Ishkara… the pair of truth and lie ( Episode 2)


Here goes the Second Episode:-

Ishana-Omkara are on the road.Both were completely shocked. Omkara was the one who came in the senses first and the soon he realized, The surprised expressions in his intense eyes were replaced by anger and fury. This change made Ishana come out of her trance and she was filled with guilt and regret over her previous deeds.
“Well, didn’t expect to see you after that day. Aren’t you ashamed to come infront of me after all you did” said Omkara with a angry voice and bloodshot eyes.
Ishana didn’t know what to say. Did he even knew how much she regretted breaking his trust? How much pain she felt after hurting him? Even though she didn’t know him pretty well, every day since that last meeting, she remembered him, his words. If it wasn’t for the necessity, she would have never ever done anything like that. But all this was not going to justify her deeds. “I deserve this”, she thought in her mind. But it was not okay, to stand quiet, especially after the last convo they had before three months.
Ishana- vo-vo….main…
Om- oh! Kya hua? Koi naya bahana dhund rahi ho, mujhe trap karne ka? Ya koi nayi bela-mala ki kahani bana rahi ho? Miss Ishana don’t even think about it.

Ishana felt like killing herself, after hearing these words. Her eyes were filled with tears now. Really we all have to pay for our mistakes. The past doesn’t leave anyone unaffected. But all this didn’t matter for Omkara. All he knew was that this girl tried to hurt him, fool him and now after seeing her again, his mind was filled with anger which was totally obvious.He lost his control on himself
Om- Aaj koi lecture nahi dogi? Amiri ya garibi ke bare main…. Apane gunaho ko chupane ke liye koi naya jhoot nahi bologi? Meri family aur baaki sab ke bare main nahi taane marogi? Apani parvarish aur sanskar nahi dikhaogi?( Won’t you give any lecture today, about rich-poor? Won’t you lie again to hide your crimes taunt me on my family background and all, won’t you show your values and manners?)
( I know this doesn’t really sounds like Omkara, But a person can say anything in anger)
Now Ishana was very angry too. How can he do all that again? She knew she did very wrong to him. But it didn’t give him any right to talk about her family. How can he do all that again? Even after knowing that she doesn’t has any right to get angry or shout at him, she yelled out.

Ishana- “ How dare you? Aapki himmat kaise hui meri family ke baareme bolne ki? Dekhiye Mr. Oberoi, main janati hu ki maine aapke saath bohot galat kiya. Par iska ye matlab nahi ki aap meri family ke bare me kuch bhi bolenge aur mai chup chap sun loongi. Aur rahi aap se milne ki baat, to mai bhi aapse milkar bohot khush nahi hu. Par ha, maafi jarur mangna chahti hu aapse. ( How did u dare to talk about my family like this. Look Mr.Oberoi, I know I did very bad with you, but it doesn’t mean that you will talk anything about my family and I will hear that silently. And about meeting you again, Even I am not glad to see you again, But yes, I really want to apologize)
Om-“maafi? Aur tum? Maafi vo mangte hai jinhe apane galti ar pachtava hota hai, mafi sachhe dil se mangi jati hai aur tumhari baton se to bilkul bhi nahi lagta ki tumhe jara sa bhi bura lag raha hai apane kiye ka.” ( Apology and u? apology is asked by the ones who regret their mistakes, it is done by pure heart. And from your talks it doesn’t seem like you feel bad about your deeds.)

Ishana- Kisi insaan ne past me galati ki ho, to uska ye matlab nahi ki vo zindagi bhar bus bura hi bankar jiye, log apani galtiyan sudharne ki bhi koshish karte hai. Par shayad aap ye nahi samjhenge. Aapane bilkul sahi kaha tha, Zakhm sabko dikhte hai par dard kisi ko nahi dikhta. Aap ko bhi meri galatiyan dikhai dengi par meri majboori nahi. Janati hu koi hak nahi hai ye kahne ka, par ho sake to please mujhe mafkar dena. (if a person commits a mistake once, it doesn’t mean that he will be bad for the rest of his life. But maybe u won’t understand it. You said right, Wound is seen by everyone but not the pain behind it. You too will see my mistakes but not my situation. I know I don’t have any right to say this, but please forgive me if u can)

As soon as she completed these words, she turned around to hide her tears from him, which were now flowing down on her cheeks. She was about to leave, when she felt him holding her hand very gently and tenderly from behind. She was shocked at his touch. “ you have got a injury on your hand, it will need a first aid.” said Omkara trying hard to talk in normal voice. She was now even more shocked. He still cared? He was still concerned about her hurts? “ Don’t know what another drama will you create using this small accident.” He finished his sentence and ishana was once again very furious.
She angrily said, “ Don’t you worry Mr. Oberoi, I am used to all these hurts now. Life teaches you everything.” Before he could say anything else, she walked out leaving him alone on that road.
Omkara was now double shocked. His POV- What kind of girl is she? What does she thinks of herself? Is she Lady Shivaay or something? First she did a mistake, didn’t admit it, When admitted now she is showing attitude to me? Giving me moral lectures? What is this Girl? Was she lying again or this was really a coincidence?

