Ishkara… the pair of truth and lie (Episode 23)

Ishkara the pair of truth and lie
This is my first ever story, which i started because of my love and (maybe obsession?) for Ishkara. But due to the lack of time i was unable to update for Really LONG times…But still you all always appreciated me (i cannot express how thankful i am for that!!!!)
I was almost sure of not continuing this story any further, as i had no idea what to do?. But THE NEWS that Kunal won best naya sadasya award at SPA really cheered me up!!!!??? (i don’t care even that it’s for DBO…the fact that my Omi darling won is enough for me to go all happy?)
So i started this. Another reason is also that, giving up on the story is giving up on Ishkara, which i can never ever do.
I am a Ishkara- supporter, admirer and fan for life…. So here is the continued story.
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So everyone (except for youngsters) in Oberoi family have a misunderstanding that Ishana is Om’s new girlfriend. Let’s see what Ishkara do for that….

Episode 23-

“Are you crazy?”, Om asked Ishana in a whispering tone.

“No. But Are YOU? I don’t know what’s your problem. From morning you showed me at least 50 shades of your mood. From lost to angry to smart to extremely dumb, caring to arrogant to don’t know what…I mean what’s the point? And now, calling ME crazy??? Listen Omkara, you are the craziest person on this planet I’ve ever met”, Ishana finished in her usual style, totally declaring the fact that Om was indeed in a problem.

“ Do you have any idea that my WHOLE family is staring at us right now, including my parents’,Om continued in the whispering tone, trying to get to the point (which was ridiculously stupid and SO MUCH irritating him)….

“And you are what??? Scared of them?”, Ishana teased him, with her antics….

and Om now, for surely hit his forehead realizing that she was just crazy.
But now, he was also gonna reply her in her language. He winked at her and gave her THE LOOK ( a wink with a slight flirty smile). Ishan was like ‘what the wuck’. She thought as if the world moved upside down!!!!!!!!!
“Why is this Omkara behaving like this??? He took any reverse character tablet or what????”Ishana said to herself….
And that’s when it hit her…this action finally made Ishana understand what he was talking about. The Oberois were thinking ‘exactly THAT’ about her and Omkara.She was hell embarrassed and awkward at that moment, and also realizing what was going on everybody’s mind. Seeing her embarrassed profile made Omkara understand that she finally got his point.

Om- Now, stay silent and let me clear the misunderstanding

Ishana- And you can actually start by leaving my hand!!!!

Om was surprised to see himself holding her hand . He oh-so-unwillingly loosened his grip and She freed it with a jerk. She was fuming at him.
And Om again whispered, “Don’t give me that look, it’s not my fault”.

“So, what?? Is it mine? And now you don’t start me giving that look.Oh god. Why can’t you just forget the past. Listen Mr. I am not enjoying this AT ALL!!! Ok??? It’s hell like irritating!!!!”, Ishana said

Om- “I didn’t even think that. Belive me!! And now you are the one who is saying that. And YOU are the one bringing back the past!”

Ishana- “Oh really??? Am I??? Am I??And btw why are you whispering this much..”

Om- because YOU are!!!!
(Both continued to fight like kids, totally forgetting where they are standing)

“Stop Fighting with her and bring her inside the house!!!!”, Dadi said interrupting in Ishkara’s ‘whispering fight’

Om and Ishana had no other option than listening to that order. Both entered in. Walked a little forward, still standing beside each-other.

‘Apani nayi Dost se nahi milvaoge Om?’, Janavi said smiling and Om felt it to just bang his head on some rock.
Why???Why on earth, was his family so super-crazy and abnormal and soooooo excited about his love-life. Now, they didn’t have something, so they just thought Ishana was his girlfriend??? And to top it all of, Ishana was showing him attitude. Om’s simply-simple-mature life got really really crazy in a day.
He took a deep breath and shooted..

Om- Mom….Mom..listen to me VERY CAREFULLY first…It’s not what you are thinkinh… She is not what you think she is…She is actually…She is..

“Not Om’s friend”, Ishana completed the sentence for him, causing everybody’s attention move back to her, Including Om. ( Because her tone was not embarrassed, hesitating as his but a very very confident one.)

Ishana- hello mam, I am Ishana Mehta. I work in the art-company BLOSSOM of yours and I am here to help Priyanka with her Dance-event.

Everyone was now surprised and again impressed with her now. She was replying so confidently, boldly and that too showing a respect. It was of course unordinary for the Oberois. This attitude was different. But yeah, she was not insulting… It was just way too much impressive stuff. Cleared the understanding in just 2-lines and without hesitating. As much as they were shocked to find out that she was not om’s girlfriend, they were also shocked to find out how different this girl was!!!

Janavi- Ohhh…so ishana it is!!! Hi.. sorry…We though that you are….( she was about to say Om’s girlfriend, but Tej clears his throat intentionally and signals her not to say it!!!)

