Ishkara… the pair of truth and lie ( Episode 1)


Hello all the ISHQBAAAZ FANS. I am Kavya, a die heart fan of IShqbaaz and especially Vrushika-Kunal. After Vrushika’s sudden exit from the show I was really disappointed but continued to watch it for Omkara. And now, according to some news, The Krishnadasi girl will be his lead, which is totally unfair. I am really really sad after reading this and cannot stop myself from writing this ff. So, this is a ISHKARA ff which will show the most beautiful couple ,Kunal Jaisingh and Vrushika Mehta as the main leads.( Sorry but I won’t be adding much scenes of Rumya and Shivika)
So, my story will be continued on the ongoing IB track, where shivika are married. Shivaay not accepting the marriage and Anika where Dadi and OmRu are forcing him to do so. Ranveer told Priyanka that his sister has survived the accident and is alive. Priyanka and Om are very happy to be out of the guilt…

So let’s start- EPISODE 1:-

It is night time in the Oberoi Mansion. Everyone is asleep except for our Handsome artist. He is working on a statue, but in mind is reminding what happened in his life from a few days. Riddhima’s betrayal, Rudra’s kidnap, ACP Randhava’s entry, Shivaay’s marriage with Anika and his stupidity of not accepting it and finally the adventure he and Rudra did together today to make shivika do the Rasam together…Everything is just flashing like a movie in his mind.

Om’s POV- Lagta hai sab kuch theek ho jayega. Dheere dheere hi sahi par cheze sulaz to rah hai. Shivaay ko jald hi apani galati ka ahsaas ho jayega. Anika ki fikar maine dekhi hai uski aankho mein. Aur rahi accident vali baat to main bohot khush hoon ki vo ladki theek hai.
( Looks like everything will be fine from now on. Maybe slowly, but things are sorting out. Shivaay will soon realize his mistake. I have seen care for anika in his eyes. And for the accident case, I am really really happy t
hat the girl is Fine)

Suiddenly he became silent on remembering how these past two years, he suffered because of that mistake. The one who was against any lie, ‘Sach ka Boyfriend’ in Rudra’s language was the one who had to keep all this hidden inside himself. Really situations can make you do things you hate most to do.
With this thought, a image of Ishana flashed in his mind….. Those beautiful eyes, filled with tears on the Day of their last conversation, more of a confrontation actually. Where she told him how one has to put a mask on his face to live in this wolrld and how he will remember her the day he learns this truth. OH god!!!How right she was. Those words were so true,so intense. The pain in her eyes which he could feel even after learning the truth, it made him still feel connected to her.
“ Are you mad? Even after knowing that she was coning you, you feel that she was in pain? It was nothing but a game for her. She tried to use you. Maybe these words of her was another trap for you” he said to himself. Even after going to bed only and only Ishana’s thoughts were coming in his mind. Why was he thinking about her after all this time? He really wanted to stop all this but could not. He just waited till sleep took over him.

Next morning, In the kitchen-
Shivaay and Rudra are present there-
Rudy- Shivaay bhaiya vo anika Bhabhi….
Shivaay- Hey! I asked you not to call her that. You understand???? JUST DON’T
Rudy- theek hai theek hai bhaiya itana sharmaiye mat aap hi ki biwi hai jo chaahe bula lena par O kaha hai? ( Ok OK . Don’t be shy, she is your wife call her whatever you wish. But where is Om?)
Shivaay- Om sahi kehta hai. Tu na sabse bada Duffer hai….But ye sahi hai, maine bhi hamare Shaayribaaz ko nahi dekha ( Om is right. You are the biggest fool. But this is right, even I didn’t see our Shaayaribaaz from morning)
Just then, Om comes there. He is wearing a Black shirt with Blue jeans and White jacket. Hairs stylish and shining as always. He is looking very handsome( well that’s not a new thing)

OM- Morning guys…
ShivRU- Good Morning
Rudy- Kya baat hai O aaj bilkul Fair and Lovely ki add vala Virat KOhli banker aaye ho.. sivaay aapke baalon ke. Kya plan hai? Koi nayi girlfriend mil gayi kya? ( wow O, today you are looking the Virat Kohli in Fai and Handsome add…except for the hairs..What’s the plan? Got a new girlfriend?)

