Ishkara… the pair of truth and lie ( Episode 9 & 10)


Hi guys this is kavya again, back with my ff. So, this is two episodes combined article ( and quite big, I think) I reached the TENTH episode and I am very happy. Thank you so much you all for your immense support. You guys all always kept motivating me. So this article, dedicated to all of my beautiful and lovely friends on TU …I love you guys and I am so glad that I got in contact with you all. Enough of my talks now, let’s go to the episode-

Episode Nine and Ten
Later, Shivaay came late at night…O-bros had their usual pool-side chitchats and convo…Suddenly Shivaay remembered him hiring Ishana..
Shivaay- hey Om…good news for you I hired the girl to manage the Buisness-art relation..The employee you were asking for..
Om- Wow..that’s great Shivaay…I knew that the great SSO will do it
Rudra- Om are you happy because Shivaay bhaiya hired the employee or cause he hired “ A GIRL” as the employee
Om- Shut up Rudra…Sab na tere jaise nahi hote..( not everyone is like you)
Shivaay- Actually Om, I want to talk to you about this matter…
Om- Yeah say it…
Shivaay- Vo actually, You know, it was very difficult to find the right person…And the only person who fits in your demands is none other than Ish……

But their convo was interrupted by Janavi and Dadi calling Om simultaneously…
Rudra- vaa Om aaj to ghar me bas aapka hi naam pukara jaa raha hai…Koi Shararat kar kea aye ho?
Om- Shut up Rudra……I’ll talk to you later shivaay ( he gets up to leave)
Shivaay- But om…sun to…(Om didn’t hear him and left from there)
Rudra- aisi kya impotant baat hai bhaiya?
Shivaay- Kuch nahi…chal mai sone jata hu…Om se kal baat kar lunga
Rudra( makinga crybaby face) – Hann ab to aap paraya dhan ho..ANika bhabhi ke saath rahoge…
Shivaay- Tu na sach me ek no. ka dramebaaz hai ( pats rudra on cheek) Good Night
Shivaay leaves while Rudra starts thinking, About What was Om talkingt at the time of Lunch, and why did he skip it. “ Om is not that stupid to leave his meals for some stupid-office-work, And he was saying about hurting someone by words. ‘She’ means it was a girl…OMG is he thinking about ISHANA again?”
Dadi( comes from behind)- Ab kya kar diya Ishana ne?
Rudra- Are kuch nahi Dadi, Vo bechari to inhe milna bhi nahi chahti, Hamara lambe balonwala Prani kaha sunega…Jab dekho tab yehi kehte rah te hai ki vo jhut bol chuki hai, Zjut bolnewale logon pe vishvaas nahi kiya jata…and bla bla bla. Agar inhe itna hi problem hai, to ye sochte kyu hai uske bare me?
Dadi- Hmm…Lagta hai Om aur Ishana ke bich jo kuch bi hai, takkar ka hai. Varna Jis Om ko hum janate hai vo to bas sach mein vishvas rakhta hai. Par pehli baar, Omkara iss ladki ke jhut bolne ke baavjud uske bare me itna soch raha hai….Ishana vo pehli insaan hai jo Om ko doosre najriye se sochne pe majboor kar rahi hai..Kuch to baat hogi ladki mein..

