Ishkara- a new way of life (episode 8)

Ishkara – A new way of life – epi 8

Hi guys sorry for being late, actually I have guests at home so couldn’t update.

From this episode the story will be in the present and what happened to Ishkara’s life will be revealed soon as I don’t want to keep the suspense for too long. I hope u all like it. Please do comment and share ur views.

Recap: Om proposes Ishana for marriage

PRESENT, the same day as the press conference in episode 1

Here is the link for those who want to read episode 1 :
At OM,

Om’s POV
I was lost in my memories with Ishana when I heard Soumya calling me. “Bade baal wale bhaiya, Bade bhaiya wants to talk to you, he is waiting at the poolside” saying so she left. “What does Shivaay have to say” I thought to myself as I reached the poolside but seeing Anika bhabhi, Rudra and Soumya, I understood that the matter was something serious. “Shivaay you called me” I asked him. “Om, tell us the truth” Shivaay asked in a serious tone. “what truth?” I tried my level best to sound normal although I somehow knew that he was talking about ishu. “About Ishana and you” Anika said giving me a sharp look. “What is there to tell” I asked her turning the other side trying to avoid any eye contact. “O, u never told us why u broke the marriage just one day before, what had happened” Rudra said turning me to face them, his eyes showed so much concern. “ok, I’ll tell u” I took a deep breath and continued “She loved someone else and all that was a drama to help her dad with the business rivalry to trap us” I said in one go and looked down hating myself, how cud I lie about someone who loved me so much and whom I had betrayed myself. Tears rolled down from my eyes. “I never thought that Ishana wud turn like this” Anika said angrily.

We turned around to hear sound of claps and were shocked to see Ishana standing there behind us.

“What a fantastic story, Omkara Singh Oberoi” her words pierced my heart, “atleast don’t play with ur family’s emotions, I thought u never lied to your own family” she continued. “its ok if u cant say the truth, I’ll tell them” she gave me a painful look. “we can talk about this Ishu” I begged to her, “Its Ms. Rana, I am no longer your Ishu, the one u left two years ago” she moved back and her words were killing me. “How dare u talk to my brother like that” Shivaay snapped at her. “even ur brother has no right to talk about me anything he wishes” she gave back the same anger. “why don’t u tell them, Omkara, are u afraid to face ur reality, I know u are afraid that they may not trust u after knowing the truth” she turned to me. “Let her tell anything, we trust u Om” anika assured me, “Don’t be so sure about it” I thought to myself.

Flashback – Ishu’s POV

Two years ago, Rana Mansion,

I am so happy, tomorrow is a very special day in my life, I am getting married to my love, to my Om, I never thought that Tej Uncle and Dad wud agree so easily but I guess parents love their children more than anything, more than their business rivalry. A servant informed me that Om had come along with Tej Uncle, opps I should practice to call him Papa now. As I was coming down the stairs, I heard loud voices from the hall, I rushed down to see Dad holding Om by his collar, “How dare u?” he was burning with anger. I immidietaly ran and freed Om, I made him sit back on the sofa and turned to Dad, “what are u doing, Dad?” “Aks ur so called fiancé” dad snapped at me. I was worried and looked at Om, his eyes were shining with a different desire which made me feel that he was not my Om, “What happened Om” I cupped his face, but he removed my hands and pushed me away. “How dare u touch Omkara Singh Oberoi with ur dirty hands” he looked at me with anger. “What are u saying Om?” I composed myself and said. “U please call me Mr. Oberoi, I am not ur Om, Ms. Rana, we don’t have any relations” now I was completely broken and fell on the ground, my world came to end, my heart beat stopped, I felt life leaving me, I found it difficult to breath, my Om said we have no relation, he called me Ms. Rana. No, no, this cant be true, something is wrong but before I could say anything Om left, I ran behind him shouting his name but he just ignored and left.

Flashback ends

Om’s POV

Ishu told them everything that happened that day, I couldn’t meet anyones eyes, I only managed to suppress my emotions and not to break down completely. “this is a lie” Rudra broke the silence, “yes, my Om can never do this” Shivaay said, but his eyes said that he badly wanted me to assure him. “Say something Om” Anika said. “This is the truth” I could barely complete my sentence. “Now u cant blame me, Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi ” Ishu said and was about to leave when we heard Prinku’s voice wha was standing at the door, “No, bhaiya, please stop lying, its not ur fault” she rushed to me and hugged me tightly, “Enough is enough Bhaiya, I cant let u suffer any more, now u will not get punished for someone else’s faults and mistakes” she wiped my tears and turned to Ishu, “I’ll tell u the truth Bhabhi” She said determined, I tried to stop her but she gestured me with her hand as not to stop her.

I hope u guys are liking it.

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