Ishkara -ff story full of love , anger,lust and revenge -(part 51)

Part 51

Ishana was heading towards her office when her phone rings.

Ishana unknown number (she was little confuse that she should pick it or not ….. Thn she remember that a client was going to call her ….. So decided to pick the call.

When she was about pick the call her phone fall down near her site ……..and while driving she tried to pick her phone ….. And at that time road was empty ……….so she was trying ……and SUDDENLY a truck was heading towards her car ………….. Ishana didn’t notice that ……..truck was in his full speed .
Ishana finally get her phone when looked up her car crush down by that truck ……. Ishana shouted ………ommmmm…..and her car hit down crossing the road boundary and her car was again it by other car ………and finally her car stopped near a tree and car condition was very bad and ishana was still inside the car .

Oberoi mansion .

Om was going through some files when he feel some thing wrong .

Om- Ishana (he wiper ishana name )
Rudra who was sitting near om ….. Heard that.
Rudra – kya hua om …… Khabhi to bhabhi ko chor do ……(teasing way).
Om- rudra nahi i felt that she is in some trouble ….my heart is saying she called me.

Rudra – om relax ….. Bhabhi ko kuch nahi hua ho ga……ap call kar lo.

Om- ya u r right .
Om called ishana …..but her phone was not reachable .

Om to rudra

Om- ishana ka phone unreachable aa raha hai.
Rudra – may be vo meeting mei ho .
Om- may be but mera dill nahi maan raha .

SUDDENLY om rings ….it was rohan .

Om – hello rohan.
Rohan- hello omkara ji ……kya ishana mam ghar per hai??

Om- nahi vo office ka liya likal gyi .

Rohan- kab .
Om- one hour ago.

Rohan – but mam she is not here and mam ka phone bhi unreachable aa raha hai

Om- kya but ager vo office nahi gyi to kha gyi.

To be continue

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