Ishana- it’s quite alright. It is nice to meet you all. I think, I should continue with my work. So let’s go Priyanka, shall we?

Prinku signed in relief… Being the only daughter of Oberoi family, Priyanka knew how hard is to deal with the Oberois. But it seemed like Ishana was very good at it. She handled literally ALL f them, one at a time. That was quite an achievement!!! Priyanka was somewhat shocked seeing how much confident and precise, Ishana always was…
Prinyanka nodded her head in ‘yes’ to ishana and asked her to come inside… both were about to leave the hall, when… her mother’s voice, stopped them..

Janavi- Prinku…I didn’t knew about your dance-event beta…Congrats and best luck for it. Let us know about the time. I will be glad to join…

Priyanka’s face lit up happily and everybody else’s too. Today something was different. After a long time, they had seen janavi so happy. Prinku and the Obros hearts were filled with a gratitude
Ishana was not understanding what was happening. Till now, she always thought that these rich people with these mansions and the big families never longed for anything else. But that was surely not the thing. ‘a mother happy and appreciative about her daughter’s event’ was a obvious thing. Though Ishana herself didn’t know what a mother’s love is, she knew there was nothing to be surprised in it…
But right now, that was not the sin. Ishana’s gaze easily noticed how unusual this event was in Oberoi Mansion. She was shocked to find this out.
Priyanka hugged her mom happily, and Ishana noticed Omkara smiling more brightly and wholeheartedly, than anytime else. His big brother Shivaay kept a hand on his shoulder and the Obros were having maybe a talk-through-eyes.It felt like a very loving and heart warming sight to Ishana. She never had these kind of moments actually. It was an emotional moment for her too.
‘Family really is the greatest blessing from fate,isn’t it?’,Ishana said unknowingly, lost in her thoughts.
Everybody present there again started looking at her. She realized what just happened. Ishana found it totally stupid and unprofessional, saying this infront of bunch of people who obviously had to do nothing about her thoughts on family… ‘stupid…you say anything, anywhere’, Ishana scolded herself in mind.
But now, she needed to say at least something.

Ishana- i am sorry…i didn’t mean to interrupt. It’s just…i know how it is to be without…. (She was cut offed by Janavi)

Janavi (smiled slightly)- You are not interrupting anything Ishana, and yeah…you’re totally right. Family is the greatest blessing….

Ishana felt really relieved and glad too. For the first time maybe in her life, but she got a maternal vibes from a person. Ishana smiled back at Janavi. While this all was noticed briefly by Om. He was shocked at this little but deep conversation between Ishana and his mom….
But the chain of surprises continued….
And this time it was the Tej Singh Oberoi..

Tej- Prinku, let us know for sure. Your mom and I will be really glad to come to your event!!!!

Now THIS…This was BIG. All Oberois were left just awestruck

Om- You will?? (In shock, he said to tej, as if confirming it)
And Ishana again got surprised seeing Omkara behaving so weirdly with his father.

Tej- Of course…It’s our Darling Daughter’s event after all. And Om, Shivaay, Rudra i think you three should also come…

Obros didn’t remember being so happy in presence of the whole family in a long time.

( Om remembered what Shivaay once said “choti choti khushoyon ke liye bhi sapna dekhna padta hai, kya zindagi hai hamari”)

Shivaay- of course bade papa…

Ishana again felt the emotional flow insode her. She seriously had missed so much in ner life. ‘i wish me and mona had family too…’,her heart craved for this love she never got!!!!

Omkara, who was very happy with this family-moment didn’t fail to notice a sad-glance in her eyes…He wondered what he was. He right now, really wanted to know, what was Ishana thinking about.
Actually, he kind of wanted to thank Ishana. It was because of her, that this whole Oberoi-Family moment was going on. Ishana’one little sentence meant to much for Oberois.
Almost everyone in the family, had always know it was a big responsibility being a part of it. They always made it a reputation​ for themselves.For them, the family was there pride, the responsibility. But maybe Ishana’s little unintentional sentence made them realize, that they were also a Blessing for each other, a gift from god. To protect the family was there duty. But to Love the family was there need,their life….
And this,was noticed most nicely by the artist mind and heart of Omkara.

Dadi, Anika and Soumya were also very happy at this and on Ishana’s entry in the mansion… This girl had maybe some her own magic with herself. In her presence, The people who tried to stay away from each other were coming close by themselves….

Ishana- wow Priyanka, now i guess almost half of the vip seats to your event are booked. (All the family members smiled widely) Let’s go and prepare for the event. Mark my word, the audience is just gonna shout ‘once more’ all the time…

Prinku (smiling)- well, i have a really good teacher…so i have no doubt about it.. let’s go!!!!

