Ishkara… the pair of truth and lie ( Episode 7)


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Episode Seven-
Shivaay started to remember…..
A week ago, when Om and Rudra went to tirupati, to receive dadi, the thing he expected the least happened…Daksh Kidnapped Anika. Shivaay tried his best to find Anika…to locate Daksh. But he could not…And there, DAksh was calling him and telling how he was gonna kill her…Shivaay was angry and moreover scared, thinking about Anika’s state. So, he decided to take help. But he was not able to inform police, as it would have created even more problems, questions that “Who is Anika to Shivaay”…..Even his brothers were not there to help him,. The last option, he was left with was personally calling ACP Ranveer Singh Randhava…Shivaay knew that Randhava hated Oberois…this was going to be hell complicated and risky too, but it was his only chance to save Anika..his life’s most precious person Anika…So, without wasting time, Shivaay reached police station…but to his surprise, ACP was not there…Shivaay took his phone number from the constable and called him…..
Shivaay- Hello..I am …
Ranveer- Shivaay Singh Oberoi speaking…I know…Police generally keeps records of the culprits…If u know what I mean Mr. Oberoi….
Shivaay- Listen I didn’t call to play this Police-culprit game…I need your help…I want to trace someone but without letting someone other know….
ACP- What ? The Great and the most rude person SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI needs help that too from me…Isn’t your private detective web enough for this…And just so you know, I work for the government…not for rich arrogant brats like you…
Shivaay- Do you understand? This is about saving someone’s life…That psycho has kidnapped Anika…. my wife…He is going to kill her…Isn’t it your responsibility to help people…
ACP- What the hell are u talking about…Anika…isn’t she the girl who gave that statement to save you…How can she be your wife? And her life is in danger???
Shivaay- plz..don’t waste time. I called u so u that u will help me….
ACP- Alright Mr. Shivaay…It is my responsibility to stop every crime I can….Come to my home…I know a person who can help us…
When Shivaay reached ACp’s home, he was first inquired by Ranveer, Shivaay tried to explain as fast as he could. Realising the seriousness of matter, Ranveer decided to help him and not tell anyone..He told Shivaay that he called someone who can help them and that person will reach here soon. After a minute or two, door-bell rang.. Ranveer opened the door and invited the person in… To shivaay’s shock it was none other than Ishana….. ( in the last epi, remember Ishana received a call? It was none other than Our dashing ACP RANVEER SINGH RANDHAVA)
Ishana- Yes needed my help….What can I do for….( she noticed Shivaay and her words just stuck in her throat) “ Why do I come in contact with these Oberois in anyway” Ishana thought……

Shivaay( in angry tone)- What on earth makes you think that a cheap girl like her can help me…ACP Randhava if u don’t know, She is nothing but a blo*dy Con-girl
Ranveer( hearing Shivaay’s words he was hell angry) – Talk about her with respect Mr. Oberoi…don’t forget that u are the one who needs help here…..And ya, she is a respected and good person with all the values, think about your words before talking…( he moved toward Shivaay angrily, but Ishana holded his hand from behind…)
Ishana- it is alright Ranveer…it’s not his fault…looking at my history, anyone will say so… but Mr. Shivaay, I think that it is about someone’s life. Isn’t it more important to focus on that..I think I can help you plz let me..…plz give me a chance to prove myself…I am really trying to start a new life…Sometimes forgiving people can also cause a massive change..After all, life is all about second chances…..
Ishana’s pleading words deeply affected Shivaay, even though he didn’t want to, He decided to trust her as his heart said so… He remembered Om’s words that “ Whenever you mind will be tired of making hard decisions, listen to your heart”…..
Shivaay agreed and asked Ishana to help him find his wife…
Ishana-( Opened her laptop and connected it to the PC in ranveer’s home) So, first we will have to trace the calls and then find the exact location….
Shivaay ( a little shocked)- You can do this all? Are u professionally trained for computers and hacking?
Ranveer- yes Mr. Oberoi…she is very good at it…actually she is the best I’ve ever seen…..
Ishana- Ranveer…I might have to hack in the call-records of company for this and also your go through the police records to check, if This psycho guy has first done anything like that…I hope u don’t mind………..

