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Hi guys I m new on ishqbaaz page and here to share my thoughts in the form of os on ishkara.really sad that she has left the show but hoping that she cums back soon.cant imagine any1 else wid om.
So cuming to os it starts wen tej and shakthi were taken to jail .shivom argued and om took ishana’s name.
So lets start:

Om pov:
Can dad and chote papa do this??i don’t think chote papa can but dad ,he can do anything to take his business to heights,even if its destroying any1’s happiness…………if he doesn’t care about his own wife and children then its really impossible to think he cares for any1’s lyf.(he remembers the Svetlana video).but y did I took ishana’s name,has she started affecteing me??no she’s a con girl,y shud I believe her words??but whatever tym I spent wid her I considered her as my frand,the one whom I can believe……….but she also broke my trust………..but y did I took ishhana’s name???………arggh its so confusing.
Pov ends.

He gets out of his house in search of sum peace and to control the storm of emotions he was experiencing.unknowingly he reached the workshop place where he used to cum.he looks out and remembers ishana’s words and their moments.he silently sneaks out and sits on a table and orders tea.
He was in deep thought regarding the CD but his attention was equally on ishana,this feeling,y this question suddenly,he cudnt find out so he jst sat and tried to distract self.
He was in deep thinking wen his mind went to a particular incident.

Rudra came to him after the bros confrontation.
Rudy-bhai,papa is innocent y don’t u understand?
Om-rudra pls I don’t want anything to listen,let the police decide it.
Rudy-ok bhaiya leave that matter ,we wont switch to the fight mode but now tell me……….pls don’t punch me ok??
Om smiles and nods.

Om-wat this stammering speak up clearly!!
Rudra(in one go)-y did u take ishana’s name?u hate her na then y??(he fastly puts hands on his cheeks to avoid getting slaps)
Om realized it now only and was really amazed himself.
Om-(stumbling)-wo…….it came out jst in flow.
Rudy-oh cum on ,u also know u don’t keep in mind cheater’s there sumthing??(lifting his eyebrows)
Om-no never !!!
But still the ques which rudy asked even om didn’t had any answer.
His attention diverted to anika who was standing at the door step looking at them dazed.

Om-anika u ,come !!
Anika(wid smile)-ya…….waise wat were u talking???i m sorry I shudnt interfere but yeh jasoosi keede ka kya karun??(pouting)
Rudom chuckled on this .
Rudy-didi I will tell u and might we get an answer to o’s confusion.
Then rudy tells her everything that happened.
Anika-so she’s a con.
Rudom nodded.
Anika-but she mst be having sum solid reason to do all this.
Om-its nothing,she jst wanted to trap me for money to fulfill her needs.
Anika(smiling)-om wen u urself know the answer then y u snubbed her lyk that??

Anika-see she did all this to fufill her basic needs.she mst have done it in helplessness or y a girl will put her dignity on stake and do all this.
Rudy-wow didi u gave a new direction to this ishkara philosophy!!!
Anika smiles and leaves saying-I hope nxt tym u meet her u will be atleast a little patient and try to know her side too.
********fb ends**********

He sits there pondering over his reaction on ishana’s truth,his outburst and her teary eyes which he cant forget,he felt a pang of pain piercing his heart wen he saw ishana,a girl who always smiles and her eyes that have that shine of happiness were teary jst bcoz of him.he also wanted to apologize to her as he felt sorry for speaking about her family .
Ishana was walking towards the workshop hub wid tears in her eyes.
Ishana’s pov

Y lyf is so cruel to me??i tried to arrange money from legal ways by working day and nyt but the people their tried to take advantage of me,evry1 eyes a girl wen she is alone and especially helpless.i have to arrange money asap to return to the lenders or they will again send their goons.they came today again ,threatened us,dad ,me and my sister ,I tried to resist them wen they were beating dad but they pushed me.i was injured on my head but that pain doesn’t shows the inner turmoil that I m going incurring pain I have to survive and fufill my family needs and if to keep them safe even I have to do sumthing wrong I will do it.but I want peace ,sumtyms I want to runaway from all this but alas I cant because I have to survive in this cruel world and support my family.y dad y u said that I m a failure to u??that u shud have killed me at the time of my birth??………….but I promise I will fulfill my responsibilities as a daughter always no matter wat happens.

