Ishkara… the pair of truth and lie ( Episode Nineteen)

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Episode Nineteen-
So, everyone was outside the dance Academy. They were surprised to see the beautiful view there. It had glass-interior. They entered in and found various types of workshops going on different-rooms with glass doors. Beautiful and attractive posters of dances and dancers were stuck everywhere. The academy was decorated ina very special manner giving a feel and inspiration to Dance with all the heart out.
Rudra- Wow!!!!What a place!!!really splendid. Ishana works HERE too?
Om- Yeah…I had no idea that she is SOOO passionate about dance. ( everyone looks at him surprised)
Shivaay (teasing)- And then SOMEONE was saying that he doesn’t care about Ishana at all.
Rudra- Yeah…and that SOMEONE also said that Ishana is nothing but a mean-selfish girl, and now he is praising her.
Om- stop it you two…And I am not praising her.
Shivaay- Did we say that you are? We were talking about SOMEONE.
Om- enough of the drama. You two do more drama than all these girls do combine.
Shivaay- Ok…but if we are dramebaaz, then you are too, because you are our brother after all.
Rudra- Wow…bhaiya..Finally you became smart like me and Anika bhabhi ( and does the logic step)
Anika- okay…enough of the O-bro talks…where are we supposed to find Ishana?
Rudra- how will I know? Ask Om.

Om- WHAT????Why will I know about that. I don’t comehere everyday .
Shivaay- ohhhhh!!!!we thought that you must be visiting here today as ISHANA works here.
Om(irritated)- Ishana doesn’t work here Shivaay. She works in the Art-company of ours. So obviously, she doesn’t come here every day.
Rudra- yeah…24-7 she is with you only. You never leave her, do you?
Om- I just meant that, she doesn’t come here every day.
Rudra- Wow!!!looks like you have got all her day-schedule the.
Om- Shut up Rudra. I am not like you. And now, everyone stop this ISHANA topic.
Anika- But How can we stop Ishana topic, that’s the reason we are here. To find Ishana.
(Everybody laughs seeing Om in a fix…what to say on this…)
Om- enough…enough. I mean that we should focus on finding her rather than talking about her chemistry with me…. (Hearing, this everybody’s mouths left open wide)
Rudra- What did you just say? YOUR CHEMISTRY WITH ISHANA????????
Soumya- Yeah…we never said that you have a chemistry with her.
Shivaay- But Om, just now you did…does that mean…..
Om- no…there is nothing between us. Get that straight in your head…And let’s find her at once..
Rudra- But…

Om- Rudra..I said let’s just find her. I have to finish this matter as soon as possible.
Rudra- listen to me first..
Om- Nope…Nothing else…just find her okay??? Agent Rudy…this is Mission Finding Ishana’s sequel…Happy now?
Rudra- No…I meant that…
Om- come on Rudra…there is nothing between me and her. No let’s talk about finding her.
Rudra- Shivaay bhaiya…now tell this long-haires creature to listen to me fully first.
Shivaay- Yeah..Om, let him talk.
Rudra- At first…I was gonna talk about ways to find her only..not your so-called-chemistry with her. And secondly, What happened to you are not my Om..
Om( feels a-little embarrassed)- Sorry..I thought…
Prink- Bhaiya…we don’t have time for this now…I have a competition..Remember??
Anika- but there are like more than 20-30 different dance-areas. We have no idea where she is…
(Everyone begins to think where to find Ishana. Just then, Om hers a very familiar music-track playing in background…he feels his heart beating with it…a special connection with it) he starts heading towards it…)
Rudra- where are you going Om?
Om- To Ishana..
Rudra (confused)- but just now u said that u don’t know where she is.
Om- Yeah…but I can feel it now.

Rudra-(in Shivaay’s ear)- Do you think same like me??? Our brother is gone mad…
Shivaay- maybe he really can. (Everybody looks at him surprised) yeah…I mean sometimes it just happens…You just know where a person is. (Looks at Anika)
Prinku- ok, let’s just go where Om bhaiya is going…
They all go along with Om. They reach that place. It was a really cute dancing-area with beautiful curtains hung behind. There, they saw Ishana practicing along with some of her girl-students. She looked ravishing with the beautiful lavender-coloured princessy long skirt paired with a simple pista-coloured top and hair opened, waving around her pretty face. Ishana was totally engrossed in her dance, so she noticed none of them And they were staring at her from outside the glass.
Ishana started with her dance, on ‘cham-cham’..and all were left just awestruck by her dance. Especially Om…it was his fourth time now watching her dance. And he just couldn’t help but admire her even more seeing it. She was dancing really gracefully. Even Om couldn’t deny the fact that she looked beauty at its best at that time. With her every move, each step, the passionate gaze and cute expressions on her face following it…anyone could’ve fallen for her at that very moment. And Omkara was just so lost in her. The dance was finished and everybody else were now praising Ishana’s talent.
Rudra- see, I told u bhabhi she is a wonderful dancer.
Anika- Yeah…she is just wow!!!What a performance.
Prinku- It will be really great learning dance from her.
Shivaay- so coming all the way here for her, was not waste of time. Right, Om? ( Om gave no response)
Now everybody’s attention moved to Om. And they all were shocked seeing him still staring at Ishana. Rudra moved his hand infront of Om’s eyes…still no response…So finally he shook him.
Rudra- Come on..Om come out of your daydream.
Om- I was not day-dreaming.
Shivaay- Yeah…why will Om day-drem…his dream is infront of him( signaling to Ishana)
ShivRu hi-fi. And Om gives them an impossible vala look by folding his hands across the chest.
Soumya- okay…now let’s do what we all come here for.
Rudra- What?