Ranveer- do whatever u want to Ishu..just solve this..i don’t want anybody’s life to get at risk….
Ranveer went inside and called his informers to ask about all this..Here in the hall..
Ishana- Come on Speedy…work fast yaar…
Shivaay- Excuse me…My name is Shivaay..not speedy
Ishana- No no..not you…My laptop’s name is Speedy..
Shivaay ( remembered how Anika too names her belongings..he smiled slightly..)
Shivaay- you name your things…
Ishana- Yehh..all of them…it of makes everything interesting…I know that’s weired…Maybe I am the only one doing this..
Shivaay-( still in ANika’s thoughts..) No you are not..even she does it….God…I am missing her everuthing…
Ishana( realized that he is talking about his wife)- Well, then belive me…in just a jiffy she will be around you..After all the great one and only ISHANA is helping…and Ranveer is there too na…
It didn’t take time to make Shivaay realise that Ranveer and Ishana shared some special bond. But instead of asking about that, he chose to remain silent. Shivaay was getting impatient with every second passing, as he thought about Anika,. He was nervously running his fingers on the table…. Ishana noticed it…
Ishana- Don’t worry Mr. Oberoi, we will find her…Your wife will be safe.
Shivaay- I know..nothing can happen to her. It’s just that I feel so guilty, just because of me, Anika is in this condition..You know what, feeling of loosing someone special is just most scary…I don’t know why I said all those stupid things to her..And now, when I know that I love her…I am facing a stage with possibility of someone harming her…
Ishana- I know, Mr. Shivaay………………Ohh, look!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found it!!!!!!! The location is near the Mall which is under construction…Yep….( she shouted) Ranveer, we found it..
Shivaay ( was extremely happy)- Thank you so much…You did a great work….I will always be grateful.( he tool out a check book to give money to Ishana)
Ishana- No Mr.Oberoi..Plz..I can’t take this..Actually I should thank you for trusting me even after all that…And plz do one more thing…Whoever that girl is tell her how much you love her…
Shivaay( looked at her in shock)- u know me from just 20 Minutes and, u know whom I love?
Ishana( smiled a little)- Well, I don’t need to hack to find that out…It is obvious, u care so much about her..And just so you know, From last twenty minutes, u are continuously talking about her and confessed it at least ten times that u love her…..
Shivaay-Ohh did I?…Well..I just…..( he smiles shyly) thank you so much Ishana…and I am sorry for being so rude before….
Ranveer( who just entered)-If your thanks-giving ceremony is over, Mr. Oberoi, Do u want the police to know about this now…or….
Shivaay- No. thanks..I will handle it from now, thank you so much ACP for your help.
Ranveer- well, that’s what Police is for…I think u better hurry now, And ya, I will be following u with the police force, don’t wory, the news won’t come out…..I understand…….
Shivaay- I really appreciate it…
( Shivaay went to that place first and rescued Anika as shown in the serial…then Ranveer arrested Daksh… And Ishana left for her home)
Shivaay came back from the flashback… ”That girl really is good-hearted and loving..actually talented too, Should I tell Om about all this??? I mean, after that help, a person like Om will definitely forgive her….But just now he said that she doesn’t matter to him, and this time it looked like he really meant it…” shivaay decided to keep mum on this matter, later when he went t that new art-gallery, just to check if things were fine in Om’s absence…Also he had to select that employee, who was going to play an important role in this company…..
Here, Ishana is going somewhere in hurry..And again…..She collided with Omkara. Omkara was now really surprised that why she is colliding with HIM always…Both were about to speak something…But the bemausam barsaat started..and because of the heavy rainfall in Mumbai, they decided to search for a shelter..They stood under o shed near-by….
Ishana- Offo…Ye Mumbai ki barish bhi na..Kabhi bhi shuru ho jaati hai…LAgta hai aaj to poora din hi kharab hai…Aur upar se mujhe bhi inse hi takrana tha….
Om- ( sarcastically)-Haan…Lagta hai iss puri Mumbai me sirf hum hi ittfaak se milte hai…( Looks like, in the whole Mumbai, only we too meet by coincidence)
Ishana( understood the meaning, she was now a little angry)- Haan, ajeeb itfaak hai na, jab hum logon se milna chahte hai, tab mulakate ho nahi pati aur jab unki shakal bhi nahi dekhna chahte, tab unhi se jaake takrate hai…..
Om- Anyway…Sach baat batana..kya tum mera pichaa kar rahi thi?
Ishana-( frankly) Oh my god…Kis bhasha me baat karu ab main is Aadimanav se…Are nahi baba…main sach me aapka pichaa nahi kar rahi thi…Sach me aap apane aap ko koi Hrithik Roshan samajhte hai kya?Aur hamesha itne naraj naraj kyu rehte hai aap…
Omkara( a little irritated now)- Well, puchane ki jarurat nahi hoti agar aap pehle vo sab dramebaazi na karti…. Aur haan Naraj nahi nafrat karta hut um se…bahut badi wajah hai mere paas…
Ishana- ( was deeply hurt by his words)- Omkara..shayad aap bhul rahe hai ki, mai abvo sab nahi karati..Aur aap se maafi bhi mang chuki hu…
Omkara- Ohhh…Ek sorry se toota hua Vishvaas phir se nahi aa jayega…
Ishana-Dekhiye aap ko samjhane ka mere paas vakt nahi, aur haan, mere paas bhi aap se naraj hone ki bahut badi wajah hai…Pehle hi aap ki wajah se ek job kho chuki hoon…Ab ek aur nahi khona chahti..So bye…( she left hurriedly…giving him a angry+ cuteness overloaded look)
Omkara- Par vo Baarish…Bheeg jaogi tum..( but Ishana didn’t stop and crossed the road…Omkara was just staring at her from back..After a while…He realized that he is standing in middle of the road, drenching in water…He left to take his car, again wondering that why his attention is stolen by her always……
So, How are Ranveer and Ishana related( nope..not brother-sister), Who is the only candidate fit for the job…When will Omkara realize the reason behind his gloominess when Ishana is around….
Guys…plz share your views and tell me whether you liked it or not…

Precap- Om regerts his words…..thinks of really saying sorry to ishana-but soon he is again angry on her..while Ishana is completely shocked

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