Ishkara… the pair of truth and lie ( Episode 4)


Episode Four-
Sahil has gone to the school. His bus-driver calls Anika, to tell her that he won’t be picking up Sahil today.
So, Anika thinksto ask Omkara and Rudra to take Sahil with them.
Anika- Om, Rudra will u do one work for me?
Rudra turns to Anika, but Om is still in Ishana’s thoughts.

Rudra- O..Apani tanhaa duniya se bahar aao. Bhabhi bula rahi hai.
Om- haa Anika, what help do u want?
Anika- Actually Sahil’s school-bus won’t be picking him today, as he is staying for the cultural-program-practic. Will you guys go to take him from school. All the drivers are…..
Rudra- are bhabhi why are u taking tension, we will go. It is a great way to change Om’s tanhaa Aashik mood.
Anika- om.. what happened? Is everything fine?
Om- yehh…what will happen to me..that Ishana can’t affect me. She is nothing….I mean I’m fine. Let’s go Rudra…
Anika is hell confused. Just then dadi enters.
Anika- Dadi ek baat puchu?( can I ask one thing?)
Dadi – haa puttar..
Anika – Riddhima ko to Janati hu par ye Ishana kaun hai, Om abhi abhi uske bare me soch kar pareshan ho raha tha. (I know Riddhima, but who is this Ishana, just now Om was getting tensed thinking about her)

Dadi- Phir se Ishana…Pata nahi beta, par jarur ye jo koi bhi hai, Om ke liye bahut Khaas hai. Rudra bhi keh raha tha ki Om Ishana ke khyalo me khoya rahta hai. Par ye ladki hai kaun???? Om to koi Rudra hai nahi ki ladkiyon ke saath timepass karega. Vo bahut hi sidha hai . ( again Ishana.. I don’t know, but whoever she is, is very special to Om. Even Rudra was saying that Om is lost in her thoughts.But who is this girl….. OM is not a Rudra to do timepass with girls, he is very simple, not many girls are in his life)

In the School-
Omkara and Rudra reach there and see too many children and are confused where to go…
Rudra- This school is even bigger than my college and all these kids are in same uniform..How the hell are we gonna find Sahil?
Rudra asks a kid, where is Sahil, th kid replies, “ I don’t know, Uncle.” Rudra is shocked. He touches hi abs over the shirt.

Rudra- OMG..Mai aur Uncle????? Why didn’t I die before Hearing this?
Om- Shut up Rudra. Atleast for once, use your mind. Anika said that Sahil is staying for the cultural-program-practise. So just go and search for art-section. I will got o the left side, you go for the right. ( Om goes inside)
Rudra is still confused. Rudra- ye Om bhi na.. kahi pe bhi artistgiri shuru kar dete hai… ab Art section me kya bachhon ko Shayari sikhani
Hai????? ( Om starts his artist things anywhere..Now is he gonna teach shayari to the children?)

In the Art section-
Om reaches there but he doesn’t find Sahil. He sees the kids painting, singing, decorating posters and smiles.( A artist is a artist after all). The head- teacher, of that department, Mr. Saxena sees Om their and gets delighted.
Mr. Saxena- Oh my god.. Omkara Singh Oberoi in our School.. It is my honour to meet you sir, How can I help you?

Om- ( handshakes with the teacher)- It is nice to meet you. Actually I am looking for a kid named Sahil.. He just took admission in school.
Mr. Saxena- Ok sir.. I will look for him. ( He then rushes to the Principle’s Office to tell that the great artist OSO has came to their school)
Om in the time, helps the kids to decorate the walls with paintings, he is having a good time. Just then, he hears a beautiful song with melodius music, pleasing his ears and a sweet sound of anklets following it. An unknown attraction takes over him and he goes toward that sound. As he goes close, he sees a young girl dancing graciously, and kids surrounding her. She is facing her Back to him he could only see her beautiful white-magenta combined dress… Om’s concentration is fully stolen by her moves… ( Yes… you are guessing right…It is no one other than Ishana)
Song played- ( Sun Saathiya..Maahiya from ABCD 2)

Ho..Sun Saathiya maahiya
BArsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan
Rand jaun rang rang jaun ri, haari main..
Tujhpe main jhar jhar jhar jaaun
Hoon piya bas teri main
Ho chule to khari main…. To khari main……………

As soon as Ishana starts moving round, With the music, Om sees her face. But Ishana didn’t notice him, as she was lost in her dance. Ishana was moving very fast and Om was confused that is it really Ishana or is he hallucinating her.. so he started moving close. In a couple of steps, he reaches very near.. But at the same time, The song ends..Ishana who was dancing in a fast motion, stops suddenly. As Omkara was standing very close to her, she misbalanced and was about to fall, but Omkara again saves her by holding her. His hands are securing her waist and her she is supporting herself by keeping a hand on his shoulder an other softly touching his chest…. It was looking like a romantic dance-pose and they were indeed the most beautiful couple. Both were lost in eachothers eyes and completely forgot about the kids surrounding them, their last fight, their history….

