Ishkara…the pair of truth and lie (Episode 24)

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Episode 24
Here where, Obros are walking…

Om- Shivaay, I think I should check on Prinku…

Everyone look at him with a ‘Oye-hoye’ gazes…Om notices that look.

Om- What???Why are you looking at me like this?

Shivaay- Nothing, I was just thinking that Ishana is also with Prinku..

Rudra- And I think that by Prinku, you are finding ways to be closer to her.

Om ( in a serious tone)- Guys, do u understand? I want to check on prinku only because Ishana is there with her.

Anika- So you don’t trust Ishana..

Om- No…I do…I mean I don’t…

Soumya- say it clearly bhaiya, you do or you don’t…

Om- It’s not about trust. I am thinking about the thing Prinku just said…She is friends with Ishana???How’s that possible? Those two met just once before today…Which makes me think is there some problem???

Anika- Offo…Om I know you brothers are really protective about Priyanka. But come on, don’t ignore the fact that Ishana is very good at bonding with people. Now as she is helping Prinku with dance, maybe they really were friends with each other that day…

Shivaay- Still, Anika…Om is right. I don’t want my sister to face any problem because of that girl….

Anika- You too Shivaay. Till now, you were the one defending Ishana, and now you too think that she is playing games with us again…I don’t understand why you guys take her every move wrong..

Om- And Anika bhabhi, I don’t understand why you all think that she is the best personality. Why do you trust her so much?

Anika ( in mind)- What should I say to you Om, whenever I see her I remember my chutki…)

Shivaay- Anika…Om is asking something…

Anika- Well, you only say na Om, that sometimes just heart says it all…

Om- Yeah..But I cannot think of Ishana with heart, as I’ve been betrayed by her before….( wasn’t that really a stupid excuse to see her again??)
Saying that he went to the right side hall, where he knew Ishana and Prinku would be practicing. NO to forget, followed by the gang…

Here in the hall…Prinku and Ishana were preparing

Ishana- Can I ask something Priyanka?
Prinku- Sure…
Ishana- Why did you Lie to your family??That…that…I am your friend…

Prinku( smiling)- Why??? Aren’t you my friend Ishana?

Ishana( smiles)- Of course…Thanks Priyanka it means a lot to me. Now let’s focus on the Dance…So what kind of act do you want? Solo-Duo-group…western-indian..

Prinku- It is my solo performance. And I am confused about the dance-form. But it’s for the college-culture, maybe I should try something DIFFERENT!! Like really entertaining…

Ishana- Ok, here’s some list of songs, I would recommend, have a look…. (Ishana had come direct from the dance-academy so she had all-that with her)

Both were trying to figure out…

Prinku- Oh my god!!! They are so many, and all are so good. I am confused.

Ishana- Believe me, that’s the problem I face every-time.

Prinku( giggling)- Really?? Then what do you do????

Ishana- I just…

“Dance on Cham-cham”, Omkaar’s voice echoed in the hall,and both the girls turned to have a look at him. And IShPri Found that not only Om, but all the other youngsters were also there.

Prinku- Bhaiya…what are you all doing here?

Rudra( stares at Om and Shiv who signal him to speak)- Ohh….we just…we are here to see if we can help. What were you doing by the way?

Prinku- We were just selecting the song…And Ishana said…

Om- I know. She must have suggested that same song. But please…No cham-cham

Ishu looks at Om with a cute-angry face as he just nods like ‘ Nothing can be done with this crack-piece girl’….

Ishana( angry)- Aap subah se, kyu mere fav song and mere piche pade hai??

(Shivaay Rudra open there mouth wide and repeat ‘Aap’?!!!!)

Rudra whispers in Shivaay’s ear, “did you hear that Shivaay bhaiya??? I swear it’s feeling like Ishana is going to be future Mrs.Omkara…)

Om- Mai piche nahi pada hu… I just wanted to say that, it’s not appropriate for the event. And anyway it’s summer now, it will be stupid to dance on rainy-season songs.

Ishana- yeah..That’s a point. But not the solution of problem. What song are we gonna choose???

Everybody was thinking and suggested songs according to them…Shivaay thought that using the American or western- swing music was best, Soumya though that there should be some female-power thought in it, Rudra said that the party songs were best, while Anika was passing no more but the dhinchak songs of her list…
Now it was really irritating, as they were literally fighting, trying to prove how the songs they were suggesting were the best.

Ishana( in a loud voice)- Ok ENOUGH!!!!

All look at her, like kids look at a teacher.

Ishana- I am really sorry, I asked you all to suggest. I don’t mean to offend you, but you all are really pissing me off…So JUST STOP IT!!!

All stay silent. Ishana sees Om who was standing in corner,as if enjoying a movie…She gets more irritated.

Ishana- And YOU Mr. Artist!!!! What are you laughing at? Watching a movie, are you??? Should I get you pop-corn or something???
With her every word, she moved toward Om and now both were standing face-to-face. Seeing her face, Om knew that her anger could explode any minute if he didn’t say something.. ( come on guys!!! Om and Ishana work with each other in the gallery so Om knows a lot about his lady-love’s moods now)

“Aaj to O ki life mein Hahakaar hai bhaiya”, Rudra again whispered in Shivaay’s ear and both chuckled slightly.

