Ishkara… the pair of truth and lie ( Episode 3)


Episode Three-
It is morning now, In the Oberoi Mansion, everyone was busy with their own chores. Shivaay a little confused about Anika. The way, Anika defended him, infront of whole family, reunited the three brothers, he was now changing his mindset about her. The angey bagad-billa was now almost sweet billuji and everyone in the house was able to notice it. Just then Tej calls him in his room.
Tej- Shivaay. Look I really need to talk to u.
Shivaay- Bade papa, I know this is about my marriage and trust me, I will sort this out as soon as possible.
Tej ( hesitantly)- Actually it is about Om.

Shivaay( surprised)- Abut Om? What is it? Is he ok?
Tej- Shivaay, I don’t want you to think of me as a selfish person, but I am really worried about him. I know he is a self-made billionaire and all, But as a son of this house he should at least get involved into our business. It’s his responsibility too. I know you will always be there for him, but he has too understand all this now.
“ Well, I don’t think so, Mr. Oberoi”, said Om who overheard their convo.
Shivaay- Om.. tu bat ko..
Om- no shivaay, mai nahi baat to ye nahi samajh rahe. Dekhiye Mr. Oberoi, pehle hi ghar me bahut saari problems chal rahi hai, plz inhe aur mat bighadiye. ( NO shivaay, not me he is not understanding the matter. Look Mr. Oberoi, Already there are problems in this house, plz don’t spoil them more)

Tej left the place, in disappointment, Thinking that his son took him in a wrong way again.
Shivaay- look OM,
Om- no shivaay, plz don’t cover up for him. It is always his mistake to think like this. He thinks that he create a wall between us by doing all this. And already u got so much going on in your life, don’t think abut all this now.
Shivaay- This is insane Om, He doesn’t want to do anything like that. I know things aren’t really well between u two, but this doesn’t mean that everything he says is wrong. And why do u see business as a thing which will create rift between us, it is something that will make us even stronger. You really should think about this, Look I am not forcing you, But it really would have been nice to have my brother with me.
Om ( was in thoughts now. Shivaay was right, it was not that he hated business, it was just that he never really thought about it. But now, his brother, Shivaay was asking him for it. First time, The Great Shivaay Singh Oberoi asked him to do something for him, how could he deny?)

Shivaay- take your time Om, Don’t take any tension. ( he was about to leave…but Om stops him)
Om-Really u want this Shivaay? You know I know nothing abut all this.\
Shivaay- Whom are you kidding Om? You are an Oberoi. Buisness is in our blood. And I know that even you could have got an admission in any University, you didn’t chose the family business, and followed what your heart said. And I am proud of my brother, The great Artist Omkara Singh Oberoi, the purest soul I know. I am sorry if I hurted u by saying that u should’ve joined the business….
Shivaay- Let me speak plz… I know u want me to join the Oberoi-buisness, but it really is not my field. For me, my art, passion is enough. But I really want to help my brother, to fulfill his dream. Listen, I have a plan. Because of the increasing demands, The Investors of the exhibitions and my art galleries, want me to start a company which will itself arrange all the auctions, and manage trading of the art-pieces overall the world1, It will also be a inspiration for people who are really interested for career in any kind of art. So…What say? Oberoi Industries, interested to take partnership? Can we make a deal?

Shivaay- ( was overjoyed) Om, u have given me the biggest oppoutunity to fulfill the dream. This really is going to be great. Oberois will be the first ones to invest in the arts business. You give such brilliant ideas and say that u know nothing about business. It will also give our company a new introduction and value in every way. And with you there, I don’t have anything to worry about. ( he hugs Om with huge smile on his face, Om too reciprocates and smiles.)
Rudra enters there, and starts his drama again.
Rudra- Dekha, Mujhe paraya dhan karke khud gale mil rahe hai, bhul gaye kya aapka ek chota bhai bhi hai.( You are hugging without me? Forgot that u have alittle brother too?
Shivaay- Om smile and ask Rudra to join the hug. O-Bros moment….. Lafzon ka ye rishta nahi…play in the background….. Dadi and Anika smile watching this from distance.
At evening, Shiv-Om tell the whole family about this new project. Everyone was happy,especially Tej, as Omkara was somehow gonna relate to the Oberoi Buisness. But he didn’t show it. AT this proposal, he just nodded and said okay. Even now, things were tough between him and Om. Janavi was very happy as This project was a starting to improvement of relation between Father-Son. All the Oberois, celebrated the moment along with Soumya, Sahil,Anika. Dadi, looking at them all thought, that the family was really complete now, with Shivika marriage amd Soumya, Sahil joining them. Om had now started with the business, only his ishqbaazi was remained to begin. She prayed to god that Bring a girl in her most good-hearted grandson’s life who will complete him and keep him happy like this forever.
Scene shifts to Ishana- She is looking at the anklet in her hand and reminding her journey till now.