Rudra- Are takkare nahi Dadi…Om jab se uss se takraye hai, Unki life to jaise Earthquake aaya land ho gayi hai.Har din hil jaate hai. Kabhi kehte hai ki Ishana se mujhe farak nahi padta..Aur kabhi uske liye apna Lunch chod dete hai..
Dadi- Agar Rab chahe na, to kisi ko bhi kabhi bhi mila deta hai puttar. Dekhna, mera dil kehta hai ki Ye Ishana jo koi bhi hai na, Om ki Zindagi mein dobara jarur aayegi.
Rudra- Dobara kya Dadi, ab tak to char baar aa chuki hai, par O hamesha uss bechari ko bhaga dete hai, par dekha, uski care bhi karte hai
Dadi-Ye toh Ab Om se hi puchana padega…hum se bhale hi bhaag le.. Par apani Kismat se to nahi bhag paayega na…
( later everyone in the Oberoi-Mansion went to sleep)
Morning at the breakfast table-
Om, Rudra, Prinku, Dadi, Anika were having breakfast with janavi and pinky. Shivaay was not present there. It was actually shocking because Shivaay Singh Oberoi never used to be late. Everyone was waiting for him. But to their surprise, he didn’t arrive at the table.
Om- Kamaal hai, aaj humara breakfast ho bhi gaya aur Shivaay abhi tak nahi aaya.
( hearing this, Anika looked at Prinku and signed her by eyes to tell)
Prinku- Vo..Shivaay bhaiya so rahe hai.
Dadi- Abhi tak..
Rudra- Haan dadi kal raat late night-work shuru tha shayad.
Anika- maine kaha tha billugi se par, shri shri bagadbillesingh Oberoi sunege to na…
Everyone smiled seeing Anika’s care for Shivaay. The whole Oberoi family was happy seeing them together like this, especially Om. Om always wanted the two of them to be together. He always used to think that they are soulmates.
Dadi was now, thinking of Om instead of Shivika. She wanted to know, what’s going on with him.
Dadi- Om, Rudra keh raha tha ki kal tu lunch bich me chod diya tha? Ab tub hi Shivaay ki tarah kam-kam kar raha hai kya?
Om( giving a deadly glare to Rudra)- Nahi dadi…vo to main..
Rudra- Ishana se milne gaya tha….
Om( shocked)- What…tujhe kaise pata?????
Rudra( double shocked)- Matlab aap sach mein usi se milne gaye the…
Dadi- Ye kya hai Om? Tu sidhe sidhe batata kyu nahi baat hai kya?
Om- dadi baat kuch bhi nahi hai…
Rudra- To aap lunch chod ke bas aise hi gaye the?
Om- haan..matlab main..
Dadi- tu vo chod…Pehle bata lshana hai kaisi? Aur tujhe us se pyaar hua kaise?
Om- Dadi…..Pyaar…aap ye ( but everyone on the table got so excited hearing this, that they didn’t let him finish)
Prinku- Om bhaiya…aapne bataya bhi nahi…Ishana.. ye toh vahi schoolvali ladki hai…lucky girl haan?
Soumya- Ye kya bade baalonvale bhaiya, aapki nayi girlfriend aue kisi ko nahi pata? You know, according to survey of alfedia University, 92% ladke gharvalon ko girlfriends ke bare me nahi batate..
Rudra- Kuch bhi Sumo, meri girlfriends ke bare me to saari duniya janati hai..Aur haan Om aur Ishana ke bare me bhi Detectative Rudra Singh Oberoi ko pehle se pata tha…
Anika- vaa Om tum to chupe rustom nikle yaar…Aur ISHANA ye to vahi ladki hai na jis ke bare mein tum humesha bolte rehte the…
Janavi- Om…Kaun hai ye ladki. Sab ko pata hai par tumhari maa ko nahi? Aur kab milvaoge us se?
Pinki- Oh my mata Omkara…Who is this news girls haan? Is she beautiful?
Om- (didn’t knew what to do) Okay everyone…listen…( but no one was hearing him). STATUE….( he shouted)
Now, on the table, there was pindrop silence. Everyone was in the statue position with Om glaring their faces with a “ you all are unbelievable” look.
Om- Ok…Over ( everyone came to the normal positions)
Rudra- Om vo ….aahhh( Om was pulling his ear)
Om- tera hi idea hoga na ye sab… tune hi kaha hoga ye jhut. Kya tha ye? Koi aur Prank?Aur aap sab iss duffer ki baton me aagaye?

