Ishkara- a new way of life(Episode 11)

Ishkara – a new way of life – epi 11

Hi guys, I hope you all are liking my story. This is again a short update as I have some other work and I am unable to post. So please just this last time, next would be longer.

RECAP : Ishkara meet ….. Goons attack them……. One of the goons shoots at Ishu and she falls…… Om takes her to the hospital

At the hospital,

Ishu’s POV

When I opened my eyes, I felt someone holding my hand, I looked at the person and saw a man holding my hand, he was fast asleep. “Who is he? Why is he holding my hand?” I thought to myself. I moved my hand which disturbed his sleep and he looked at me and smiled. He planted a kiss on my forehead and I was hell confused, he went out and came back after %minutes with the doctor followed by four more ppl. All of them smiled at me and the two girls hugged me saying “We are glad you are alright.” Now my confusion increased four times, “Why the hell were they so happy to see me fine? Do I know them but I don’t think I have met them before.”

The doctor’s question diverted my attention, “How are you feeling now?” he asked me. “I am fine.” I replied in a low voice. “Great” he exclaimed and “Do you remember who you are?” the doctor’s question surprised me but still I answered, “Of course, I remember that I am Ishana Rana”. “Good” he smiled at me and then to the long hair guy who was earlier holding my hand. The doctor was busy reading my reports when I asked him, “Doctor, where are my parents and who are these ppl?”. As soon as I finished my question all eyes turned to me and the five of them looked at me with disbelief as if I had done something wrong.

“You don’t know us” one guy with bluish eyes asked. “Yes, I know who you are, you are Shivaay Singh Oberoi” I replied, “I have heard a lot about you from dad and read about you in Business Times”, I continued “But who are they” I asked looking at the others who were shocked by my question. “What!! You read about me” Shivaay asked confused. “Oh bete ki !!” the girl beside him shouted and all our attention turned to her. She whispered something in Shivaay’s ears and they signaled eachother and soon left the room.
“You must rest, Mr and Mrs Rana are coming.” The doctor smiled and left. I lied down on the bed thinking about them.

Outside Ishu’s room,

Om’s POV

We all were listening to Anika bhabhi as she was explaining, “I think Ishana has lost her memory.” Rudra interrupted her saying, “How is this possible, she remembers who she is and moreover she knows Shivaay bhaiya.” “So what, she didn’t recognize any of us and not even Bade Baal wale bhaiya” Soumya brought out an important point. “I think she has not forgotten everything but a few things” Shivaay said after thinking for a wall.

“Yes, you are right, Mr. Oberoi, Ms. Rana has forgotten everything after she met you, I mean from the time she met you all” the doctor said. “Will she get her memory back?” Anika asked a question I wanted to ask, “We cant say, maybe or maybe not, but you all have to be careful. Don’t force her to remember otherwise it can damage her brain.” The doctor said and left.

Ishu doesn’t remember me, she doesn’t remember our relation, she has forgotten our love, our sweet memories, everything. No…… this cant happen, I will get my Ishu back. I felt Shivaay’s hand on my shoulder and I hugged him tightly. After sometime, Vikram uncle and Sumitra aunty also arrived along with my family. Anika bhabhi explained everyone about Ishu’s condition. The doctor also informed that we can take her home after she wakes up.

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