Om-( stammers while talking to Ishana) vo..vo..

Ishana- Kya vo..vo..huhh??? Do you have a suggestion for the song?

Om- No…

Ishana- Why??? ( Om looks at her all confused, he knew she was angry but this was not the way he could handle)

Rudra- Arre Ishana, How will you get the ice-cream if you ask for it on the Chinese-stall???

All look at Rudy confused.

Om- What Rudra means is, Dancing is not my stuff. How can you ask a sculptuorer-painter about dance??

Rudra- Wow Ishana, you really are a positive influence in this house. For the first time O got my point in one-guess and that too without saying ‘shut-up’

Ishana- Ok..all right. Enough of you two OmRu talks…Let me FOCUS!!!

Rudra, AGAIN whispers in Shivaay’s ear “Wow…she already denoted me and Om as OmRu….and she is scolding US in OUR house…Mom was right. This girl is really brave”. Shivaay gives Rudra an Unbelivable look saying “stop buzzing like a honey bee in my ear rudra…plz”
And now everybody was watching what Ishana is going to do!!!

Ishana closes her eyes, and tries to remember. Om was still peeping at her, and smiled seeing her like this. She looked so adorable. For one second, he actually thought, if he could go and make her look at him, stare into her beautiful eyes. And he wished if she could get all the answers to her questions in his eyes. He wished if him,ONLY HIM was enough for her. How great it would have been if he could give Ishana all the comfort, warmth whenever she needed it….
‘What’s happening to you Om?’, He questioned himself. But luckily, he didn’t have to give an explanation to himself because Ishana shouted in excitement at the same time.

“I GOT IT”, Ishana’s voice was loud enough to catch everybody’s attention.

Rudra- What??? What did you get? My protein-shake bottle which I lost yesterday? Or pieces of the new i-phone Shivaay bhaiya broke recently?

Ishana- No stupid!!! THE SONG. I found a really perfect song. It’s sweet, it’s melodious, not-too-fast, not-too-slow, beautiful and perfect for the dance..

Anika- Wow!!! But will you just keep talking about it, or will you actually show us that.

Ishana- Arre, not just the song, I will perform on it.

Ishana said excitedly and went to adjust the curtains and the light-managements.

She played the song in her phone. And just in a second, the room was filled with a kind of magic…a beautiful miracle…

( Song- Thodi Der:- from half Girlfriend)

Ishana danced gracefully with the song, all were lost in her dance. And Om was lost in HER..
(Here goes the lyrics…)

Dil charkhe ki ik tu dori Dil charkhe ki ik tu dori Sufi iska rang haaye…
Iss mein jo tera khwaab piroya Iss mein jo tera khwaab piroya Neendein bani patang

Dil bharta nahi Aankhein rajjti nahi Dil bharta nahi Aankhein rajjti nahi Chaahe kitna bhi dekhti jaaun Waqt jaaye mai rok na paaun

( Ishana blushed and smiled slightly while dancing, as she realized that the song totally matched with her feelings for Omkara)

Tu Thodi der aur thehar jaa soneyaa Tu Thodi der aur thehar jaa Tu Thodi der aur thehar jaa zaaalima Tu Thodi der aur the har jaa
( Ishana’s beautiful expressions, that song, and the already romantic-mood of Om teamed up very well. And Om felt, like THIS IS IT!!!!)???

They say, ‘in everybody’s life there is a moment which is just about to be most memorable one, but only IF YOU TAKE THE CHANCE and LIVE IT or, you can just waste it out by thinking this or that…
So guess what, The Omkara Singh Oberoi decided to take his chance…

( Ishana’s continuing with her dance and he goes behind her and sings…it was them…just THEM…He cared about nothing and no one at that moment)

{So this is om singing and dancing…a couple dance?? }

Haaye Dil tere bin ab jee na paaye Dil tere bin ab jee na paaye Saans na leti raat Ishq kare tere hothon se Ishq kare tere hothon se Bas ik teri baat
( he hugs her from back and rests his chin on her shoulder)

Teri doori na sahun Door khud se rahun Teri doori na sahun Door khud se rahun

( Ishana turns back to him, and Om lovingly cups her face)

Tere pehlu mein hi reh jaaun Tu hi samajhan jo mai chaahun

Tu thodi der aur thehar ja sohneya
Tu thodi der aur thehar ja
Tu thodi der aur thehar ja zaalima
Tu thodi der aur thehar ja…


Nahiyo lagna, nahiyo lagna
Tere bin dil mera (x4)

(He holds her hand and pulls her in his arms, as she tries to get away…both smile and continue to dance)

Dil minnate kare
Na tu ja na pare
Dil minnate kare
Na tu ja na pare
Tere jaane se jee na paaun

( Ishkara share the most beautiful and comfortable eyelock ever…it was like a perfect scene…the one you never wanna leave)

Tu thodi der aur thehar ja sohneya
Tu thodi der aur thehar ja
Tu thodi der aur thehar ja zaalima
Tu thodi der aur thehar ja..


