Ishkara -ff story full of love , anger,lust and revenge -(part 53)

Part 53.

Om reached hospital .

Om to a nurse .

Om- where is ishana……my wife
Nurse – as she don’t know ishana by her name.
Nurse – sir plz clam down …….tell me whome u want .
Om- tensed , worried so he shouted my …someone told me she is admitted here .

One nurse of passing from there .

Nurse 2- sir do u know ishana metha??

Om- ya she is my wife …..where is she ….hws she ????plz tell me.

Nurse 2- she is in operation theater …sorry to say but her condition is very critical ……her half is badly damage due to glass and she lost a lot if blood..we need a blood donor …….
Om -what plz take my blood.
Nurse- whats ur blood group( A positive).

Nurse-but ur wife blood group is O Positive.

I can donate blood my is O Positive .

Om turn towards that sound …..
Om (james)

James- nurse plz take my blood …..
Nurse-k lets go ….its getting late .
James to om

James- u wait and will come don’t worry ishana will be Just fine …hsve faith in god .
James with nurse left .

Om out sides operation theater waiting for the doctor to come out and praying inside ……and crying​ …. Continuously.

Shivaay, Anika, Rudra, Soumya entered the hospital …..they rush towards om.

Shivaay looking at om condition just hugged her tightly .
Om also response to shivaay hug .

Anika – om hws ishana ?

Om looked at anika and while crying he explained the whole story that nurse told him before.
Anika- oh god plz safe my sister is plz god and she also feel like crying.

To be continued

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  2. Good and emotional one dear..

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    Sorry ruhi i was not able to comment and even i will not be able to comment because my exams are going to start so sorry and about the episode its just awesome and so emotional yaar keep it up girl ?

  4. MahiraKhan

    Lovely epi…
    Poor Ishana…
    James… ur sooo sweet!!!

  5. Nice and Emotional…so sad for ishana…waiting to read more

  6. Nyc epi

  7. thats it?……..this is short…we want more!…

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