Ishkara… the pair of truth and lie (Episode 22)

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OmishRu entered inside the mansion.??
Om and Ishana trying to maintain most possible distance as they could. Both were still in the memories of that childish fights played in the car…???
but the funny thing was that both were taking it on a way too much serious level…

‘How can someone call me CHAM CHAM’, Ishu frowned while thinking. “ But it’s also kind of cute, isn’t it?”, her heart was ready for defense of Omkara and that adorably stupid nickname…Ishana couldn’t help but just smile at herself for that, while walking through that HUGE parking of Oberoi mansion. Looking at the view, her thoughts thankfully took a new track

“ Seriously, how can people live in these kind of houses, seriously a colony will easily fit inside this”, Ishana thought while looking around. She could see the beautifully maintained gardens, the fountains, servants working, and the innumerable cars parked… “ Nice exhibition of the MONEY factor”,Ishana continued with her analysis further, but something made her stop… THE CAR..That sport-vintage red car. The same she fooled them with. Her first meeting with Omkara. And that con-attempt of selling the stolen-car. She had managed to fool two Oberois at one time…She could not understand how the car was there. Maybe they bought another same piece. But that car totally reminded her of that day…Crystal clear. She unknowingly chuckled remembering that day and the expressions, discussions of OmRu on buying that car. The fun she made of them with her Papa and Mona. ??

Hearing the sound of her chuckle, Om and Rudra both at the same time stared back at her. Seeing her smiling seeing that car, both understood in a sec, what was she laughing at. Even for them, I was impossible to forget that historical day. Seriously, both were such fools, to get trapped in that. Both had admitted that very day, that they were seriously STUPID, and had even laughed with Shivaay, remembering that incident. It was not like a TOO MUCH financial loss. Actually, 50 lakh…that was like nothing for THE OBEROIS. But the funny thing was that OmRu had to go to the jail?…And the whole family had taken full advantage of that to make fun…Om and Rudra didn’t remember taking the whole thing seriously or something. Actually, at that time they didn’t even know that it was Ishana who conned them. They came to know about it later, on Ishkara confrontation day.

Om did his best, not yelling or getting angry with her. Though he could see she was smiling, he was smart enough to understand that the smile was not whole-heartedly…Her usual smile. Now, it was something, different, painful maybe. Generally when she used to smile, her eyes would smile more than her. But at this second, her eyes were not smiling, they were covered with hurt, guilt and enormous pain…just pain. Om didn’t know why but a sudden urge ran in his body seeing her like this. She was acting to be cold and fine and carefree and all. BUT SHE WAS NOT. HE KNEW IT. In the depth of her beautiful, doe-shaped eyes he could see…He could see how much hurt she was, how difficult it was for her to come all the way here, remembering all that. AT that moment, he just wanted to be with her. Tell her that she was not alone, that he was with her. Om just felt like taking her in his arms and holding her close to him. A sudden urgency started taking over him. HE wished to hold her close to him and wipe out that pain from those pretty eyes. Let her get past that pain. He wanted her to know that IT WAS OKAY…it really was…. Om stared at her intense, hoping she will be fine.
Ishana got THAT look in his eyes, and it really made her sooo comfortable. She was not sure if he really meant all that, but right now, she could read it in his intense eyes. His every action, gaze just to make her feel better. “Can someone be more kind and good than this? How can you be like this Omkara, why do you have to care so much about everyone”, Ishana thought…..??
But this thought link was broken by Rudra, who obviously didn’t think as deep as Omkara about the situation. ?

“You know, that was a horrible stunt to play on someone. Selling a stolen car… I had to go to jail for that”, Rudra said to Ishana in a playful tone.
And Omkara who was walking a little ahead, had the most demanding need to say SHUT UP RUDRA. Never in his life, had he felt that his brother was this much dumb. What was the need to bring back all those memories. IS it necessary to say out everything you feel, Omkara said to himself, wishing that this topic won’t go any further. But how could he forget that even Ishana, was not a silent, calm personality to listen all that silently. She too, HAD TO get back on that.
“ Not really, I think. I mean, look at the positive point, You got the car of your dreams because of that and also a life-time memorable incident cause of that stunt of mine. So out and out, it was not that bad”,? Ishana replied to Rudra with same childish attitude and voice, winking at him. He replied that same thing and nodded his head, as if it was not really a bad deal after all.

And Om was left like? ‘mai kyu fass gaya inn dono bevkufon ke bich” ( why am I stuck with these two stupids). Rudra and Ishana are equally cracked cases, and no one can do anything about that, Om said to himself but still looked back at Ishana to make sure she was not hurt because of this little joke of his brother’. Now too, there was a sad streak in her eyes, but she was covering it up with the laughter. Even now, Om was not sure if it was actually the fact or just he felt it.
THIS was the thing why he always used to be confused about Ishana. Whenever, he saw her, he didn’t know why but used to feel that she was connected to the pain just like him, just like his art. She was carefree, beautiful, with attitude, with imperfections, lies, dramas, talent everything. But what attracted him the most was her pain. He knew, she was imitating Bela, when she met him first and told all those dukhbhari dastaan types stories. But somewhere, after meeting her again, after working with her again, Omkara had realised that that pain was not just bela’s fake one….It also stuck a cord with Ishana’s one. Maybe not always the pain, tears were fake. He was just seeing that grief as Bela’s but in reality it was Ishana’s. “Ek chehre par dusra chehra…par Dunia ko sirf chehra dikhta hai…Dil nahi dikhta “(One face on another one… But world only sees the face, not the heart?) Om remembered these words of hers and he saw her again, in front of his eyes, joking around with Rudra. Was she doing it again? Was she again wearing a mask on her face?? Like she did before? The difference was just that earlier, it was a sad mask on a happy face and now a fake-happy mask on a sad face. Om was stumped at this imagination of his. Never, never even for once, he wanted he to do that. He never wanted her to go through all of that. He wanted to help her. But does she need it or I am just over thinking as per my habit. “ I cannot again do a mistake of falling for her pains”, Omkara warned himself and surprisingly, his heart agreed at once this time… But “When did you fall for her at the first place”, A new question lingered in his mind, leaving him completely speechless at anything, ?

