Ishkara… the pair of truth and lie ( Episode 8)

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Episode Eight-
Shivaay in the art company, gallery specifically, – He asked his assistant to list the top applicants and call them for interview,�.On that day, Shivaay met those people who were interested in the job, but according to him, no one of them was fit�.Now, only one candidate was remained�. But that one didn�t show up. �whoever that is, should be elegant, I don�t know what will I say to Om if I can�t find the right person�.�
Just then�.Scene outside the art-gallery- Ishana comes there with all the files in her hand�.She reads the name�� BLOSSOM� � Wow, that�s clearly a very beautiful name Looks like owner of this company has really got some guts�I will have to try my best to get this job�I really need it..� Ishana gave a break to her thoughts and entered in�
Ishana checked at the reception, receptionist told her that the receptionist told her that, � sir is waiting for you, you in the cabin� Ishana rushed to that cabin�
Ishana- I am so sorry�.( again�she is shocked to see Shivaay) Mr. Shivaay???
Shivaay- Ishana�What brings you here?
Ishana- Actually I am here for the job-interview�.But you in here?
Shivaay- Oh..i see�so, Miss Ishana, since you are here for the job in this company, you should know that it belongs to me�.
Ishana- What?? I am sorry�I didn�t know�..
Shivaay- It�s okay�

Ishana was confused now, Whether to stay or not, that was the question for her. Shivaay behaved normal, like any other Interviewer would have�.But how was she gonna join the job,� few months back, you tried to con his brother..then fought with those three brothers in the art-hub�Again met his brother after a three month gap�Then helped Shivaay find his wife�Well that is a good point�But just before 20-30 minutes, you fought with his brother again�. There is no possible way, he is gonna hire you�, she said to herself.She waited for his response, but Shivaay didn�t ask her to get lost or something, instead, he asked her to sit, pointing towards a chair�
Shivaay- Listen Ishana, I don�t like to mix professional and personal life�So, you are here for the job interview, let�s start with that�
Ishana( was reviled now�)
Shivaay started the Interview and Ishana Answered it very nicely. Ishana was brilliant, she answered every question courageously. Shivaay was quite impressed by her talent, her attitude toward the work�She is perfect for the job�Shivaay, thought.( And khadoos bagad billa impressed is a really really big achievement)
Shivaay- Well, I must say that you are quite intelligent and even your qualifications show that�Just one last question�and then you can go.So tell me,Even after being this much educated and all, why were you doing all those cheap things�
Ishana- Well, that�s a little contradictory�Just now you said that you don�t mix professional and personal life�And here you are asking me questions about my past..But still, I want to answer them�Mr. Shivaay, sometimes to save our loved ones, we do things which we regret every single second of our life. We all commit mistakes, we all judge wrong works, but everyone goes nuts when it comes to FAMILY�Same was the thing with me�You want to know why I did that? Well, that was to save my sister�s life�.My dad had borrowed money from some people, and then they wanted it back immediately with the interest..They said that they will kidnap my sister if, I won�t return it�I was helpless�And believe me, this is not some fake-emotional-story to fool you, it is the truth�.( gets emotional)

Shivaay ( feels bad for her, he can easily tell that she was not lying now�Actually he felt a little familiar to her situation�he remembered how he forced Anika to marry him to save his family�s respect)- I am sorry�..
Ishana- No. It�s okay�That is my past And now, I have came far from it. I feel I am too lucky that I got a chance to change�I don�t know�will you believe it or not, but this job means a lot for me. It�s a great chance to show my passion for the art as well as to practically use the knowledge I got from my degrees�So plz�I request you not to judge me by my past, Because this Ishana u are seeing right now�is a different one�If you still want to give me the job, I will be glad..It will be the biggest opportunity for me�.I guess, I will get a call if I am hired�.So, I better go now. ( she woke up from the sit and Turned back)
Shivaay was really impressed by her nature now..she was intelligent, honest, practical and brave too, her words showed her passion towards the work and he was experienced enough to understand that they were not shallow or fake..And most importantly, Ishana was just so the person Om wanted for this job. And Shivaay was not going to compromise with anything in this company; after all it was his brother�s dream.
Shivaay- No need of that..
Ishana ( turned in shock) What..What do u mean?
Shivaay- I mean that no need to give you a call, you are hired for this position right at this second�From now on you are a part this company..
Ishana- Really? Am I?
Shivaay(the most familiar expression to smiling)- yeah I am sure about it�We are glad to that a qualified and well-deserved person like you got the job�Hope that u will help to really make this company � BLOSSOM� as its name�
Ishana ( was overjoyed)- Yeah, yeah I sure will try my best, Thank you so much for this�
Shivaay- Ok, then, here is your letter, you can join in from tomorrow�My secratory will make you understand your work�
Ishana- Ok sir�I will join from tomorrow..I�ll take your leave now�Thanks a lot again�

