Ishkara…the pair of truth and lie ( Episode 17)

Episode Seventeen-

Omkara was getting restless, thinking that Ishana is calling him sir. “ I have to stop this”,Om said to himself with a determined face??.. But Wait a second….” Why is she mattering THIS MUCH to me?”, Om’s heart and mind again started fighting.?? All he knew, at this second, was that Ishana calling him sir was like somebody torturing him in a hell unbearable audio way…..” Come on, you are just feeling weird because, you are not used to it, No one at the art-hub called you sir, so you don’t want anyone to call it here…that’s it..”, his smart mind covered up for him. And he laughed at himself realizing that this was a really stupid excuse?….still he decided to go for it.
It was around 10 am now, everyone in the art-company had arrived ad were busy in the work…To Om, it was a new experience of course, to work like this, but still he loved it as it was related to his passion, his art.??? He called a meeting of the employees for discussing about the preparations and ideas for the art-exhibition they were going to conduct next month. As it was an international-level exhibition, Om knew they had a lot to do. He just wanted everyone to be aware of it. Everybody gathered in the conference room, including Ishana. Om entered in, and saw that all the other employees especially the male employees were staring at her with a total flirting look…this made Om go angry like an electric heater…..How could they????????But he controlled his anger and started the meeting moving their attention. He explained everything, their motto, the plans, the organization everything. Everyone understood it fully, and now they were impressed with Om’s talent too. ??

Especially Ishana was impressed with all that. Om was not just the soft-hearted, caring, kind person. He was very particular, sincere and equally passionate and desired to his work. The way he handled the meeting and the whole work of company in just one day, It proved that he was a born-businessman after all, with the sharp mind and really impressive tactics to win people…’you never show it Zulfi Singh Oberoi, but you are a OBEROI deep inside, but also paired with the most beautiful and truthful heart and personality”, Ishana thought in her mind and a pleasant smiled appeared on her pretty face??…Om caught it of course, and seeing her beautifully adorable smile, he was lost in her again.. But he soon composed himself remembering that he had an IMPORTANT announcement to make…??

Om( to all the employees)- And ya…As we are working TOGETHER, no need to call me sir and all, you all can call me Omkara…..So everyone, have a nice day and enjoy the work ( he left leaving everyone else in the room impressed by his talent, work, humbleness ( and killing looks of, course)….
As soon as everyonecome out of the conference room. Ishana totally heard all the girls talking about Om…??? “ Oh…he is really hot yaar…too attractive. And the way he speaks….those intense eyes…that smile…the humbleness…o he is really the prince Charming….Believe me, he is the hottest young bachelor…..Any girl will just die for him..And now, we can call him by his name….”,????
Hearing all these comments, now Ishana got red in anger???….” Oh….what kind of girls work here….They are gawking their boss…..really manner-less…And do they even have brain or just the empty skull? Zulfi Singh Oberoi…and hot….Prince Charming….???.???No way…..He is so simple…. They are totally out of their mind…??.I wonder how many of them are dreaming about HIM now…as if he is their property…Stupids….And even this Omkara is not less….What was the need to deny everyone from calling him ‘sir’…No.he wants them to call him by his name….what does he thinks of himself…I will see him…stupid fellow”, Ishana murmured to herself, getting more and more angry….??