Just then he remembered that he got even more late, and he rushed to his gallery. This whole day was miserable for him. After that small meeting on the road, Ishana now totally occupied his mind. His paintings, sculptures, art everything failed to get him out of her thoughts. All he wanted to do was ignore that girl and her thoughts and that was the only thing he was not able to do. He was so lost on that day that he didn’t even showed up at the Mansion for lunch, he completely forgot what he said to Rudra. At 9’o clock, the watchman of his gallery came to ask if he wanted to go to mansion or not, Shivaay had called five to six times just to know if he was fine. Omkara was completely shocked to see that it was night now and he was still in the gallery. He left for the mansion and reached there soon. He entered his room, and was not at all surprised to find his brothers there, waiting for him. He knew that now, they will burst out their questions on him. But instead, Rudra came near him and hugged him laughing very loud. Omkara looked at Shivaay with a question mark, and Shivaay gave him a ‘ Don’t ask’ look. Rudra left Omkara and started laughing at Shivaay again.
Om- Rudra, tu kya ye paaglon ki tarah hase jaa raha hai? Koi mujhe batayega bhi ki hua kya? ( Rudra why are you laughing like an idiot? Will anyone tell me what happened?

Rudra- Offo Om, aap janate nahi aaj aapane kya miss kiya hai. Anika bhabhi ne to aaj bilkul kamal hi kardiya. Lady Baba ne unpe apane aankhon mein spray daalne ka zhuta ilzam lagaya Aur jab Bhaiya ne unhe maafi mangne ko kaha, to unhone direct Tia ke aankhon me sach me vo spray dal diya. Bechari Tia ki to ti-ti fiss ho gayi aur bhaiya ki tadi ki bhi. Hamara ghar to matlab pura daily soap tha aaj. ( Om u don’t know what u missed today. Today tiya accused anika bhabhi for putting spray in her eyes and when bhaiya forced bhabhi to apologize her, she really did put spray in lady baba’s eyes. Tia’s plan and Shivaay’s tadi both failed against anika bhabhi. Our House was a daily-serial-drama today)
Om-( controlling his laughter) OHH!!! How can I miss this, aaj to ye Mahaepisode tha yaar.
Shivaay- Shut up u two. Aur Om tu to bol hi mat. Kaha tha saare din bhar? Na breakfast na lunch aur aaj to shayad tera dinner ka bhi koi irada nahi tha. Khud ka dhyaan nahi rakhta hai aur mujhe workholc kehta hai. Tujhe pata hai mai kitna pareshan tha? Phone kyu nahi utha raha tha haan? ( Om don’t talk. Where were you whole day? NO breakfast, no lunch and u were not planning to have even dinner tonight? You don’t take care of yourself and call me workaholic. Do u know how tensed I was? Why weren’t you picking up calls?

Om- Shivaay vo main ( but he was interrupted)
Rudra- Haan O aap ne promise kiya tha ki aap vapas aaoge aur phir laute hi nahi. Mujhe sab kuch akele hi handle karna pada. ( Yes Om, u promised that u will be back and then didn’t return. I had to handle everything alone)
Om- Ab koi mujhe bolne dega? Rudra aaj meri gallery me ek important din tha. Ek to subah subah mein late ho gaya aur phir raastein me vo mujhse takrayi. ( will someone let me speak? Rudra today I had a important day in my gallery. First I got late in the morning and then she collided with me in the road)
ShivRu- Vo…..vo kaun?( She…who she?)
Om- are Ishana yaar aur kaun? ( Ishana…. Who else?)
Shivaay- What Ishana? That con girl?
Rudra- Ohh god. Ghar pe to sirf serial thi, O ki life me to poori ki poori Movie chal rahi hai. Teen mahino se ata-pata-lapta. Phir kal achank Raat ko aapko unke Khayal aane lage, aur aaj sidhe unse takra gaye…. Kya chemistry hai…..( in house, only a serial, but a whole movie is going on in Om’s life. For three moths no contact, then you suddenly got tangled in her thoughts last night, and today collided with her… What a chemistry) Hearing this Om got angry and Shivaay started laughing

