Ishkara -ff story full of love , anger,lust and revenge -(part 52)

Part 52.

Oberoi mansion .

Now its afternoon almost 2:00pm.

And their was no call from ishana .

Om- where r u ishana.
Anika- om don’t worry she will be fine .
Rudra – ya o.
Om- no I can’t just site i am going out to search her.
Rudra – k om i will also come .
Om- nodded in yes .

Both were about to leave ……..when a man come inside asking for om.

Man to one of the servent.

Man- is mr omkara oberoi is at home .
Servant – ya there he is .
Man- omkara sir actually …….u have to come with me ….to City hospital .
Om- city hospital ?
Man – ya ….. Actually i am a driver my sir told me to bring u .
Om- but y ?and who is ur sir?
Man- i work for mr james.
Om- Mr James ……?
Om- y is he k ……..?
Man- ya he is k ..sir plz don’t waste time lets go its urgent
Om- look i am sorry but i have to go out ….as my wife is missing so i can’t come …..right now
Man- sir its about ur wife only …… Actually ur wife meet an accident and her condition is critical.

At that time pinki ……. Shouting and running towards all.
Pinki -vo news vo news mei ishana ki car………and she put on the tv …..and there was the news showing Ishana car fully crushed .

Om- waa totally expression less .
Om – without looking start running towards his car.

City hospital

Om reached hospital.
To be continued.

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  1. Good one dear.. Hoping ishana will be fine…

  2. MahiraKhan

    Nice chapter!!!
    Hope Ishu is fine…
    Continue soon…

  3. NICE

    Waiting for next

  4. Awesome.. Eagerly waiting for the next episode…

  5. Pratha

    Ruchi again a short update pl. try to make it lengthy if there is a problem pl. share it. I’ll understand it.
    it was nice

    1. Ruhirachel

      Thanks ya actually ….i have lots problem going my family thats y. I can’t think what should be story … when ever i get some idea i just write it and post it i am so sorry for update but my each part r small .

      1. Pratha

        No problem I understand u can post small update

      2. Pratha

        I’ll be happy 2 read that too

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