Ishana and Priyanka left from the hall. All family was happy and glad seeing their Prinku finally happy and enjoying…
Now the atmosphere in Oberoi mansion was very positive and happy… Omkara was still thinking about Ishana and how quickly she mixed up with people….

“Soni kudi hai”, Dadi said aloud, looking at Omkara. (Everybody understands that she means about Ishana) Om heard this but ignored it and again began to think about Ishana.

All the family looked at him curiously, but Om didn’t notice…
“O…dadi aap se baat kar rahi hai!!!!”, Rudra said breaking Om’s trance. And finally Mr. Artist came out of the dream-world and again found the family staring at him. He was like “Boy…DO I have to give explanation about me and Ishana now…”.
Om was having that ‘Let it GO’, look. And prayed to god that they won’t ask him anything about her. Seeing the most mature guy in the family in that cute, pleading kid-like innocent face the whole family was just laughing from their hearts. And this second silence was broken with tej’s laughter covering the hall, followed by everyone…

Tej- Don’t be so scared Omkara. We have no Judge-panel or a team of lawyers set up for you to punish…
The laughter just grew wider and wider on everyone’s face but the most of it was in Om’s heart. Yeah, the much he hated his father, no much how bad person he was, But inside the tough Omkara hating his father, there was also a little kid who was always waiting for these lovely-family moments… And seeing THAT today, It surely made him satisfied, happy. It was finally feeling like HOME again, like they were FAMILY again… What had brought this change? It was really HER presence maybe!!!

Pinky- oh my mata..Omkara you are having that’s look on your faces…Like when you were 5 and used to run in the whole mansion doing all the naughty-buisnesses…Remember Jethaniji??

Janavi – yes Pinky…He is surely looking just like that kid-Om today..Who used to be stubborn and mischievous..
( everybody were in the happy-memories…)

Rudra- Really?? Om used to be the shararti baccha??? And Mom, you say that he is a good-boy…VAise Why don’t I remember this?? Om and the mischievousness and all???

All hit their foreheads.

Shivaay- Rudra, Seriously this is why Om calls you his Duffer. Use some mind man…You are his younger brother. You must be a baby at the time, when all this used to happen..

Rudra- but Bhaiya, I was there na, then I should remember this yaar..You all should have given me the 21 badams (almonds) everyday..My memory won’t have been this weak in childhood.

Alll burst out in laughter again, and Soumya thinks to taunt Rudra..

Soumya- So What Rudra…You are still the same, even now you don’t remember things..Oh sorry..I meant even now, you are just a baby..

Rudra- Hey Sumo…shut up…

Om- Come n Rudra..don’t be so Rude to my cutie sis…And sahi to keh rahi hai…

Rudra- Kya o…kya sahi keh rahi hai..I remember everything ok??

Saumya- Oh really??Then Plz tell us Rudra..What is the timing of today’s class???

Rudra (scratches his head and is confused what to answer)- Hoga aise hi kuch…11- 12 etc..

Saumya- Really??

Rudra- Ha..Really..

Soumya- Pakka??Like hundred percent sure??

Rudra (hesitantly)- Yeah…yeah..200% sure

Saumya- so you prove it again. You
definitely don’t remember anything. Today is Sunday Duffer…There is NO CLASS today…

ShivOmAni laugh on their cute fights, while Pinky Dadi and Janavi hit their heads signing ‘ nothing can be done with these two”…(Tej and Shakti leave from there for there work, the whole family was having a light and happy mood after many days)
Om- ok, now enough of the jokes…I will go now…

Rudra- Where??? Ishana se milane ja rahe ho??? (Om was like, I am gonna beat this Rudra right here…and Rudra hides behind Janavi)

Om- Shut up Rudra…what crap..

Janavi- So we were not completely wrong huh??? Ishana..Isn’t this the same girl about whom we talked at the breakfast that day..And that day We thought that she was Om’s girlfriend…And today also… She is pretty by the way..

Om- Mom, I told you, it’s NOTHING!!!

Janavi (lost in her thoughts)- maybe..But the way you were holding her hand, reminded me of My first-day after marriage. Tej was there with me, with my every step…never leaving my hand…You know everbody was just teasing and tellinge how caring husband i’ve got…

All were shocked listening this. And
Omkara just couldn’t decide what to do…
“Mom…”, Om tried to bring his mother out of the trance and make her realize what she just said.
Janavi understood, and blushed slightly..

Pinky- Oh my mata, Jethaniji, today seriously Ishqbaazi is in the airs. Our mansion has turned to flashback movie of romances…

Om- Mom, you know what you are saying, right?

Janavi- Yeah…Om…ohhh!!! I didn’t mean to say that you will marry ishana, just the situation was almost same so I blurted out…

Om hit his forehead as Shivaay and Rudra went all ‘Ooooooooooo’ ( that reaction siblings give when parents say ‘your name and marriage’ in one sentence)

Rudra- wow O, Mom selected her future daughter-in-law for you. Lucky Boy!!!!!