Om- Chup kar Rudra. Main us ladki se nafrat karta hu aur tujhe yaha chemistry dikh rahi hai. Aur Shivaay tu iss duffer ko samjhane ki jagah has raha hai?( Shut up Rudra, I hate that girl and you are seeing chemistry. And Shivaay instead of correcting him, you are laughing?
Shivaay- Tu bhi mere saath aise hi karta hai. Aur vaise tu kab se Ishana ke bare me soch kar raat-raat bhar jagne laga? ( he said it sarcastically teasing Om) ( u do the same with me and when did u start thinking about Ishana at late-nights?)
Om- Tum log bhi na baat ko kaha se kaha leke jaate ho. Issi liye iss Rudra ko kuch batana nahi Chahiye. Vo ladki se to jyada ab tum dono irritate kar rahe ho. Mai Ishana ke bare me……. ( You two are increasing the matter meaninglessly. That’s why u shouldn’t tell anything to Rudra. You two are irritating me more than that girl. This Ishana…..)
But Rudra interrupted again,
Rudra- Shivaay bhaiya, plz plz mere liye ek hearing aid ka intazam karo na. ( Shivaay bhaiya plz arrange one hearing aid for me)
were reaaly confused They both gave Rudra a question-mark look.
Rudra- Arey, last time when Om started, talking about Ishana it took two hours to come out of that speech. So, before he again starts the sach-jhoot do kinare speech and we again become do bechare, I will have to think about my ears. You know how boring this long-hair creature’s talks are…..
Shivaay- ab bas kar Rudra.. let him speak.Om, how did you meet her again?
Omkara narrated the whole incident and ShivRu listened silently. As soon as he finished, he looked at them, expecting a surprise,shock but both were looking normal.
Shivaay- So what? Maybe she really changed, now she is trying to lead a honest life.
Om- Really u think she changed? I think that she is again trying to con me.
Rudra- Kuch bhi o….Why will she again come in front of u after that fight. If she wanted money, why would she fight with u in middle of the road? And most importantly u know that she is a con girl. It is minimum common sense that u will not come in her trap again, then why will she waste her time on you?
Shivaay- First time this duffer is talking sensibly and u are not. What happened to you Om? Why does she affect you that much?
Om- Shivaay, She doesn’t affect me at all. And why are you two supporting that lier?
Rudra- No. Om, bhaiya is right. Even I think that she affects u a lot. Actually, u are obsessed with her, even more than Shahrukh in Darr.

Om- No, Rudra . That Ishana….
Shivaay- ( Sings like Om) Phir se naam liya…..(and smirks, ShivRu hifi)
Rudra- Nahi bhaiya, sirf aap aur shahrukh bechaare naam leke shant ho jaate the, par Om to itne jyaada affect hote hai, ki apani Ishana pe do-do ghnte lectures dete phirte hai. ( no bhaiya, only u and Shahrukh get satisfied by names, Om is so much affected, that he gives two-two hours lectures on his Ishana)
Om- My Ishana, what the wuck….Now you two get out, I have to…..
ShiRu- Call Ishana?
Om- No. Freshen up.( he shuts the door on their mouth, getting even more angry by seeing their teasing expressions)
Rudra- Dekha, Ishana kya kaha, Sharma gaye…( see, I said Ishana and he got shy…)
Shivaay- Duffer, kuch bhi kehta hai

IN The Room,
Om Removes his jacket and something falls on the ground. He bents down to see what it is. He sees a beautiful earring and holds it. He remembers the moment when Ishana was in his arms and realizes that it is her.
At Ishana’s home-
She searches for her earring
Ishana- Mona, tune mera ek earring dekha kya?
Mona- Kyat u bhi na, Earring pakad ke baithi hai, Apane bare me batana. Kaisa tha aapka din aaj? Mai janati hu ki ye sab aap ke liye bahaut mushkil hai. Par mai sach me abhi khush hu aapke liye, aap finally ek honest life ji rahe ho.( why are you talking about earring, tell me about you, your day. I know everything is very difficult for you. But now I am really happy for you, you are finally leading an honest life)
Ishana- Awww meri chapali, aaj ekdum badi badi baatein kar rahi hai.( aww u are talking so big-big things today)
Mona- Offo don’t change the topic. How was your day?
Ishana-( she remembers Omkara and their moment but decides not to tell Mona) Nothing special. Tu jaa aur khana kha le. Mai bas aati hu. ( nothing secial. You go and eat, I will come in a minute.
Mona leaves.

Ishana’s POV- Mai bhi bahut khush hu Mona. Mai ab iss sab andhere me nahi rehna chahati. Mai apani wajah se tera future nahi barbaad hone doongi.( Even I am happy Mona. Now I don’t want to be in the dark anymore. I can’t let your future get destroyed cause of me)
She looks at her appontmaint letter, which she got for the interview of new job.
Episode ends with Omkara holding the earring on one side, And Ishana with the letter in other.
Precap:- Tej-Shivaay convo-Om convinced to run the new company-Jhanavi recommends a girl to get job in that-Ishana on the job interview-Ishana makes friends with Priyanka( not knowing she is an ‘Oberoi’

——————————————————————————————————————————————HOW WAS IT? GOOD OR BORING OR SUPES BORING?, please let me know through the no. of comments. Should I Decrease or increase the length? All positive-negative replies, suggestions are welcome. Thanks for reading this. And sorry if I made any mistake, It’s my first ever story so, plz ignore the mistakes

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