Janavi- Om…Iska matlab tumhe pyaar..
Om- Nahi hua hai Mom…Ye sab iss Rudra ka stupid prank tha…
Rudra- Achaa..Ye mera prank tha? To aap ye batao ki aap kal Lunch chod ke Ishana se milne kyon gaye/ Aur kyu pichale hafte se bas Ishana Ishana kar rahe ho aap? Maine kabhi nahi socha tha ki Om bhi kisi ladki ke piche pagal ho sakte hai…
Om- Oh God…Rudra..For god’s sake shut up. Aur aap sab ko bhi meri love-life ke bare me gossiping karne ko kisne kaha tha…Vo bhi uss ladki ke bare mein? Aap janate bhi hai Ishana hai kon?
Dadi- vahi to hum janna chahte hai Om, Ye Ishana hai kya?
Om- Dadi…Ishana ek aisi ladki hai jisse mai milna nahi chahta hu..All right? VO MERI GIRLFRIEND NAHI HAI…
Soumya- Ohh. To aap ab tak sirf FRIENDS ho…Koi baat nahi bade baalonvale bhaiya, “FRIEND-ZONE” se bahar aane me vakt lagta hai..
Om- Nahi soumya….Sab ek bat sun ligiye..plz… IShana se mera koi vasata nahi…Vo ladki meri zindagi mein kya, mujhe to mere khayalon me bhi aaspas nazar nahi aati…Aur aap sab chale hai use meri girlfriend banana…( he was completing his talk..but his phone rang…
Convo on the phone- Receptionist- Hello. Omkara sir… today you will have to attend a meeting with the investers of the Exibition…When can we set the appointment? And the new employee…she has arrived. Shivaay sir hired her yesterday; he said that she will be working under you…
Om- Ohh yaa. Thanks. I’ll be there as fast as I can)
Om ( to the family members)- Mom..I will have to go…I have to start the work today…And Rudra…Raita tune phailaya hai to saaf bhi tu karega…Jab tak mai vaapas aau, Ghar pe sab ke dimaag mein ye jo misunderstanding hai na, vo clear ho jani chahiye…Ishana ke bare mein
All the family was shcked seeing Om, Then everyone glared at Rudra asking “ What was this”

In the car- Om was driving and his concentration was still on Ishana. A smile crept on his face, thinking about her and how the family thought that she is his girlfriend. Ishana’s memories were just flashing in his mind…But he suddenly came out of all that and was angry on himself. “How can u think about her SO MUCH?”, he asked himself. Generally, Omkara used to be the one always so composed, calm but whenever something about ISHANA used to pop out, that calm Om used to be replaced by a dreamy, stupid Om whose topic of interest was nothing other than Ishana. ‘You have gone mad or something’, he said to himself. And in the remaining way, he started reminding himself, how ishana once tried to use him, and she is nothing but a mean, liar girl. “ she is not going to come in your life again and that’s for the best”, he settled on this thought and parked the car near the gallery, Having no idea what’s coming next…..
Om entered the gallery and saw everyone waiting for him. He greeted them all and discussed tody’s work with them. He instructed everyone and they left to complete their tasks.
In the mansion-
Rudra told everyone that Ishana is someone whom om hates because of lies.( he didn’t tell Janavi and pinky that ishu was a con-girl) Shivaay came down, and he found everyone staring at Rudra unbelievably…
Rudra- Mujhe hi samajh jana chahiye tha, Itni khoobsurat ladki Kaise Om se pat sakti hai….( everyone laughed aloud)
Shivaay- Kaun si ladki?
Rudra- Are vahi Ishana…
Shivaay- What…Oh god..Mai kaise bhul sakta hu..Rudra Om kaha hai?
Rudra- Vo Gallery gaye hai, kisi naye employee se milne…
Shivaay- WHAT ? no…he cannot meet her now..
Rudra- Par kyu?
Shivaay- Kyu ki vo aur koi nahi Ishana hai…Oh god…Mujhe issi liye uss se baat karni thi. Ab vo gallery pohchega aur vaha uss pe gussa ho jayega. PANIKA, tum mujhe utha nahi sakti thi…Stupid ladki.. ( because it is none other than Ishana..That’s why I wanted to talk to him…Now he will again get angry on ishana…Panika, why didn’t u wake me up? Stupid gir…)