Soumya- Dumbo…I am talking about convincing Ishana di to help Prinku with dance-event.
Rudra- Ok…I think Om should talk to her.
Om- What???Why me?
Rudra- common sense Om…You are the one who knows her from beginning. You had more meets with her than we all combined have. And u two have a great tuning…she works in your gallery.
Om- first of all, Rudra it doesn’t feel right hearing word ‘common sense’ from you. Second, don’t talk about the meets, u know nothing about them. And who told you that we have a great tuning?
Rudra- So…you don’ have any kind of bonding with her? Come on, yaar you work with her every day in the gallery. That’s like at least for six-hours you two are together.
Om- Rudra…we two are together but at work…not out on a date.
Shivaay- Om, what we mean is how you can not have any kind of bond with HER. She mixes up with people very well. And you are saying that you two don’t talk…
Om- what do you mean Shivaay? I am rude to her?
Rudra- yeah..kind of too much.
Om- shut up you two. Anika bhabhi, I think both of my brothers have gone mad.
Anika- No Om, I think they are right this time. How can you not talk to her even when she is there with you for whole day. Now are you getting into Sadu Singh Oberoi form?
Om- What? Me and rude? Have you all lost it? The only reason I don’t talk to her much is the past incident. You all know about it. And what do you expect me to do? Make friends with her? After all that she did?
Shivaay- come on Om, it’s not like she tried to murder you. It was just a attempt to con.
Rudra- And it’s funny that you fell for it..kya yaar Oberois ki izzat ka kachara kar diya..
Om (angry)- Stop it you all. Maybe this is a small thing, funny story for u but not for me. That incident, where she broke my trust seriously affected me. Now, before helping any other person, I will think ten times. I will see an Ishana in every person telling me his/her grief. ( everybody stays silent, thinking that Om is very much hurt cause of them)
Rudra (making a puppy face?)- But you already see Ishana everywhere…you are just lost in her now-a-days.
Om- shut up…duffer.
Shivaay- Ok, OmRu, we will continue this ‘shut up’ game later. So if not Om, then who is gonna talk to her??
Rudra- Come on I will. After all, Rudra Singh Oberoi is the lady-charmer…I will convince Ishana.
Om- No need of that Rudra. I will go and talk to her.?
Rudra- When you wanted to go , why did you say no at the first place…Are you alright Om??
Om- why is everybody asking me this from morning?
Everybody- Because you are not normal..
Om- Yes, I am..

Rudra- Then, what’s the problem?Are you? scared of Ishana?
Om- Are you mad Rudra? Why will I be scared of her?
Rudra- Then why are you still standing here…Just go..go..go…Ask her for help.
Om- Okay…everyone I am going but there is a major possibility that she will say no, so don’t keep your hopes too hight…
Everybody- Nope..she won’t.
Om- But why?How can you all be so sure that she will say yes..
Shivaay-The most primal reason is that she is your employee, she obviously won’t say no to her boss. plus that’s why you are going in. Not to ask her, to take her with us.
Anika- Oh god…shivaay, don’t stat the tadibaazi here. Are you planning to make Om a khadoos boss like you..And Om, don’t worry I don’t think that she will say no. Ishana is a really-good-hearted girl. She won’t say no if you ask her for help.
Prinku- Yes, bhaiya please please please make her agree.
Rudra- BY hook or crook..bring her along
Om- Okay…my dear advisers..I will keep all of this in mind
Om moved inside, thinking that even one of them knew the real Ishana, which he met everyday, the talkative, mischievous, determined yet clumsy, kind of cute lady, they won’t ever dare to advise him this way. But even Om was not sure what ISHANA actually was like…And he felt surprised at that. Even the depth of his intense eyes could not imagine the unique specialties of her personality. She was so everything. Her expressions, innocence childish but still the beautiful doe-shaped eyes held a mature and pain-holding look. Her talks, things indicating that she cares about nothing but herself still her every action showing concern and care for others. Her past telling him that she is nothing but a great liar still his heart assuring him that her soul and she herself was truthful and pure like a melody. Om never knew why his thoughts about Ishana used to be just so irrelevant of the reality. She was seriously a mystery to him. ‘ leave all that now focus…you have to ask her to help Prinku’, Om said to himself in a determined voice and opened the glass door . He guessed that the class was over now, as he could see the students leaving, crossing him. He quickly flew his gaze all over the beautifully-arranged dancing area only to search for her. And ther he saw..her. In a corner, packing the stuff. Ishana was just so in her thoughts that she didn’t even notice after everyone left, someone had entered the room and was continuously staring at her from back. She bent down to take off her anklets and Omkara finally decided to communicate. But he was actually confused where to start it. So, he didn’t really make an effort and let out a small ‘ahem’ types cough clearly to grab her attention?. And expected her to turn around and notice him, but Ishana didn’t even bother to look behind, totally engrossed in her work.
“what the hell is this…das minute se piche khada hu, ek second ke liye bhi turn back nahi kar sakti.Itna attitude..She is now a akdu-drama-queen. I can feel her presence from three halls apart and she doesn’t notice me even when I am in the same room?.”, Om murmured under his breath.
But he decided to wait. She was gonna turn back at some point…and she did..but the timing was really not good for Om. She turned , and Om who was standing near the door thought that now she will easily see him and talk to him…Ishana turned and her lips curved into a beautiful smile.
Ishana- tum!!!!
Om felt a jolt of happiness and glad feeling running through his veins thinking that his presence made her smile.But just in a second..he realised that HE was not the reason Ishana smiled, she was looking at someone else. And he turned back and was shocked to see almost 15-20 little kids coming there running with same dance costume and one carrying a big-trophy in his hand. The kids came is and started shouting Ishana’s name and wandering around her jumping and laughing with happiness overflowing on their little faces.They were totally in a mood to celebrate and Ishana too was after their entry…

