Ishkara- a new way of life (episode 99)

Ishkara – a new way of life – epi 10

A big sorry for posting so late, I know I had promised to post on 25th May but my stay got extended and I couldn’t update, I promise that from today onwards I’ll post regularly. Now I wont waste time talking and begin with the fresh episode, this is a short one, again sorry.

RECAP: the truth that Om left Ishana due to a deal with Tej about Jhanvi’s happiness is revealed……. Ishana messages Om to meet her

Om’s POV

I reached the place Ishu had told me, I saw her sitting near the lake, her back towards me, I slowly walked towards her admiring her beauty. I quietly sat next to her, she must have guessed my presence. As soon as I sat, she turned towards me and smiled. That moment my heart started beating with a new energy, I felt that my world was going to be complete again.

“Sorry” we both said together and looked at eachother, we started smiling and then laughing, this was something I was dying to see from the past 2 years, seeing her smiling and laughing with me I felt really happy. “ I am so sorry Om” her words disturbed my thoughts and I noticed that her eyes had turned sad again and tears made their way. I immediately wiped her tears and hugged her, “its not your fault, I should have told you earlier” I caressed her back and continued “I should have chosen you, I am sorry Ishana”. She broke the hug and looked at me angrily, “what did you say?” she said giving me a deadly glare, “How could you think that I would be happy with you choosing me over Jhanvi aunty” she continued. That was the moment I felt proud of my Ishana, I felt content that I have her in my life, I am so lucky to get a life partner like her. “ I love you a lot” I whispered in her ears and she replied back with a “me too”.

We were so lost in eachother that we forgot that it was midnight. Our hug was broken when we heard a loud voice and turned to see goons standing flashing torches on us. “what are you both doing here” one of them shouted , “today’s youngsters have no shame, this is public place” the other spoke.

By this time we both stood up and seeing them walking towards us, ishu held my hand firmly and I sensed it that she was afraid, I assured her that everything is fine. “Stay away, you don’t know what I can do” I gave them a fierce look. “Ae hero, you stay away, we don’t need you, leave her and go” he said eyeing Ishu. I punched him hard in his face and started beating them. I stopped listening to a bullet shot, one of them had fired in the air. Now he pointed the guns towards Ishu and fired, “Ishana” I shouted at the top of my voice and ran in her direction but before I could reach her the bullet hit her and she fell down with her head hitting the parapet wall. The goons ran away.

“Om….”she was breathing heavily, “Ishu” I was crying badly with her head in my lap, “I….. love……you…… Om” she fainted. “Ishana” I shouted loudly and held her close to my body. I composed myself and picked her up and drove to the nearby hospital, I informed Shivaay and Vikram Uncle.

I hope you all like it.

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  1. Ninaku

    Woahhh! This is my first of yours. Looks i need to read all your previous ones. Just amazing. No words. Just i could say.. i fell for your words. ❤

    1. Prajkta

      thanks a lot Ninaku

      this is the link to all the previous parts in case you want to read

    2. Prajkta

      thanks a lot Ninaku

      1. Prajkta

        this is link to all previous parts in case you want to read them all

  2. Finally u have updated the epi n I’m waiting. For ur ff long tym n plzz post the next one soon


    Please IshKara ko alag math karna please???

    1. Prajkta

      Thanks a lot

  4. Ruby_MarNy

    Superb update.. finally ishkara reunited.. who shot Ishana??

    1. Prajkta

      Thanks a ton
      One of the goons shot her

  5. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice… What is happening next…????

  6. superb update..

  7. Yashu

    All I can say is eagerly waiting for waiting for nxt one….

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