The speed of the background music in song, suddenly increased and Omkara suddenly realized what kind of crap he was thinking about!!!!!!! Yes….it was a dream, a day-dancing-artist-dream, to be precise….

( You guys are free to hate me for this, but my sincere readers, we are right now in middle of a dance performance…oh yeah!!!! It was Om’s dream. But that doesn’t mean Ishana wasn’t dancing in real. So just withdraw Om’s step from the dance and you get what happened in reality??)

Ishana is still dancing and gives it a beautiful ending, suiting the performance just perfectly….

Tu thodi der aur thehar ja zaalima
Tu thodi der aur thehar ja.. thehar ja
Tu thodi der aur thehar ja zaalima..
Tu thodi der aur thehar ja
Tu thodi der.. bas thodi der aur thehar ja
( her rhythmic steps stop along with music of song and….)

Seeing Ishana’s dance, all were stumped again… She was dancing so beautifully and with all her heart. Her moves, expressions all were just awesome beyond words. She stopped, and everyone clapped for her ( even the khadoos bagad billa)
Everyone praised her dancing-skills.

Anika- Wow Ishana…it’s superb. Ekdum khidkitod performance yaar.

Shivaay- I am sure prinku’s event is gonna be great.

Ishana thanks everyone, although she was a little disappointed on not getting any compliments from Omkara.
By the way, Omkara us now in a lost land trying to find some help?…he is just not understanding what to do. Whether to be surprised or shocked or mad or judge himself for this irrelevant but unbelievably romantic dream of his…

And nobody else in the room has any idea about it…Especially Ishana..She peeped out, and looked at him with an expected look, but after a second, she wished if she hadn’t done that. He was staring at her with those intense eyes and she felt as if he was x-raying her. She blushed looking at him, and tried to look away, but he was still in the same position.

Om was left very surprised and shocked at himself. How???? How on earth could THE ARTIST OMKARA be soooooooooo cheesy???? What exactly was the reason behind his imagination of that romantic-couple dance with Ishana?

Just in that trance, he left the room, silently. Nobody else except Ishana noticed it…All were busy praising her dance and Ishana was busy thinking about Omkara. The guy was seriously driving her crazy…Now, ishana knew things between her and Omkara were less-than-normal but…She could not make any sense out of his actions. First he asked her for helping his sister with her event. Then had a stupid fight with her. Then, when there was no need, he came to see her dance and now left out, without giving any compliment on her awesome performance…. She was with a big question mark on her face…

Same was the case with Om…while winding, senselessly through a corner of his own house, he too had a BIG question mark…

“ Am I having instincts of Rudra inside me?”, Om muttered to himself…

‘No…You are not having any Rudra instincts. It’s not about any girl you see and it’s not immature. It’s serious and it is only for Ishana’, His heart said to him

‘But why am I having this for her? It’s totally stupid’, Om said again.

‘Really? Is it? Just think about her…She is the one who is affecting you the most. Ishana brings out that part inside you, which you try to hide and suppress. She is the only person you can act crazy with, Om. That craziness….the one for which you tease ShivRu . Now is it really surprising that you are having romantic couple dances with her in your imagination?’

‘No…’ Om said in a second….

‘But does that mean i have….i have Feelings for Ishana???’, Om asked himself..
He remembered each and every meeting of theirs… the car-cafe-con, the stairs-talk, that bangle-meeting,the dosa date, the rakhi day-hurry meet, then the confrontation, the fight on road, the job first day, every moment he spend with her in gallery, nickname fight, family misunderstanding, her first cham cham dance, the second…the third…( omg, there are lots of cham cham performances in my ff?)…his romantic dance with her, well…his imaginary romantic dance with her.
In every moment, Omkara just found himself getting trapped in her mesmerizing eyes, her charm…And now it hit him why it was so easy for ishana to con him at very first time…Because he was LOST in her…from the very first moment he saw her…
( o saathiya music plays in background…)

‘Omkara, are you…IN LOVE????’
Yeah this is the end of this chapter… i know… i am lame…but first, sorry for that dream thing?? i think it was funny…and also, this something i always feel, and i want you all to know-
Why should there always be a big tragic incident, separation, or an accident so that the guy realizes his feelings for his girl?? Sometimes it can be just a small moment, a very tiny thing which makes you realize how deeply you have fallen in love with someone. And that’s why i showed it like this… Omkara is different so everything about and with him is different, even his lady love….
But the question is – WHAT will be Om’s reaction when he realizes that he has feelings for a woman who tried to con him in the past? Is she STILL the perfect match for him? Are these feelings real or a mere attraction?And most importantly, in the next epi, How is Om’s behaviour with Ishana!!!!

(Note- the last question is quote of a hint and also a little spoiler)

So i have a couple of epis already typed and ready to submit… plz tell me you all want me to continue… You do , right??? Plz comment guys, i am eagerly waiting to know your response!!! Love you!!!!

?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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