OM- Shut up Rudra…..
Shivaay- shuru ho gaye tum dono phir se.. kab samjhoge yaar ab bache nahi hai hum! ( You two started again, when will u understand that we are not kids anymore)
OM- Jab tu Samajh jaayega Shivaay ki Shaadi bhi bachoon ka khel nahi hoti… (When u will understand that marriage is not some game of kids)
The surrounding became serious after this. Shivaay excused himself for a call. In his absence-
Rudy- O, toh kya socha aapane? ( Om, what did you think?)
Om- Kis bare main? Main teri date nahi bananewala hu ( About what? I am not going to be your date)
Rudy- Kya yaar subah subah ye pjs maar rahe ho, ye to mera kam hai. Aap artist ho, Bhaiya- Bhabhi ko paas lane ka tarika nahi soch sakte ? ( why are you cracking pjs in the morning? It’s my work. You are an Artist can’t you think of a way for Bringing Shivika close)
Om- Ohh! Sorry yaar Rudra maine iss bare me socha hi nahi ( sorry Rudra I didn’t think about this)

Rudy- What? then why are you late and by the way, what were you doing all night?
Om-( he was lost in thought’s so unknowingly said) abe dhakkan, mujhe aur bhi bohot kam hai. Hann iss se important nahi, par pata nahi kyu kal baar baar Ishana ka chehra saamne aa raha tha. ( I have many other works too, not important than this.. but don’t know why, Yesterday only Ishana’s face was coming infront of my eyes)

Rudy- (he was not able to belive his ears,) kya? Aap ka dimaag to thik hai na? Isse ghar mein rahte hai na aap, aur ye saari problems ke jagah aap raat raat bhar ek aisi ladki ke bare me soch rahe hai jisne aapko con karane ki koshish ki. Jisse aap teen mahino se mile hi nahi. ( Have you lost your mind? You live in this house right? Instead of the problems you are thinking about a girl who tried to con you? Whom u did’t met from three months?)

Om- Shut up Rudra. Don’t use my dialogues on me. Don’t act stupid. And why are you taking that cheap girl’s name in the morning? Anyway, I have to leave for the gallery, today is an important auction, Iwill be back till the next Rasam and then we will deal with this Tia problem. ( He left as fast as he could to avoid Rudra’s inquiry about ‘Ishana thoughts’)
Rudy was confused as always…. But these thoughts went out of his mind as soon as he saw saumya talking to Reyaan on phone.

IN THE CAR, ( om was stuck in a traffic jam)
Om- shit! That’s exactly why I don’t like to travel on these traffic roads. It would have been great if I would have left the Mansion early. I don’t want to be late today.

The traffic was over, so he took a shortcut to his Art-Gallerty. Just then, a girl came infront of his car. He applied the brakes instantly, to save her. The car didn’t hit her, but she fell on the road and her hand got hurt. Omkara was getting panic, because of the earlier incident. He rushed out of the car to help that girl. She was sitting on the road. The breeze made her hair fall on her face. He grabbed her other hand to help her get up, but in doing so, because of the strain in her leg, she slipped. But Omkara being a typical ‘Shivaay’, this time held her by her waist feeling the texture of her faint-green fabric suit and moved her hair away. Even in a second he could feel his heartbeat rising. And as soon as their eyes met, the world stopped for them. Both were equally shocked and surprised. Was it really the reality?

After trying to con him, breaking his trust, cheating his friendship, getting out of his life, then finally being part of his yesterday’s night thoughts-dreams….
Their she stood, so so close to him. The girl who was out of his thoughts till yesterday evening, and now in his arms … ISHANA

Precap:- ISHKARA reaction-Fight in middle of the road-Some drama in Oberoi Mansion-ShivRu tease Om on his Obsession for Ishana-Ishana gets a new job
Guys if you liked this, plz let me know by the comments, either to continue or not? This is my little effeort to see the ISHKARA-love story once again. And all the other writers, thank you so so so much for the beautiful-sweet ffs u all are writing on Ishqbaaz and sorry for not being able to comment for those, I really mean it guys, YOU ALL ARE JUST AWESOME!

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    Loved it. Me too ishkara fan. Pls post nxt episode asap

  3. Hai Kavya…its nice…I too a ishkara fan..and I am really sad that we can’t see any ishkara moment in real IB

  4. Superb waiting for next episode ??❤❤

  5. Soon good thank you so much for this lovely ff I almost miss them so much

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    hey kavya! this was perfectly written! i totally loved it. update asap 🙂

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