She sat on a table jst that her back is facing om’s back.they don’t see each other.

They feel a kind of relief ,a soothing feeling wid a cool wind breeze.

Ishana starts shedding tears silently and says “y does the relations we put on our topmost priority hurt us the most?”
Om hears it and recognizes the voice very well and the ques she put up was the one he was also experiencing.

He answers widout turning back”becoz we expect much from them”
To this ishana turns and looks at our lost omkara.she is amazed to see him here.

Omkara looking into her eyes and says “tea?” showing his glass.
Ishana looks unbelievably at him and mutters to herself”wat happened to this angry young man,y is he behaving so normally,did he have a memory loss or there’s a double role?”
Omkara heard her and said “jst realization and nothing else”
Ishana luks at him again and asks “yeah?”
Omkara-cum I will tell u (and orders tea for her)
Ishana proceeds to his table and sits.she feels really awkward and is not even luking into his eyes.

Omkara-who I m sorry I shudnt have snapped u lyk that,u mst be having ur part of story which I didn’t even heard.
Ishana(shocked and luked to him)-wat??u r agreeing for ur mistake(she gulps)so u understood.oh……..ok ……..i m sorry too I shudnt have said lyk this.
Omkara-its ok,I started 1st.
Ishana(nervously)-hmm……….so u here how??
Omkara(dreamily)-nothing jst in search of sum peace .and u??
Ishana(lost in thoughts) -me too
Omkara(to lighten the mood)-waise people don’t go their where they have created drama but see us we r here again chatting.
To this ishana smiles and remembers that day wen they both were in full anger mode and spitting venow on eo but now the situation is totally opposite.
Om-wat happened to ur forehead??

Ishana(hiding it wid hairs)-no nothing
Om-(strictly)-ishana tell me(after much persuasion she answers him)
Ishana(awkwardly)-if u r asking then ok…….but don’t see it as my any other drama ok…….now I m completely off ur topic.
Om-ok baba
Ishana-wo………(and she tells her whole story,her being con girl,supporting her family,everything)
Omkara has tears in his eyes.
Om-u have to go through this much jst to support ur family,I m really I get it y u do all this……….
Ishana(smiling through her tears)-its ok now don’t show sympathy on me,(lightening the mood)I don’t want to become a rich brat’s charity case.
Om(surprised)-no I wont help u………….not for free(thinking)ok I will help you but u have to help me.
Ishana was amazed by his behavoiur and listened to him eagerly.
Om-ok will u promise me u wont tell anything to any1??i trust people rarely………..i hope u will keep the promise.
Ishana-promise!!!!!!(twinkling her eyes)
Om tells the whole situation to her and says”I will give u money and in return u have to spy on the lady gayatri.r u ready??”
Ishana nods excitedly and says “I wont ever break ur trust now ,never (holds his hand)thanks for trusting me”

They realize their position and she withdraws her hand.silence prevails for sum tym but then ishana speaks up to divert the topic.
Ishana-waise u chose the correct person im really good in this jasoosi and all.u will get ur evidences soon sir(saluting him).
Ishkara both smile at eo and start talking.

Ishana’s pov
How did I believe him to tell him my lyf story??his eyes they speak a lot ,the assurance and the truthfulness that I cud see jst made me blurt out everything ,now I m feeling really light .a strange kind of peace ,solace to my pain .how did I found it??but its gud I did.

Om’s pov
Ishana did all this wid a reson.she is a gud girl but I think the situations were bad.i also cud do anything for my family which she also did in her way.but I trusted her again ,I hope she doesn’t destroy my trust or I will be broken.the shine she had in her eyes now was showed her truthfulness.i have done right.she is lyk ek thandi hava ka jhoka which soothes u.y m I feeling lyk this???

They gave hi-fi to eo saying”partners” and smiled.

They laughed they talked forgetting all their pains as if they found solace in eo.the humdard they were searching for ,they finally found one.this tym wid no lie in their frandly realtion.

The journey doesn’t end but starts from here.

Thanks guys for reading.
I m again telling u THIS WAS JST AN OS-ONE SHOT,u may find it incomplete but mould the story in the way u want as I did .i hope I didn’t disappointed u all.
This is my 1st and may be last post on ishqbaaz page,I jst watch the serial and nothing else.well tell me how do u lyk it??
Thanks for reading and giving ur precious tym to my OS.

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