Ishkara… the pair of truth and lie ( Episode 5)


Episode Five-
In the Oberoi Mansion-
Sahil, OmRu and Dadi Anika reach home at the same time….SahilRu are still teasing Om and he is trying his best to ignore them. Dadi and Anika ask abut what happened?
Rudra- nothing dadi, Ishana happened….
Dadi- what????
Om- Nothing Dadi, Sahil is a kid and Rudra is even smaller kid…Both are talking about something that no one will ever understand.
SahilRu( in an angry tone)- we are not kids
Dadi- wait a minute…silence…First tell me who this Ishana is and why is she so special to Om….
Rudra and Sahil burst out in laughter hearing this. Shivaay, who just entered, also starting laughing along with them. Om was now literally burning with anger. He stared at all of them angrily and turned to Dadi….

Om- Dadi, this Ishana is just no one and she is NOT AT ALL anybody to me…so now plz leave that topic and make these three monkeys stop their laughing.( he corrected his long hair and sighed in relief…)
Dadi- Really???Then Why are you thinkinging about her since three days? Lost in her thoughts…( in a teasing tone) Tell me the truth Om, Is my middle grandson coming to his Ishqbaaz side…..
Om- Dadi why are you speaking like these three…And I am not lost anywhere.And how did IShqbaazi got involved into this matter.
Shivaay- Dadi I will tell.( He narrates how Ishana tried to con Om, how they caught her…Her confrontation and her emotional words on that day) That’s it Dadi, not a big deal…
Anika- Kya Shivaay, aapko ye choti baat lagti hai?
Rudra- are bhaiya, baat to ab aur jyada badi ho gayi hai..
All- matlab???????
( Rudra and Sahil narrate the school incident with all mirchmasala….Om tries to interrupt, but they didn’t let him speak)
Dadi- Om, I didn’t expect this from you….
Om- What dadi? Even u are going to support that lier? Do youall understand, She is a CON-GIRL!!!!

Dadi- She was Om…Just now you said that she is a dance-teacher in the school. Maybe she really changed. You only say that we don’t even know what a person will have to do in some circumstances. It doesn’t mean that the person is whole bad. Is this really my Omkara, who is the most understanding and mature person in our house.
Om- Dadi, all I know is that she lied…And lies are the thing that I hate most. And what gives u all the proof that she really changed and this is not her Another plan….
Anika- Her words om…Even after the confrontation, she still stands the courage to face u, to cross u, to fight with you.. This strength can be given by nothing else but Truth. She lied to you in the past, I never met her but still, I can say that now, she is telling u the truth only..
Om- I don’t know Anika…But all I can say is when once broke, trust can never be gained again…Anyway I have the work foer new ART-company. I will leave. ( he leaves and everybody is shocked)

Dadi- Was that Om, he just made an excuse of work to ignore all this, Oh my god, Rudra is right this girl really affects Om a lot…
Shivaay- Let him be dadi, he will be normal again.. And I don’t understand why are you making all this a big deal? It is just nothing…She is just a middle-class girl..
Anika- Plz Shivaay, don’t start your bloodline speech here… People are important by their work, not the bloodline…
Shivaay- Really? Can you give me some example…
Anika- ohh yaa, too many like All the famous people…Sachin, Dhoni, Kohli, all these were not born prince..
Shivaay- Do u do have any other work than talking about cricketers all the time… using international cricket into this argument is not at all justifiable….
Dadi- then, how about the girl who just saved my life…Isn’t this example enough???
Shivaay, Rudra Prinku were shocked……
Shivaay- Saved life??? What happened to you Dadi?? What are you talking about?
( anika tells the whole incident to all)
Prinku- whoever that girl is, she should be happy always….I can’t even imagine what could have happened if she wouldn’t have been there….
( shiv-Ru-Prinku hug Dadi)

Dadi- Ohhh… Don’t u worry I have got a long life ahead…..I have to see all of your Ishqbaazi tales and tell your stories to your children…
Everyone laughs and they have a great family time….
At the night-
Om comes late. Rudra straightly goes and gives him a tight hug….
Om- Rudra…what happened??