She straightly walked to Om’s work area wher he was all set to paint on his canvas and totally engrossed in his work. Ishana tapping her feet loudly, went near him with a angery-fuming look in her eyes.? Om looked forward, he saw Ishana standing infront of him with her hands folded and a burning-look in her eyes….
Om- Yes? U need anything?
Ishana- Yes…I need to know that why you denied everyone from calling you’sir’
Om( feels a little embarrassed because he did it only cause of Ishana)- Why do you care???
Ishana- Oh I don’t…but the girls in your gallery…they really do.??
Om- ( is confused) please elaborate…I don’t get anything…?
Ishana- Welll, you walk out of the room and you know, what all were talking about?
Om- What?
Ishana ( mimicks the girls)- “oh…he is so attractive…the hottest bachelor…And we can call him by his name…”…….I don’t understand why are these stupid girls talking like this.???
Om-( was now having fun in the conversation because of Ishana’s funny antics and the total jealous avtar??) – And you have a problem with it?
Ishana- Of course I do…??( realises what she said)…No..I don’t….I just…well nothing…
Om- All right, let’s get this straight…I don’t have any problem with all this and I totally don’t get why you are jealous…??.
Ishana- Wait…wait…You think I am jealous? Seriously???
Om- If not, then why are you behaving like this???
Ishana- Mr.Omkara Singh Oberoi, if you remember, the reason you hired me, is to maintain and keep the balance between your buisness and the art. And My job also consists of creating a understanding relation between everybody in the company cum gallery of yours.So, here I am trying to make a good impression of you on your employees, trying to change their pov about you, which FYI, is just as a hottie boss.
Om- ( with a smile)? Don’t give these stupid excuses…you are seriously lousy at it…( his smile grew wider) So you have a problem with people thinking that I am hot.
Ishana- Oh come on??…If you remember, this is your WORK place…not a pub where people flirt with each other . And ya, don’t think that people die on you, these are just some crazy stupid girls.
Om- Right now, you are acting as a crazy stupid girl,?? who is giving her new boss suggestion, that he should not be friendly with others…wow…Miss Ishana, you are incredible.
Ishana- don’t have a problem with random girls checking out you then fine…enjoy it.. ( she leaves.???..after coming out, she realises that she said things which were totally irrelevant,?? so she again goes back??…)

Om notices that Ishana is back again.
Om- Now what? again some moral lectures?
Ishana ( feeling embarassed)- No…actually I came here to say sorry..??
Om-( shocked) Pardon me plz … i didn’t get you…??
Ishana ( talks very fast) – Okay…good then. Just think of all that as a stupid dream. It never happened. I din’t scold you. This didn’t take place. and we are again good, so bye….????

She leaves with a ‘bach gayi’ look on her face and rushes out as fast as she could…
Om- ( in his mind) What the wuck…what was all this? Was it even real or again my hallucination. She came here…scolded me for a totally stupid reason, as if she is my gf and went away…then came back again after a minute, and apologized and asked me to forget whatever happened…Really Crazy girl…God knows how am I going to handle her here…At first her talks don’t stop, and now this scolding. I am confused now…Am I her boss or is she mines??????

Then the whole day Ishana tried her best not to show her face to Om, as she was embarrassed at her behavior…She was surprised about being possessive about him. But with the work on whole day, Ishkara both didn’t really get to see each other. At the evening, when Om left for home, he saw that Ishana was trying to get an auto. Om instantly thought to help her at first, but….’Would that be appropriate?’, he was in a dilemma, whether to help her or not, and also All the colleagues of Ishana had already offered her help, but she politely denied…Om was not sure whether to go to her or not. Although his heart really ished to do so, he was feeling really nervous thinking that she will be WITH him??, in the same car, on the seat beside..Om was about to call her..But just in a sec, he saw the place empty. Ishana was vanished in the dark❤❤… “She left,” thought Om and drove away to the mansion. Now he was really disappointed, for a reason unknown to him??. He reminded how the guys were trying to flirt with her, it made him go insane again??? After all the defences, his mind was again filled with Ishana no…His world totally occupied by her…??

He reached Oberoi Mansion, It was almost dinner-time. He found Shiv-Ru in the kitchen working on some dish. Dadi sitting on the dinning table with Anika, Soumya, Prinku. Om entered in, and greeted them all.