Anika- Kya? Iss me bhi meri galati hai? Pehle to aapne uss ladki ko bina Om se puche kaam de diya, kal use bataya nahi aur mujh pe chidh rahe hai…Galati aap ki hai
Shivaay- Shut up…pehle Om ko phone karo..Varna vaha pe hungama khada kar dega…
Rudra- Voo Om apana phone ghar pe bhul gaye hai..Lagta hai, hume hi gallery jana hoga..(n om left his phone here, now we’ll have to go there)
Shivaay-shit…. Okay, jaldi chal Rudra..
AniSoumPri- ek min…hum bhi aate hai..
Shivaay- What? Hum koi picnic pe nahi jaa rahe hai…( we are not going on a picnic)
Anika- Pata hai, hume bhi Ishana se milna hai..( we know, we want to meet ishana)
Soumya- Haan, aur bade baalonvale bhaiya jyaada gussa ho gaye, to kuch backup bhi chahiye na… ( if his mood gets worse, u should have a backup)
Prinku- Haan Bhaiya, plz plz plz….
Shivaay- Oh god..u girls..Come on hurry up now….I won’t leave you all if something happens there…
So, the whole gang rushed to the gallery in car, hoping that Om hasn’t met Ishana till now.
Here, Om found out that he is going to have a meeting with the investers, so he started preparing for that…Just then he remembered something. Om called the receptionist from his cabin…
Om- The new employee who was gonna work under me…Where is she?
Receptionist- Oh..Sorry sir. Actually she is in the painting-section. She is handling the interior designing there..I’ll send her to you.
Om- It’s all right. I’ll go there and meet her by myself.
Om headed to the painting section. He was excited to see who Shivaay’s choice is. Obviously she was going to be the best, Because he knew that his brother won’t hire and especially praise any common person. He reached there, and saw a girl standing facing her back.Her dark brown- chocolaty- a little curly hair rolling on her simple- lemon yellow coloured anarkali suit. Om didn’t realize why he felt that he knew her already…. Even in couple of seconds, our artist noticed how beautifully she decorated the room. Last time, he saw it the room was like just a store of his paintings. But now, it was changed into a beautiful, living collection of his passion. The lighting, the design, the setting order everything was just perfect, just like he wanted. He was a little amused on how someone can do it so perfectly, just the way he wanted even without telling. He thought of appreciating the girl for her efforts.( he doesn’t know that it is the same girl whom he wants to get rid of) He moved toward her, while she was totally unaware of his presence.( And it is ishana obviously)

Ishana was trying to put on a painting on the wall. She was standing on a stool. She managed to put it correctly, but just a second later, she slipped from the stool and closed her eyes in fear of falling down. But off course it was impossible, after all the handsome hunk was there to protect her. He rushed in front, and holded her. His hands on her waist, and her hands wrapped around his neck. Her curly brown hair gently caressing his face.It was looking like a hero lifting his heroine in the air, like a fairy-tale, a romantic story….Though it was looking like it, it was a thing exactly opposite it.. Om was left dumbstruck…he was not at all understanding how that girl can be ISHANA….and why the hell was he holding her in his arms( but the funny thing was that he didn’t leave her even after this thought) Ishana opened her eyes, realizing that someone saved her. But as soon as she did it, she just couldn’t blink…And Om…he was now beyond the level of surprise…..Both were lost in their own thoughts thinking, why on the earth, only WE TWO BUMP INTO EACH OTHER…

Precap- Fun in the car-Om-Ishu CLASH- the gang watches it- Shivaay explains-Om gives a task( kind of a challenge) to Ishana

So sorry guys I couldn’t post yesterday. I hope that you all were waiting for this and liked the episode. Please tell me if you enjoyed it or not. I am eagerly waiting for response from all of you

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