Om was so much lost in the trance that he didn’t even realise that they were now standing on the entrance of door.And the most special thing was, that while thinking about Ishana, he had in reality, holded her hand and was walking with her. His thoughts were about protecting her, and unknowingly he did that through his actions. Ishana was shocked and tried to resist but om’s hold was firm, he totally ignored her effort to leave his hand, and was so much lost in the trance, It broke only with his choti ma’s voice…

“Arre, ye kaun nayi ladki aayi hai Om ke saath. Vaise she is beautiful huhhh? ( who is this new girl with Om??Btw, she beautiful huhh)”, Pinky’s voice was loud enough to get everyone’s attention present in the hall including Om. And Ishana was left like ‘what should I say to this’…

Though they were not showing, everyone in the Oberoi Mansion was under a big shock, even Tej. It was Sunday, it was unusual but the WHOLE family was in the house and that too in the hall only. Shivaay, Anika, Soumya and Prinku just had reached home and were obviously waiting for Om, Rudra and Ishana only. But their parents and Dadi had no clue about it, especially Ishana entering, so all of them surprised and shocked, was a totally justificable situation, thought Om. But that was not all.

He saw his mother looking at him with half narrowed eyes and smiling? ( a total ‘caught you’ expression from moms), Pinky was smling a little more, with a excited expression?, Shakti was pretending to be cold and calm as always, but his eyes totally told that he was beyond shock seeing Omkara with a new girl on the entrance of their door, and most special, important and UNIQUE was Tej’s reaction. From the last fight they had about omkara’s marriage), tej always pretended or remained to be ignorant towards anything related to Omkara, but that was not the case today. His eyes were for some moments stuck on his son’s face and then ultimately turning to the pretty girl he was standing with, he was looking as if somewhat (delighted??)?, with that. And after this, he turned a bit toward Janavi, who was standing a bit far from him. And she was looking back at him too. Both shared a very comfortable eye-lock with the unusual smiles?, as if sharing a little sweet secret of their own. Janavi lowered her gaze with a slight blush, seeing tej gazing at her, and his smile grew wider. All of this moment, was catched by Omkara’s eyes, who was surprised, but a part of him was really happy seeing his parents like this, TOGETHER again….???

But wait a second…why was everyone in the house behaving like this????? A total ‘hamara beta bada ho gyaa’ type looks. His parents were MAYBE recalling, one of their fond-romantic-moments in past, his chote papa- choti maa were looking happy for him, and his daadi was having THAT look in her eyes, the same one when she used to talk about the ISHQBAAZI things… So did that mean???????…. And that thought got stronger, seeing Shivaay smirk at him by observing everyone’s expressions.??

Om felt like asking all of them to SHUT their thoughts and the cozy minds UP?… But he was very well aware, doing that was not an option. He has realised the fact, that WHAT all of them were thinking about. “Is it necessary that evry girl I will enter with here HAST TO BE MY GIRLFRIEND’, Om cursed his family for thinking like that??. But then he realised that he could not TOTALLy blame them for this. Omkara had this kind of personality, the ones who are mostly tangled in themselves, so he with girls and all, was not really a usual sight, besides, the only girl which they knew to be in is life was his ex-girlfriend Riddhima, whom he broke up with for her selfish nature and attempt to create a rift between the brothers. Now, the fact was that suddenly out of the blue, with every kind of worst problem in their lives, ( Svetlana, Tia, the attacks) on a weekend, his family saw him with a beautiful girl on the entrance of the Oberoi Mansion’s door. And the fact that they were standing right beside each other, very close was maybe adding more to their misunderstanding, that she was surly SOMEONE SPECIAL in his life ( but wasn’t she?).???
And to top that all of, his mischievous younger brother aka the Rudra Singh Oberoi, was PURPOSEFULLY standing far from them, to make it look like only THEY two were entering, and it was totally making them two look like a couple. ?

“Tu itani door kyu kahda hai Rudra? What the hell…Just come here”, Om whispered looking back at Rudra with a total pissed face.?

Rudra who was enjoying the scenario very well, came forward.

“Kya yaar..Ek pal ki doori sahi nahi jaati and then mujhe chipku and crybaby kehte hai. Look t your face Om, now you are looking the dumbest Oberoi’, Rudra said trying hard not to burst out in a laughter.?

Ishana giggled at the convo and Om moved his gaze to her with a impossible look. Was she mad? Did she not understandwhat all of them were thinking about those too.?

Omkara suddenly felt that he had a MEASURE responsibility of clearing of the misunderstanding all by himself. Because Ishana was obviously unaware of the misunderstanding growing in his family’s mind and his both brothers were enjoying this fix of his, instead of helping him out…Bechara Omi…. But note the thing guys, while all through this, he was STILL holding her hand in his…???

Precap:- Ishkaar funny convo—–Family fun——- misunderstanding cleared——-
‘Are all you Oberois nuts’, Ishana asks Shivaay ———“ The way you were standing with her, reminded me of my first entry in this house and the way tej was with me”, says Janavi to Omkara leaving him in a total shock…

Again a long longggggg apology note, i won’t bore u with my talks now, just tell me whether you liked the episode or not….i know it’s not that good or what u all expected, but i’ll surely try to be better next time and post soon????….bye guys….

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