Ishkara -ff story full of love , anger,lust and revenge -(part 54)

Part 54

Hospital …..
After 20mins of operation .

Doctor come out.

Om and rest rush to doctor .

Om- doctor hws ishana is she k?????

Doctor- look mr oberoi ur wife she k now …….(All get happy to hear that)
But ….ur wife face left part from ears to chin is badly injured …..and the scar can sacry u all…..and ur wife to….as we a human can’t see ourself in bad look …or condition that’s natural….so be careful …… Other thn she us weak as she losted a lot of blood ……..she is unconscious now …u see her only u mr omkara .

Om – was very worried about what doctor said about ishana face …….but he was happy that his life his wife his live is k …… he stepped Inside the operation theater.

Guyzzz ..When om entered he was able to see her right side of the face ….and guyzzz ishana upper part if the face is fine just lower part near lips was destroyed till ears .

Om- crying and heading towards​
ishana …….she lying there like a baby .

Thn om looked her other part the face .and he get more emotional …..and as ishana love herself a lot ……we all know that …… ishana don’t worry u will be fine i am with u always …….and gently hugged her and kissed her forehead .

A nurse entered the room .

Nurse- sir plz don’t disturb the patient she need rest and plz u wait out side ….we r shifting the patient to private room .

Om nodded in yes and left the room …. While leaving he turned towards ishana and looked her with lots of love .

Shivaay , Anika,rudra .asked
Hws Ishana ,ya hws bhabhi .
Om- she will be k ….as we all r with her right.
All together ya right .

Anika Chalo kuch kha lo its been late om lets go plz .

Om – unwilling go with all of them .

To be continued

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  1. Pratha ruchi what a twist. just loved it.
    You really nailed it.
    Please post next asap
    Can’t wait for the reaction of ishu


  3. Nice one dear…

  4. MahiraKhan

    Awesome part!!
    Poor Ishana!!!

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