GREAT…just believe in yourself.
Anika- Ya Priyanka..there’s nothing to get worried about..You will do a dhichakvala performance…And we still have time…come on college-festivals are fun yaar…
Shivaay and Omkara had no idea what all of them were talking about??…They still stood there unspoken, trying to understand what was going on.
Omkara- Okay guys, Are you all talking in a code-language which everyone understands except me and Shivaay? And Prinku at least tell us what is the problem…may be we can help you..
Rudra- No Om…you cannot..
Om- Why? Why can’t I help?
Rudra- Because Mr.Long hair creature, it is about DANCE..
Shivaay- Well, then I can..
Anika- seriously Billuji? Are gonna dance on a girl’s song??
Om- one minute…Prinku tell us clearly, what’s the problem…
Prinku- Bhaiya, actually we are having college-festival…and it is responsibility of our group…And now, I have to perform a dance….
Om- okay..So just go for it…I am absolutely sure that you will do great.
Anika- See…even Om thinks the same.
Prinku- I know..but there is a small problem.
Om- What?
Prinku- The event got proponed and now it is tomorrow only. And I have not prepared and there is no dance class or academy or teacher who can help me in just one day.
Rudra- Idea…how if WE help you????
Om ( with a frowned look)- Really Rudra? The way you helped me on my breakup with Riddhima? No thanks…?
Anika- Okay, if not Rudra, I and Soumya can help you.?
Shivaay- Wow…Panika will dance…Come on don’t guide my sister how to dance on ‘khaike pan banaras vala’…No way.?
Rudra- And sumo…if she dances, the dance floor will start shaking…earthquake will come…?
AniSoum make angry faces.?
Om- ok, stop it, you two, we have to help Prinku.
Shivaay- fine, I have an about we call a professional dancer, and he/she will help Prinku with the dance.
Rudra- Oh..I know lots of them bhaiya…
Soumya- Crybaby, we don’t need girls who dance on the disco songs…did you hear the word ‘professional’?
Om- are right Soumya. I think that the person should be professional as well as passionate too. And more importantly interested in teaching dance….( Rudra remembers something)
Rudra- O, I think I know someone like that…
Om- Rudra, not again one of ur girlfriends…
Rudra- No Om…even you know her.
Everybody – What??? Om knows a dancer???????Om and Dance?
Om- ( looks at everybody with a strong-angry look)- well, you all are listening Rudra now? He is a no. 1 dramebaaz..this is again his some stupid joke..
Rudra- No yaar, try to remember…
Om-’s nobody..
Rudra- Come on, it is HER..??
Shivaay- Rudra just tell the name of this ‘HER’
Rudra- the one I am talking about is none other than…ISHANA…
Shivaay- What???Ishana…the ex-cogirl…present- gallery employee…
Anika- Yeah…she is a DANCER??
Soumya- And how do you know this Rudra???
Rudra was about to answer all these questions but Om cut him off..
Om- Okay…let’s get clear about this…All these questions you guys just asked don’t have any meaning, because SHE is not gonna help Prinku..
Shivaay- It means…she IS a dancer, and you know this..
Om- yeah..but that doesn’t matter..she is not gonna come in this house…
Anika- But why?? what’s the problem with Ishana helping Prinku with dance… And btw, how does she dance?
Om- Well….( but he has nothing to say…)
Rudra- see, you have no point. And Bhabhi, she is GREAT dancer…ekdum Zakaas..
Shivaay- Watch the language Rudra..
Rudra- Ek minute bhaiya…word’s pe nahi emotions pe jao aap. You know, when I and Om went to Sahil’s school that day…we saw her dance..really know, she is just like a dancing fairy
Anika- What? Ishana was a dance-teacher at Sahil’s school?
Rudra- Yeah..bhabhi..and she lost that job because of our Sach ka Boyfriend Omkara.
Anika- Then, I think we should definitely call her..
Om( shocked)- But why???
Soumya- Come on, bade-baalonvale bhaiya, you owe this to her…First, she lost the dance-job because of now you give her this one. This will be the best way to say sorry..
Shivaay- Yeah, this seriously makes point…And Mr. Artist…you used to say this right, judge a person by his deeds…
Om- yeah..that’s exactly what I am know what she did in past, how can we trust her again?
Rudra- just the same way, in which you trusted her for your gallery.
Om- That was a different story..she proved that she was elegant and you all forced me.
Shivaay- then we will do it again. She has proved that she is a great dancer and we are forcing you, so let’s call her.
Om- no Shivaay…try to understand.
Shivaay- you try to understand is not about us. It is for Prinku. And it will be easier for Prink, as she knows Ishana already.
Om- Really? They two have met just once…??
Prinku- But still, she was so great bhaiya, And I really liked her. Plz..plz..plz…Can’t you do this for me..
Om now didn’t have any other option, it was his sister’s wish after all.
Om- okay, if Prinku wants this..that’s what will happen.
Everyone- that’s like a good boy.
Rudra- come on, don’t forget that this was saint Rudy’s Idea..
Om- yeah, saint can I call Ishana?
Rudra- ooooo…look how fast he is…come on Om, go ahead…call her..we can give you privacy if you want.
Om- ( hits Rudra on head)- Shut up duffer..And I am already warning you guys..none of these stupis comments from now on..i won’t tolerate this.
Shivaay- Okay..okay..btw Om, I think it will be better if we go to her home directly. I mean we will, call her here..Then ask for help…it doesn’t really feels appropriate.
Om- Really/ IS this Shivaay Singh Oberoi speaking?
Shivaay- I was just trying to help.
Anika- Yeah, Om Shivaay is right, we should directly go at her home.
Om- fine..The way you want…let’s go. (Everybody starts to leave)
Om- wait a minute… ’we’ means all of us are coming?
Everybody- Yes…
Om- Why?
Anika- I want to meet’s been a while..
Soumya- too. She is really fun. Plz..and plus, we can help you make her agree for this.
Prinku- it’s my dance-competetion..i SHOULD come to meet her. After all, I am the one who needs help.
Rudra- Calling her was my Idea, so clearly, I am the most important person who HAS to came.
Shivaay- And everyone’s I should too..Don’t know what drama you all grown-up kids will create if I don’t come…
Om- Wow..all of you have got great reasons..I think you all should go except me..
Rudra- NO Om..even you are important..Annd we certainly have enough cars to go. So come on, even you can come.
Om- Okay…now don’t cook up some new stories..let’s go. And don’t keep your hopes too high maybe, she won’t help us.
Rudra- no…she will. Her head is not empty as you…