‘we won the competition Di’ the kids shouted….And Ishana’s smile grew wider. She lifted one of them in her arms and sid ‘of course my rockstars…I already knew it’, seeing their faces, Om understood that Ishana’s words were even more important than that prize. Om now simply adored her for that sweet and cute gesture. She looked sooo adorable with all those kids with her…the same innocence, same cuteness, the continuous laughter and naughty expressions. They looked all set for a celebration of their little-success party. ” come on di, let’s dance na…”, the kids requested with pleading.. “sorry kiddos…but i just packed everything and aee removed yhe anklets too”,Ishana replied… the kids frowned…. And Om’s surprise someone played cham-cham in the background. “ Oh…you all really know, how to manipulate me…”, Ishana said with a cute pout to her little students and soon the room was filled with the dancing beats and full of joy, when Ishu danced with them, with all of the kids companying her. To Om, that was the most beautiful sight he had seen since a long time. At that moment,He saw a Ishana who perfectly fitted in his image of a dream girl. Beautiful, kind, helpful, sweet, loving…?? just everything. Om stood there clueless, having no idea what to do. Obviously he didn’t wish to interrupt the lovely-beautiful scene going on, in front of his sight. But he didn’t have to….someone called Ishana out, so she had to leave. She bided bye to the kids, and walked out in a hurry (still not noticing Om)

And Om was again left shocked. How can this girl never ever notice me? Om thought this and then realised that now, maybe Ishana was not there in the room…but now there were 20 pairs of eyes staring at him curiously and mischievously at the same time…?
“who are u”, one of them asked with narrowing his eyes…and everybody else too started observing Om keenly..
Om- i’m Omkara…( he was not understanding what to talk with so many kids…he was not sure why they were questioning him like this…but soon he was surprised to hear that they knew him..)

“You are Ishu di’s boss right???”, the girl with two piggy tales asked..

Om (surprised)- yeah…but how do you know??☺

“ come on…u are THE ZULFI SINGH OBEROI”…one of them replied and Om was shocked to hear it….

“i am….what????”, he again asked not understanding what just happened…

But the reply was ready… ” you are Zulfi Singh Oberoi….the one with long hairs and intense eyes…Ishu di often talks about you”….??
“ Anyway…we are going now..we have to party… but give these ankles to Ishu di…she forgot them here and she loves them…bye…nice meeting you Mr. ZSO…”,all the kids ran outside and Omakra was again standing having no idea what to do…

Precap-Ishu with ShivRuPri -ishkara moment-Ishana’s new nickname….

Again sorry and a pleading pleading Request for your comments… Waiting forur response readers let me know whether u like dit or not…and should i continue or not…☺☺

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    Wow….kavya loved it…..missed ur ff’s previous episodes……so i go through all of them just now only……And dear…..all were too good……And this part is also gud…..loved the convo between rudy and omkara….which was so nice 2 read,…..And loved the way shivaay tried 2 convince om about ishana……actually from ib… missing bromance and especially shivaay-omkara convo’s also……where idealism vs practical thinking……which justified both their characters in quite different way……and today in ur ff….am regained that feel again…..thanks a lot…yaar…. Gud work…..keep it up…. Actually from the spin off show dbo……we have almost lost our omkara…..
    The only convo i liked among gaurikara was that train scene only…where she says 2 him…”bina pyar ke jeena mushkil nahi, jitna mushki se nafrat ke saath jeena”….actually i started liking them from that moment only….but yesterday’s filmy track style episode….didn’t offered any thing except some sort of stupidity only…..But am glad that still in tu we are getting many authors ff on ishkara for reading which always values the pair…..seriously ishkara is unique…..
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