Om- For god’s sake Rudra SHUT UP…And mom, choti ma For the Last time…It was nothing but just a misunderstanding . And that too spread by this Rudra.. I told you na, she just works in the gallery.. And that too Shivaay hired her. Ad prinku just told you, Ishana is her friend..(Om said trying to cover it up.)

Pinky- Oh my Mata..Is this a tradition for you brothers now..I mean hiring and having nok-jhoks with girls and surprisingly they all turn out to be your sister’s friends…
( Shivika understand that the dialogue was for them and they see at each-other..They remember all that. The temple, car-window, gobar, chameli, race, pasta, check-mate, the billu-song and all the tashan moments they had as Anika was the wedding-planner of Shitiya marriage?)

Om too understands, that Pinky said it regarding to Shivika and he smiles at that. But the smile disappears as he understands that she just compared Shivaay and Anika’s bond to His and Ishana’s. Which was definitely not right as Shivaay and Anika were married and MAYBE she meant that Om was too going on his brother’s footsteps, and Ishana was the MEANT TO BE with person in his life ( OHhhh…He was blushing at that thought??)

Om- No choti maa…it’s not that. And what nok-jhoks… I didn’t fight with her like shivaay used to with Anika-bhabhi…
Now both Shivaay and Anika were surprised and shy that Om was dragging them in this matter..

Shivaay- hey Om…Don’t drag me into this now.. And you didn’t fight with her. Come on!!! what was at the tea-stall, the gallery, on road and hello, we all heard the ‘ Whispering fight’ of you two…

Now the three ladies look at Omkara with ‘What will you say on this’..

Rudra- Arre Bhaiya You don’ know one fight…The second latest one. In the car. Can you believe it? These two had a nick-name fight…

Rudra takes out the mobile and plays the video. Everyone is excited and Om gets a 440-volt current with that..He tries to take away the mobile from Rudra but the family forbids him for that. All laugh seeing that video…

Om( irritated)- Rudra it’s really bad manners to record two people like this. I can sue you for that…

Rudra- come on O…First you should think before fighting like this….

Janavi – Vaise…Ishana is really brave haahh…I mean saying all this to your boss, it takes lot of courage for that..

Om- Mom…ab aap bhi. She is behaving so childish and mindlessly and you are addressing it as her bravery…

Janavi- O…so Ishana is childish..And what about my 26-years mature-artist beta who is calling her cham-cham…

Om- That..I just did in heat of the moment. I didn’t mean all that..

Shivaay- Yeah…you didn’t. But Ishana sure did. Oberoi Om!! That’s a cool nickname you got from your girl…Unlike your bhabhi, who says what not…bagad billa and all….

Anika- So what??? Om is better and sweet than you, that’s why she gave him that name. And he also gave her a one a lot better than Panika…cham-cham..That sounds really adorable Om..

Om- Ok…stop it you all. Ishana …my girl…cute…sweet….what the hell is going on here. Can’t you all stay quiet for a moment?

Pinky- Ok..Now really stops huhh…Or our Omkara will open his third eye now…We really teased him a lot

O-bros with ani-soum head out from there, while Pinky, Janavi also get busy with the chores.
Daadi, who was quiet all this while, begins to think, that Ishana really is the takkar ki Jodi for her middle and most kind-hearted grandson. Dadi knew everyone was teasing Om with Ishana just for fun and to pull Om’s leg. But Kalyani Singh Oberoi’s experienced eyes had catched something more than that… She had seen Ishana COMPLETING Om’s life.
She noticed that, Ishana would have been the humor in his mature-complicated life-principles, she was the only one able to make Omkara come out of his inner depths of artistic soul and teach him to survive every pain in the life. For the first time in so many years, dadi had seen her Omkara like this..Like an innocent kid he used to be, The person who was hidden behind the pain life has offered him. And the reason for this change was Ishana.
Moreover, that girl’s presence also seemed to bring the family closer. She prayed to god, that Ishana should be the one meant to be for Omkara

Precap- It’s some dancing time!!!!….And the Classic Omkara Singh Oberoi is having some CHEESY dreams

I know you guys are going to kill me for sure for dragging this story too much, the late, and the boring episode…?? i am really sorry…i’ll try to be better next time…

Bye, tc

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    And i loved the family gathering, prinku, anika rumya…haaye…special apprecaition 4 that because i am really missing their cuteness and u brought it perfectly….Omru was also 2 gud yaar….And i loved the whisphering talks of ishkara which was really interesting 2 read and jahnvi -omie convo was also very nice……I love the way om noticing ishu’s eye’s sadness as he is able 2 understand her inner soul which makes omkara really special and u brought it before my eyes…..Altogether it was a nice episode and i liked it very much…..When u update this one
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