Everyone left for Ishana’s house( Om had her address as she works in his gallery now…)
Shivika in one car, and all others in the second with Om…They reached the address and got down from the car.
Shivaay- is this the place?
Om- Yeah..that’s what was written in her file and documents. This must be the place unless she is cheating on us again…
Rudra- She is not your girlfriend to cheat on you..
Om- Oh duffer?..i meant that unless she is lying to me again..
Rudra- Why does that even matter? ?
Om- doesn’t. Actually she doesn’t…And I don’t realise what am I doing in front of her house on the pleasant Sunday-morning…To see her face? ( Oh god!!!he was tired of lying to himself now..the truth was that he was GLAD that he was able to meet her today)
Prinku- offo..bhaiya.. stop it now. If we keep talking like this, I am never gonna make it to the competetion.

Anika rang the door-bell. They all were expecting Ishana, but they were a little surprised to see some other girl opening the door ( it was Ishana’s sister Mona)

Mona looked out, and she saw six strangers standing out of the house. Actually, not all of them were strangers. She knew the Oberoi-brothers, as her sister had tried to con them before?. But it was quite shocking to see them at their house early morning. Mona was confused what to do? But she was ISHANA’s SISTER after all. Drama-queen and bold, fearless just like her…She decided to act as if she has no idea who they were.

Mona- may I help you?

Om- Umm…we are here to meet Ishana. can you call her please..

Mona- sorry, but di is not at home. What work do you have..and may I know who you are…

Anika- We are…we are from work..and actually we needed her help. It’s quite urgent..can we know where she is..

Mona- yeah..sure. But why didn’t you try her number, if the work was this urgent…

Om – actually, we thought that it would be nice talking to her directly..can we now know..where she is..PLEASE…

Mona- what’s the hurry…and how can I tell any stranger about my sister..who knows if you are a theif..or a robber
( everybody laughs hearing that Mona called Om as a robber….Om was a little annoyed and shocked too..)

Om- Sorry…what did you say?…Do I look Like a robber to you?

Rudra- Om…because of the long hair…you MIGHT appear as a pirate..don’t blame us now.

Om( again gives a deadly glare to Rudra)- I am not talking to you Rudra…shut up…( looking at Mona, and in the calmest tone possible) And Miss..Robbers or thieves generally don’t knock on the doors

Anika- (trying hard to control laughter)- It’s nothing like that sweetie…we are really good people and mean no harm to anyone….And now plz..can we know where Ishana is…

( Mona in her mind- “looks like they really have some work for di,I should not mess upp with them any further..or Di will get angry on me… I will give them the address”)

Mona- actually, it’s Sunday, so di is at the Dance-Acadamy..taking extra-classes. I will give you that address or you can leave her a message.
Om-’s fine. Give us the address, we will go there.
Mona- ( gives them the address)- okay, have a nice day, Mr. Oberoi…( shuts the door right on the face)..

Oberoi youngsters were shocked at this gesture…and the sudden exit way they were shown.

Rudra- So for all this time, She knew we were THE OBEROIS..
Anika- still she investigated us..
Soumya- she wanted to make sure what were we doing..
Prinku- So…she enquired in total sherlock-holmes style..
Shivaay- Smart girl..
Rudra- Yeah..looks like Smartness runs in their family. I mean Ishana is also so intelligent..and her sister too. Wow..all are just beauty with brains..
Om( a little irritated)- FINE…All you people and Rudra..if you are done praising random girls..can we just do what we are here to do?
Rudra- hey…am I not included in people???
Om- are a stupid creature with literally no brains…
Rudra- Ok..don’t get hyper now..And why do u get angry or rather say jealous when anyone praises Ishana..
Om- for the last time, Rudra…Stop your comments..otherwise..
Rudra- Otherwise..what Om?
Om- otherwise, I will ban your protein shake from the house and make you sleep alone in your room inthe DARK…
..( everybody laughs hard and hard and rudra shuts his mouth making a puppy-face)

everybody reaches the dace acadamy where Ishana works…and they agin face a shock, as the academy is not any simple..but a really well known, famous and advanced one. It was a not a very big place..but a really cute and adorable one..with all the decorations..of dance and dancers on the walls…simply beautiful and impressive…

Precap- A repeat telecast of cham-cham..??..Ishkara cute fight.?….Omkara keeps a nickname for ishana…Ishana’s dhamakedaar entry in Oberoi Mansion??

How is it people?????? Tell me fast….Waiting for ur response….☺☺

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