Ishana is looking forward, in her life, trying to create a new identity. She is now working part-time as a dance teacher in a school. ( and guess what, the school is the same in which Sahil is going to study.) She is also in search of a permanent job.
The next day-
Oberoi siblings are having poolside breakfast. Anika, Sahil, Soumya join them. All are in a very good mood.
Saahil- Anika di, you know yesterday, I had too much fun in Dance Class.
Anika- Sahil, but how can u dance… your leg…..
Sahil- DI you know what, dancing is a dream, for that, you don’t need anything. It is a spirit.
ANika- wow Sahil, Kya line maari hai, Ekdum dhinchak, How can u talk so big-things.
Shivaay- he is gone on his sister, that’s why.

Anika- dekhiye billugi, ( Anika- SHivaay start their, catfight and Sahil with OmRU and SoumPri enjoys it)
Saahil ( in a low tone)- a little secret for u OmRu… Actually My new dance teacher said it. Pretty cool line isn’t it?
Om- You know what, she is really very right. Any art is a new inspiration in itself, u don’t need any special thing to enjoy it.( he feels bad about Sahil being physically disabled. Then he remembers how Ishana once said him that when she ties anklet in her leg, how she feels, that she is free from all the worries. He brakes the memories, and continues speaking). Actually, u know what this reminds me of someone.
Rudra-Who? Ishana?
Om- One minute, how do you know Rudra? I didn’t even tell u.
Rudra- Because now a days, You are thinking about no one else but her. (touching Om’s face)
It is seen in your eyes.
Om- ( jurks Rudra away) Shut up Rudra. Can u talk anything else than this shit thing?
Sahil-( laugh’s seeing OmRu’s Masti) By the way who is this Ishana? Om bhaiya, your gf? You know what, even my dance teacher’s name is…..

Sahil was about to tell but Soumya calls him, that’s why he didn’t complete his sentence.
Om- Rudra, I am warning you, Don’t take that girl’s name again. I hate her & everything related to her.
Rudra- Ohh, then why did u keep her earring hahh? ( he takes out Ishana’s earring out of his pocket and waves it infront of Om.)
Om- Rudra, now you were spying on me??? And taking others things without asking them, that too by investigating their room is a very very bad habit. ( he takes it back from Rudra)
Rudra- First of all, this is not yours. And Why do you keep saying ‘that girl’, can’t you take her name? See, how sweet her name is, Ishana….I always wonder why she said her Name Bela to you.

Om, in a silent tone- Even I wish if all of that was true…… ( he gets emotional by thinking of all their heart-touching conversaiones, but then just realizes what he said)
Om leaves the place without saying even a word. Rudra keeps looking at him with confusion. Meanwhile, Dadi who overheard their convo from behind, thinks about who this Ishana is…

Precap:- Ishana-Omkara meet in school-Ishana angry on Om- Om’s new art company starts with a bang- Shivaay asks him to arrange a job interview to hire people- Shivaay is impressed by Ishana’s intelligence.
( a short note- In my ff, along with a dancer Ishana is also well-educated. She was forced to the wrong path because of needs. Her father died about two months ago. She decided to change her life after his death. She still has to pay the debts, but she asked the goons for some more time, to give the money back. In my ff, a brother-sister bond will grow between Ishana-Shivaay in the upcoming episodes, as Shivaay will realize Ishana’s necessity and her efforts to save her sister)
Sorry foe posting this one late, The next episode will be posted by tomorrow. Should I continue with this plot, Plz reply through ur comments and let me know if you liked it or not.

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