Ishana left for her home, being grateful to shivaay, thinking that her journey to the new path REALLY GOT A START�.
Here at Oberoi Mansion..It was lunch-time Rudra was waiting for his brothers�He saw Om coming, in thoughts as always�
Rudra- Aa gaye aap Om�Pata hai mai kab se aapka intazaar kar raha tha mujhe bhook lagi hai�
Om- Rudra- Tu mera bhai hai�meri biwi nahi jo mere bina khana nahi kha raha tha and I am sure ki abhi bhi tune do baar pehle hi apna protein-shake pi liya hoga�To ye drama kyon???�
Rudra- Arey..bas aise hi filmy hone ka mood aaya tha..Vaise Shivaay bhaiya nahi aaye�
Om- Nahi..vo actually interviews me busy hai but don�t worry uski � HEALTH CONSIOUSNESS� to hum janate hi hai..phir bhi maine use phone karke yaad se lunch karne ko kaha tha�Come on ab hum lunch kare?
Rudra- Haan haan..chalo chalo�
Both of them reached the dining table and start eating�Just then Sahil comes there.
Sahil- Rudra bhaiya, I am very disappointed with you..
Rudra- Dekha�Shivaay bhaiya ke saath reh rehkar ye bhi angerz ho gaya�Par maine kiya kya Sahil?
Sahil- Kya Kiya??? Aapne Soumu ka dil dukhaya�Pata hai unhe kitna bura laga.. main Vo keh rahi thi ki kal aapne unse bahut rudely baat ki. Abhi bhi vo upset face se college gayi hai
Om- Very bad Rudra�Aisa kyu karta hai tu�Kya kaha meri pyari behen ko?
Rudra- Arey Om, maine to bas uhi kuch bol diya hoga aur aapki pyaari Choti-moti-Sumo behen ne use seriously le liya.Pata nahi in ladkiyon ko choti baton se itna kyu hurt hota hai � Kabhi kabhi Hum gusse me kuch bol dete hai aur saamnewala bura man jata hai�Mai college me jaake hi us se maafi manguga�Happy u two hitlers?
Sahil- good aur unka naam Soumya hai�(He left running from the place, but om didn�t respond as he was in his thoughts)
Om in his minds, Remembers his rude words to Ishana. He regrets that arrogant behavior. He thought that,� Though Ishana has cheated him once, it didn�t give him any right to talk to her like this. Everyone should get a chance to correct the mistake�And after all, he is a Artist, Shouldn�t he belive in all the positivitity and hope? The bright side of people?�

Om-( was talking aloud now)- yeah,Words are the most powerful weapon�. A tongue has no bones but it can break a heart, Right? Oh god�.Maine us se aaj itne gusse se baat ki, vo to shayad mujh se milna bhi nahi chahti thi�Ye kya kar diya maine..Issi liye lafzon ko baya karne se pehle sau baar sochana chahiye�Kyu ki Alfaaz bhale hi muh se niklte ho, par unka matlab samnewala hamesha Dimaag se lagata hai aur uska asar dil pe hota hai�Anjaane me hi sahi par maine shayad aaj uska bahut dil dukhaya hai. Hamesha mai hi kehta hu ki Lafzon se mile ghav zindagi bhar ka dard dete hai..Aue aaj maine�aaj maine shayad vahi dard kisi aur ko tohfe me diya� Pata nahi kyu itna gussa ho gaya mai� ( Oh god�I talked so rudely with her�maybe she really didn�t want to meet me. What have I done? That�s why you should think hundred times before saying something. Though words are left from mouth, the person always make their meaning by mind and it directly affects the heart..Unknowingly, but I hurted her today just too much. I only say that hurts given by words sre lifelong and today I offered the same pain to someone. I don�t know how I got that angry)
Rudra ( was hell confused)- Oh God�Kya bhai diye hai�Ek attitude vali angerzi me baat karta hai aur ek Urdu Shayari ki Kitaab se�.Ab O ki iss speech ka normal translation kaha se lau??Aur ye kaun se �VO� ki baat kar rahe hai�
Rudra said this to grab Om�s attention but Om was still in his thoughts�
Rudra ( shouted)- Ommmmm��
Om ( came back to his senses)- Voo Rudra mujhe jaana hoga�
Rudra- Par aapne to ab tak kuch khaya bhi nahi
Om ( left hurriedly)- Baad mein�.
Guys, Our Omkara is just too good at heart. The thought that his words might have brought pain to Ishana made him go furious� He could not bear that burden of hurting someone. He wanted to apologize for his action. He wanted to tell her that he didn�t do that intentionally. Somewhere inside, he too had agreed the fact that Ishana has changed now�He started his car and went to the place where they met this morning�But saw no one there, then he realised that how foolish it was of him, to search for her like this, she was obviously not gonna stay at the same place�
Even after searching when he didn�t find her..he left for the mansion�In the road, he decided that where ever he�ll see her, he will say sorry for today�s behavior�
Just then� �Wait a minute, When did you forgive her, so that you are thinking about apologizing her? She is a LIER remember?, one of the things u hate the most..Then why so much possessiveness for her?� he asked himself.
But the second thought , � come on Om, don�t let that girl affect you this much�You left your lunch for just saying sorry�

�But those are my principles, I can�t stay without saying sorry to ones I hurt�, he covered up�
�Really? Liers too?…�the question of opposition was ready�
It was like as if a fight between Omkara-A And Omkara-B is going on. For the first time he was confused about making a judgement on a person. Somewhere Om realised that poth of his POVs were stating only one thing�DADI WAS RIGHT, ISHANA IS SPECIAL FOR HIM. SHE DOES AFFECT HIM A LOT�But no�his stubborn principles and values again changed his mind. � She is a lier and that is the only truth�No need to think of her more�, he strictly ordered his heart, but there was no sign of agreement�His heart used to just beat faster whenever thinking of Ishana�And the whole day, Omkara tried to concentrate on work but all that was in vain�Nothing was able to distract him from the thoughts of that beautiful girl�

Precap- Shivaay wants to talk to Omkara but gets interrupted- Om doesn�t know that Ishana is the employee-Shivaay wakes up late- Omkara has already left for the gallery- Ishana has no idea that Omkara is going to handle the company

So guys, how is it? Plz tell me if it is getting boring or stupid… I’ve tried my best, tell me what do you feel. Waiting for your response….

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