Shivaay- Hey, Om!??!!1 Where were you man, we all were just waiting for you.
Om- Sorry Shivaay, I was working and totally forgot about the time…?
Rudra- Yeah…And one day, you will be working and you will forgot the way to our home.
Om- Rudra…plz…I just came here and you started the jokes…save some for tomorrow.??
Dadi- Okay..Now stop it…And Shivaay, how long will your dish take?
Shivaay- Coming Dadi…( shivaay brings the dinner and serves it…everyone starts eating)??
While Dadi, Shivaay, Anika and Om were busy having dinner and complementing it, there were some eye talks going among Rudra, Sahil, Prinku and Soumya??…they were sighning eachother to ask something to Om…all were really excited but at the same time a little scared too…Finally our Mr.Cool rudy gathered the courage..
Rudra- So, Om how is your Work??
Om ( shocked) – Oh my god…pinch me? Shivaay….Rudra wants to know about my work. When did this happen? Did he have an accident or something?
Rudra- Stop the drama Om…now you shut up…??
Om- Okay, then tell me the truth…why are you talking about my work so much?
Rudra- come on yaar, by ‘work’, I don’t mean’WORK’?
Om- ohh…then what does the term’WORK’ means in your dictionary…?
Rudra- Well, it depends…it changes by person to person..??
Omkara- For example????
Rudra- For example, If it is choti ma then ‘WORK’ is saying “Oh My Mata”…If it is Me, then ‘WORK’ is workout…..If it is Shivaay bhaiya, the ‘WORK’ is Anika bhabhi… ( shivaay gives Rudra a? look and Anika blushes) And If it is YOU….Then the ‘WORK’is…..
Om( drinking water)- Yeah…say it…for me the’WORK’ is…..
All in Corus- ISHANA……
Om spits the water and coughs.??? He looks at all of them with a surprised, shocked look.
Om- What does this mean? For me work is Ishana..that chirpy girl?????? NO way… And how can you all say like this? Do I look like a desperate idiot to you all? Am I mad to feel things for HER??
Shivaay- (Still teasing Om) Relax Om…we didn’t mean it that way….All Rudra wanted to ask was how was your first day with her? I mean, you didn’t yell at her again, did you???
Om- No.. I am not that rude Shivaay. And I was really supportive. But SHE…oh god!!!!!She is a walking-talking disaster….
Anika- What do you mean by that Om? We met her yesterday, she is so sweet.??
Om- Yeah…she is so sweet, that all the guys in my gallery started staring at her madly…??.
Rudra- I understand ur pain bro…it feels worst, when people gawk the girl you like??
Om- yes…Rudra….( realises the MEANING of it) Wait a second….You think that I Like her????????
Shivaay- seriously Om? You are asking this to us? Just so you know, You always get lost whenever that girl is in front of your eyes….?
Om- No Shivaay…you all are getting it in a very wrong way. I am not al all interested in her. And just so you know, I was never gonna hire her for the job. It was only because you guys. And now that I am trying to handle all of that professionally, u think that I have feelings for her…..disgusting…
Anika- Okay, Om…now don’t take this all seriously, we were just kidding.
Om- Yeah..but it is not fair bhabhi..
Rudra( sarcastically)- Yeah…it hurts…( pointing to Om’s chest) Right the heart…
Om- Just change the topic plz…
Rudra- Yeah Of course, we will talk about something else…

Precap-Convo continued- Ishana sad- Swetlana in Oberoi Mansion- Om Angry- Shivika, Rumya and Ishana

Sorry again, i am late…but it is really hard to post daily with all the school work, exams and studies… still i will try my best…I know this was a bakwaas update, but the next one won’t be….Plz plz comment if you want me to continue…..And thanx to everyone who kept supporting me always…love you all lots…???

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  1. Yashu

    It was awesome…esp ishkara fight…omg so very cute…n ya hw can I forget every1 teasing om at dining table…it was so very nyc…eagerly waiting for nxt episode….

    1. Kavya347

      Thanks Yashu for your constant support…and the lovely encouraging comments..You are really so so so sooo great..And i will try to post today☺

      1. Yashu

        I m nt gr8 ur writing is man….

  2. It is superbbbbbb dear…. Plz update soon I am waiting for the next update.

  3. Kehkasha

    Hey Kavya…….such a beautiful epi……no no no cute tha…….so wonderful scenes……..loved each and every scene…….from om’s confusion to jealousy…..form ishana’s jealousy to her stupid and irrelevant….or insecure talk……..and the teasing part…….

    I could visualise each and every scene +each and every reactions and expressions of all the characters…….
    Beautiful awesome amazing wonderful dear…

    1. Kavya347

      Hey Kehkasha…thank you so much for your comment.. Your words are really precious for me my dear friend…And i am superhappy that you liked the episode… Love you lots??

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        Thanks a lot… is the link to previous epis…glad that you liked the part??

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    haha! om’s part was so cute and adorable! i loved it! 🙂 when’s the next one coming? 😉

    1. Samm

      also, if you missed it, here’s the link to my ff:

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      Thank you soooooo much samm. Your comment really means a lot to me?…And thanx again for the link of ur new epi….Its mindblowing☺

      1. Samm

        i missed a lot of it, so finished it in a go. and thanks for the compliment 🙂

  7. Amazing update… loved it…

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      Thanks a lot Ankita…glad that you loved it?

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