ISHKARA – Ishqiyapa (Character Sketch and Episode 1)


Hey!! Guys I am here with my new ff “Ishqiyapa”. This is my second ff and I am so eager to write to as this is mainly based on ISHKARA… 

I want to tell you all one thing. This ff is dedicated to my Loveliest Friend Shama. Dear, I know you will be leaving TU after December 3rd and I just want to give you something that you will remember even after leaving all of us. I know you love ISHKARA so much. So, I thought to give you this… 

I really want to mention that It’s for all my Dear’s
Ayath, Ananya, Shaza, Jara akka, Renima di, Goms, Tulsi, Nithu, Priya15, Fatarajo (joyee), Shivani, Satvika, Nandini, Cute princess(Snow White), Prateekh, Nishi33, Tharu and Samhitha . Sorry guys If skipped any names. 

Character sketch::

Omkara Singh Oberoi:: A proud son of Oberoi Khandaan. He is great painter. His portraits are sold at very high price. He made his own identity at that young age. He believes in love. He is not yet committed as he believes that he must wait until he gets a right person to pursue his love life. He is a bit rude but cares a lot for his loved ones.

Ishaana Khanna:: Only daughter of big business tycoon Mr. Neeraj Khanna and a great Writer Mrs. Preeti Khanna. She is a fun- loving girl. She wants to enjoy every bit of her life. She doesn’t believe in love it’s more like She doesn’t want to be in any relationship as She believes that there is a lot to enjoy in life other than love. She is really caring by nature but acts rude towards stangers.

Anika Agnihotri:: She has established herself as a One cool Dude in Business. She believes in love but she is afraid of getting into relation. She is a head-strong cousin of Ishaana.
As you already know the other characters. So, I don’t want to give more time on introducing them.

Let’s get started with the very first Episode.

Episode 1::

Scene:: 1
The sun raises and here our Hero Om wakes up from sleep as he gets disturbed by the Sun rays that are falling on him. He wears his specs and gets up from bed. He then directly goes to his study room and starts searching for something in drawyers and on table. Finally, he gets the Invitation card of Art college’s get together (It is the same college where Om studied). He checks the Address and puts the card back in the drawyer. He leaves from there.

It’s almost 9:00 Am and all Oberoi’s gather in the foyer. All O’Bro’s hug each other.

They all have breakfast together. Tej and Shivaay seems a lil bit tensed due to some business problems. Family didn’t noticed their tension as they are in a hurry to complete their breakfast and get into their work. The dining hall is filled with many unspoken tensions and that are coiling themselves in eachother. All of them complete their breakfast and walked out from the dining hall only the young O’Bro’s are left.

They all stare each other silently…
“What happened Shivaay? You look a lil bit tensed. Is everything alright?” Asked Om with a dubious mark on his face.
“Yeah… Every thing is okay. Just some sort of Business tensions “ Said Shivaay covering all his emotions with a grin on his face.
“No. Bhaiya! You did’t seem to be okay. I think the matter is something more” Said Rudra with a uncertain expression.
“Every thing is okay till I am here nothing will happen to our family” said Shivaay with a hopefull look
“We know we have the great wall of Shivaay to protect us. But why don’t you understand that you have 2 brothers to share your problems” said Om being very furious by Shivaay’s answer.
“I know I have you both to take care of me. But I think it’s not the right time to tell you” said Shivaay assuring them that the matter is nothing important.
“Anyways… I am going out to attend the Art colleges get-together And Please Shivaay If you want to share something with me I’m just a call away” said Om with a trustfull look at Shivaay.
Tej comes to them and Calls Shivaay to take him along to the board meeting.
All the three disperse..


