Ishkara… the pair of truth and lie ( Episode 6)


Episode Six-
At the morning- Ishana is getting ready, her phone rings…
Person on the call- Hello..Ishana, Where are you now?
Ishana- At my home …but why?
Person on the call- Actually, I need some help, it is about someone’s life….Can u come to my home plz? Bring your laptop with u…
Ishana- It’s name is speedy…
Person on the call- ya..ya u..crazy girl….ring your speedy along with you…just come asap
Ishana- Don’t worry Mr.Angry Young man… I am on my way

One week leap-Omkara woke up early in the morning and went for morning walk as usual…Whole Oberoi-Mansion was slept…but our Artist was always different from others…He used to love the mornings…The bright sunshine, the cool breezes used to give him a new inspiration, new energy. His beautiful long hair were swaying with the air and a lots of thoughts swaying in his minds The past week was really busy for him, as he worked with Shivaay to start the new company. Omkara always took his work so seriously, it was his passion, his breath. But this new company, he was gonna start was really special and the most important to him. Till now, he was working alone, he created his own identity, he was the self-made Billionaire, a well-known Artist. But now, for the first time, he was gonna relate to the Family-name and business. Though Omkara never really cared about the whole “Oberoi Reputation”, he didn’t want to let his family down, This new project was a great responsibility for him.

Omkara while, walking and lost in his thoughts, didn’t realize where he had come. He looked up, and found out that it was the same place, where he saw Ishana that day, sitting on those stairs. It was the place which witnessed their meeting, their connection to the pain and their desire toward the life. This was the place where he talked to her for the first time….Whenever her thoughts used to knock in his mind, he used to simply try to ignore them, but now after seeing this place…remembering that incident, It was hard not to think about her. “Why am I engaged in her memories, those incidents always…It’s not like that she was best friend of mine..we just met..and…well, she tried to con me”, Omkara thought. “Why do you keep thinking about her? You can forgive anything but lies remember? You didn’t even forgive your father till now, then how can that stranger even stand a chance?” His mind questioned him and his heart just smiled thinking of her again…..
This link of thoughts was disturbed by Shivaay’s call on his phone, he got up from there and went back to Oberoi Mansion
In the Kitchen-
Shivaay was making breakfast and Rudra was talking nonsense as always…Om smiled at them.
Shivaay- Good Morning Om…..
Om- Good Morning…Only u two in the kitchen? Where are Dadi, anika, Prinku and Soumya..
Rudra- Kya Om…Itne dino baad kitchen sirf hamare hawale hai aur aap khush hone ki wajah CID officers ki tarah Savaal pe Savaal kiye jaa rahe ho…VAise pucha hain to bata deta hu, Sumo and Prinku left for some special lecture to attend, Dadi is in her room and Anika Bhabhi….well, ask this to Shivaay Bhaiya, he only knows about her these days…..
Shivaay- Haan…She left for some work….I asked her to have breakfast, but you know how stubborn she is………
Om- Ohhhh…Wa, aaj shivaay ko apani biwi ke alava kuch sujz hi nahi raha….
Rudra – So caring husband…he made breakfast for his wife.
Shivaay- Cut it u two…You always make small things big issues. And speaking of it, You should really know what happened because of you two….especially tum Om…
OmRu- what are u talking about???
Shivaay- do you remember, last week you went to Sahil’s school?
Rudra- yaa, And their Om fought with….you-know-who
Shivaay- Why are you talking about her as if she is Voldemort…You can take her name. Anyway, I think u should know that she lost her job because of you two…….
Rudra-No Bhaiya, Don’t callher voldemort… she is so beautiful….It’s just that OM will eat me, if I take her name again……Wait, What???????????? She lost her job because of US?????????????
Shivaay – Yes, u fought with her there, and the school management fired her. Poor girl…
Rudra – how do you know that bhaiya?
Shivaay- Sahil told me this yesterday.
Omkara- For god’s sake will you stop talking about Ishana….Now-a-days wherever I go, people are talking about her only…
Ishana, Ishana,Ishana…plz stop it yaar. Vo koi filmstar hai kya? ( he managed himself this time and said this calmly)
Rudra- How mean Om…You banned her name for a whole week in this house and now, yourself said it four times in two sentences…..