Rudra- Are you angry with me Om??? I teased u a lot today..sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you. I should have understoof that seeing Ishana again will affect u….you are too pure at heart…
Om- rudra, you are the biggest duffer ever…. It’s nothing like that. And from when all this sorry and all started between O-bros..remember we are one for all and all for one
Shivaay sees his brothers and wishes that they stay happy like this always……
At night- Omkara in his room- “ What happened to me today? I don’t lose control on my anger like this. Though she lied to me, why is she still wandering in my thoughts. He remembers all his moments with her, the incident in school today…Is dadi and everyone else right?…Did she change?? No…I can’t let this happen again.I won’t ever trust her again. How can a lier affect me like this???.”

At Ishana’s House-
Ishana was really upset because she lost the job. Mona tried to cheer her up.
Mona- Come on di…It was just a part-time job..maybe you have even greater oppourtunity coming next…don’t give up so soon….
Ishana- I know Mona…But I really loved this job…Teaching dance to kids…I always dreamt for it….I started this new thing, but still my past is following me…God, why he had to come in the same school…..
Mona- DI..Whom are you talking about…tell me clearly, what happened?
Ishana realised that hiding things was not an option anymore. So, she told mona everything..about how she met him again and lost her job because of their fight…
Ishana- You know what Mona, I really regret everything I have done in my past..But I feel the worst whenever I think about Omkara…I never really wanted to hurt him..He is a relly pure soul…Even now I can’t believe that he made those people fire me from the job.
Mona- Who said that he did it???
Ishana- then who else will? And don’t tell me that they just suddenly felt like firing me..They were happy with my work…
Mona- Come on..Look at the positive point.. jiju again made an entry in your life…Not bad….

Ishana- Shut up…What jiju?? How many times will I have to tell you that only Varun Dhawan is your Jiju…..Take anyone’s name yaar, Siddharth,Hritik, Shahid…Why that Zulfi Singh Oberoi only????? And I don’t have time to talk or think about him now…So what that I lost this job? I will not let anything affect me now….
Mona- That’s like my Di…( Both sisters hug)
Ishana- Now let’s get some sleep…Tomorrow is gonna be a busy day..
Mona- ( teasing Ishana) Good night and don’t worry as you can think about your Zulfi Singh Oberoi in your dreams( Mona runs from their laughing, as Ishana looks at her angrily)

Ishu’s POV- What should I say mona…I decided that I will not let anything in my past affect me . I started this new life but all this is in vain, when Omkara is near me…I feel lucky by his presence around…Though today, I lost this job because of him, I feel grateful to god for bringing him near me again. For letting me see that beautiful face, those intense eyes again…Even after knowing that he hates me, I can’t stop thinking about him…I don’t know why all this is happening…Maybe because I am just too much sorry for what I did…

Ishana suddenly realizes what she was thinking and wipes out Om’s thoughts from her mind…But as soon as she closed her eyes, his face came in front of her sight…His soothing words, concern, even his anger toward her…. She couldn’t help but just smile shyly and feel her heartbeats raising on thinking about him even in amid of her deep sleep. She didn’t want to leave him or his thoughts…

Why did he matter so much to her? Even after knowing that they were the opposites, His whole life was based on truth and until now, she was nothing but a lier. Their ways were just so so apart. She knew that he is no one to her, still why did she feel so connected?, Ishana’s thoughts about Omkara, never really ended and so never did Omkara’s thoughts about her….

Precap- Shivaay-Ishana convo ( for sure this time)-Ishana gets the job- Om shocked and angry- Shivaay justifies his deeds- Ishana shocked to see her boss

I finally reached a round figure. Really happy…Hope that u like this.Thank you for always supporting me And I would really like it if the no. of comments slightly increase…See you soon

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