Om is seen driving the car. He puts on radio and Send My Love song by Adele plays… When it’s completed he thinks that’s the main problem if we get into a commited relationship. He says to himself “ I don’t understand why the people are not able to wait until they get a perfect one to pursue their love life. Every one knows that no 2 people can have a same sort of thinking and They will be having Different expectations from the relationship and Many people end their relationship and The guy always becomes a Devdas and Girl will marry to whomever her parents insists to marry. So, It’s better to wait for what we deserve in our life
Till the time he completes giving lecture to himself He enters the college. He takes a turn to park his car…

When he gets down the car He sees someone Guys talking about a girl and puts his ear to listen to them.
They discuss about a Girl, who is a Nerd while She was studying in the college and Now, She is having a complete different look and She is looking very gorgeous. One of the guy among them asks about her name. One guys answers him that her name is Ishaana Khanna. Om hears her name and tries to remember her. He is unable to remember her as He was not at all interested in girls at that time So, surely he didn’t know her name.

Om starts walking on the corridor in the Ground floor and Thinks about all the moments he spent in the college.
While passing by the corridor, He sees a group of girls talking to someone by standing around her. He is very curious to see her and Did many attempts to get a glimpse of her but all his attempts goes to vain. He starts leaving and he hears some one calling out ISHAANA and turns to look at her. She comes out from the group of the girls and starts walking towards Om. Om thinks So, she is Ishaana. The about whom the guys outside are talking and With whom all those girls are talking and She is the one for whom I was peeping before. Yeah!! They are right… She is gorgeous. I think I started to…… He stops there and thinks What happened to you Om? You shouldn’t suppose to do that. You have been dreaming for a relationship with Equal expectations and you are waiting for what you truly deserve. So, you should control yourself from doing so…… He feels that They might not deserve eachother but some where in his heart he feel that She is the one… Om is just glaring her. Ishaana looks at him and thinks that She knows him and tries to remember his name. She gets many names in her mind. Finally, She confirms that his name is Om. She wants to talk to him but couldn’t because She needs to go and meet her teachers… Om looks at her while she is leaving.

PRECAP:: Om and Ishaana’s conversation. Anika and Shivaay meet each other.

How is the Episode guys? Let me know through your comments

If you feel anything that needs to fixed or changed in current track Please, post them in the comments section below.

With loads of love <3
Nainaa <3  😉

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  1. Sanaya_malik

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  2. It was superb

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  3. Omg omg omg !!!! Its u Cinderella so cute… Thanks…. One by one my friends are giving me a rocking shocking surprise…
    By the way I started this trend of additing friends and than pragya wrote bin tere adding me..
    Ayath wrote SHIVIKA surprise OS
    Ayeshu wrote ishkara OS ek coffee do chammach pyaar ke I was the narrator..
    And now u Cinderella so cute…. Seriously… My friends are a sweetheart… I was like OK a new OS arrived let’s motivate the narrator and when I started reading especially for shama I was like oh my mata.. Now how is this … Ayath.. Pragya… Ayeshu?who???
    And at end it was u Cinderella….
    Thank u so much…..
    Read ayeshu ff and mine 2 OK

    1. Nainaa

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  5. Too good i am soo big fan of ishkara so thank you so much for this beautiful ff

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    Hi nainaa nandini here ……its awesome loved ishkara characters and story start its different and for shama she is not going to leave any where see there will be a way she continues?? pots next one asap dear

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      I really hope that Shana di continues. Gonna miss her badly..??

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  7. wow, naina it was superb dude, keep writing
    love you and yeah if you have got some time do read these few shots that i have written on shraman.

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    Wowww…….thts a suprr intro dear……i m actually missng ishkara……luvd it n thnk u for addng my name tooo……i agree wid nithu our frndd gang is jus rockng….??

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  9. Nainaa.. first of all.. superbb concept gal..
    U truly rockd it.. i liked om’s character vry much.. what to say??? hmmmm.. JHAKAASWALA EPISODE!! kidki thod story??

    1. Shama will be really proud that u dedicated her sich a nice ff..
      Btw y is shama leaving tu???????
      Dnt leave dea… v hav jst bcum frnz??

  10. Ayath

    wow….super cool intro nainaa…am so sorry bcz i didnt get time to comment ur ff but today onwards i will comment every epi of ur ff…kepp entertaining us dear….and thanks for mentioning my name

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      Aww!! I just can’t believe it you have commented on my ff. That’s so nice of you. PLEASE read my ff “love for life” and yeah comment your views.
      episode 6 –

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    I am shivika fan …but this was awesome…too good..really interesting….

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