Shivaay- kya tha vo…… haan… “ Yadon ke khoye khajane dhundta hu mai, Yadon ke khoye kahajane dhoondta hu mai……… tera naam lene ke sau bahane dhundta hu mai”
Omkara- Don’t use my shayaris on me Shivaay, and FYI, I don’t even think about her…Ishana doesn’t matter to me at all…( he said this, but his heart completely disagreed with his words)
Shivaay- Allright…But I am surprised that u are not at all feeling guilty or sorry, she lost her job cause of you….
Rudra- Not me bhaiya…It is Om Behaving like Amrish Puri’s son
Omkara- Don’t call me that, Rudra. And Shivaay, First of all…I never agreed on the fact that she has changed, I still think that this was her some plan to…..
Rudra- ohooo!!! Looks like someone is really desperate to get conned by her.
Omkara- Didn’t I just tell you to shut up??? And Shivaay, even I am surprised that u are talking about that girl…Wasting your precious time….I mean talking about her is not gonna help you win some deal, is it?…She doesn’t even belong to a rich family, so she doesn’t fit in your “blood-line status”, then why so much interest in her????
Shivaay- Well, a person sometimes can also be judged by the good work done by him or her….Sometimes strangers save a important part of your life, something you can always be grateful for…
Om and Rudra were not understanding anything, what was Shivaay talking about? How did any of this relate Ishana???? Shivaay noticed the look on their faces and diverted the topic…
Shivaay- I mean, that Om used to say this stuff..Right?, And now he is talking about that girl with all negative points…It is contradictory…
Om- Shivaay, are you again hiding something???
SHivaay ( smiles)- no Om, nothing like that…its not a big thing…Now, let’s have some breakfast, You have to go to that Exhibition of yours.., remember????
Om- Ohh yaa Shivaay, I will go there…By the way, As I asked you, did you find Anyone to manage all the departments in the Art-Gallery, I want someone who knows the technology, management as well as the arts too, You know, co-ordination is very much important in all this work….And if we are connecting this art-gallery to Oberoi Industries, it should be someone trustworthy……..
Shivaay- Yeah, I asked my secratory to prepare a list, this thing will be sorted out today..
Rudra- I hope that this employee is a young lady, maybe Om will fall for her and be romantic…Work Romance…cool isn’t it…
Omkara- Ohh god!!! Rudra plz plz talk about something else than my love-life and plz get some clothes… Why those sleevless shirts only?? We are rich, we can afford clothes…..
Rudra- when, u don’t have some topic to talk about, u go on my clothes…and by the way this is my Style-statement, Just like your long hairs….Now go and Say sorry to Ishana….
Omkara- What??How did she come in our talks again? And how will I apologize, I don’t even know her house….
Rudra- It means that u are willing to say sorry????????
Omkara- No…I mean that……( he is confused so, he settles up for his most common dialogue…).Shut up Rudra…You are just a duffer…….…Right Shivaay????
Shivaay was lost in his thoughts, Om shook him,
Om- Shivaay….Where are you??? What are u thinking about?
Shivaay- I am here only, and not thinking about anything, just give me a minute, I will be back…
Shivaay came out of the kitchen and started to remember things happened with him in the last week…..

Precap- Flashbackes…………….

So…Who was the person that called Ishana? What was Shivaay thinking about? Why was the great SSO talking about a con-girl?What made him value a person without bloodline…Who will be hired as the new employee in Om’s company? Will Om ever forgive Ishana….

Hope that you all are still interested in This ff and this is not boring…Guys..Plz plz let me know it with your comments.. Again …MERRY CHRISTMAS

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  1. Kehkasha

    Ok Kavya I only have a guess or u can say that I am confirmed that Ishana is going to be hired for Om’s company.
    Coming to the episode it was amazing. Waiting for the next…?

  2. Yvonne Codner

    Not boring at all..Good job!

  3. Fama

    Nice ff…I loved the brothers conversation
    I guess the one who changed sso must be Anika and is going to be Ishana will be hired.

  4. Yashu

    Awesome blossom….waiting 4 nxt

  5. Nice kavya

  6. Chandini

    Awesome kavya

  7. Amazing… I guess ishana is going to be hired as new employee in om’s company….. Waiting for the next update…

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