Both come back to senses by hearing the clapping sound. They moved away and started looking at opposite directions. The kids surrounding them were clapping, as they thought it was a part of Ishu’s performance.Rudra and Sahil were looking at them with shock. Some kids ask Om if Ishu is his girlfriend…( Rudra laughs hard)
A girl- Wow.. Ishana di…You two should perform in some couple-dance competition….
IShana raised her eyebrows and made the kids stop clapping and commenting for their dance.. She was confused by seeing Om there. She was about to say something… But Om holds her hand and pulls her with him, away from the kids, He is not understanding what is Ishana, the con-girl doing in the school.

All the kids and Rudra were shocked by his action, Ishana who was not understanding anything, but kept walking with Om. In a empty passage, Om stopped and left Ishana’s hand forcefully… Ishana turned, she didn’t want to face him. But Om again made her turn to him, His eyes were bloodshot, he didn’t realise how much angry he was because of this girl facing him again and again.
Om- why are you here….
Ishana- listen u are misunderstanding….
Om- Will you ever change? Didn’t I already tell you to stay away from me… I can’t belive that you followed me till here…plz…this is a school kids come to study here…..
Ishana( was shocked and angry too)- Excuse me… I am not here to follow you. In which language should I talk to you so that you will understand that I am now really changed? I teach here, I am the new dance-teacher….

Om- You and Teacher? Do u even know what that word means? Teacher is the one who guides students… You are yourself on the wrong path, how will you guide others?
Ishana( was emotional and teary eyed)- Listen, if you don’t want to belive me then don’ doesn’t matter. I am not doing this for you. I have started a new life. And till now, I have learned one thing, that you should not let your past,your pains overshadow your positive side. Omkara, aap jo chahe soch sakte hai, Mujhe aap se ummid bhi nahi hai ke aap ye baatein samjhenge( I don’t even hope that u will understand all these thigs). She left the place with tears rolling down,but a strong and confident look on face.

Omkara was now in a dilemma, whether to belive or not… He went back to his car. There, Rudra and Sahil were already waiting for him. He sat In the car and started to drive for Oberoi Mansion.
Rudra – Kya Om school me bhi….Bachhe the sab, apna romantic scene kahi aur kar lete….( Om in school too…Kids were there…You should have done your romantic scene somewhere else…….)
Om- Shut up Rudra….
Sahil- Vaise Om bhaiya….Ishana di se aapka kya connection?( What is your connection with Ishana?)
Rudra ( sarcastically) – Dard-e-dil ki dastaan hai Sahil tu nahi samjhega.
Om gave them two a deadly glare. So, they didn’t dare to speak anything else…..
In the school-
The principal and Mrs. Saxena overheard Om and Ishana’s convo. They thought that Ishana is some enemy of Oberois. So, because of that fight, they fired Ishana from job….

Ishana couldn’t take it anymore. First Om’s insulting words and now this job too….
Ishana- But why are you firing me? I am doing great here…the kids are enjoying.
Principal- Sorry miss Ishana…But only your work doesn’t matter. Your contact and behavior with big people matters too.
Ishana was very much disappointed. In mind, she thought that her fight with Om made her loose the job Or did he make them fire her…..See, I was right about him. He is just an Oberoi, like his father..
Ishana was tensed moreover disappointed now…so she went to a temple. It is the same temple where Dadi and Anika are present…. Dadi was standing near the stairs….a car was coming in the speed… It was abut to hit her but Ishana who saw it made dadi out of the way…
Ishana- (With a concerned voice)- Are you okay/

Dadi( smiling)- Yes dear… you saved me. Thank you
Ishana- plz don’t say thank you for such a small thing..Helping elders is responsibility of young generation, isn’t it?
Dadi and anika were impressed by her behavior….
Anika- wow.. your thoughts are so great…but thank you anyway.
Ishana- plz, don’t thank me, if you want to give anything, then just give your blessing…
Dadi( keeps a hand on Ishana’s head) – Stay happy always dear…may god fulfill all your wishes
Ishana(smiles at them both)- Thanks…they mean a lot to me.. I will have to leave now…( she bids bye to them)
Dadi and Anika smile.

Dadi- How well-mannered and beautiful girl….
Anika- Yes, sometimes even strangers are so helpful….ohh we didn’t even ask her name.
Dadi- let it be..maybe we will meet her later…( they both leave for Oberoi Mansion.)
Anika is feeling some strange connection with Ishana…’ Those eyes, that smile looks so familiar, but how is this possible? I just met her’

Precap- Rudra, Sahil praise Ishana, Dadi supports them – Om angry- Anika tells about the temple incident-Om wants to apologize-Om’s new company- Ishana on the job-Shivaay-Ishana meet.

Sorry for not updating yesterday, from now on I will try to make it regular..I am really happy with your response. Plz let me know if u liked this or not……

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