Ishkara -ff story full of love , anger,lust and revenge -(part 43)

Part 43.

Oberoi mansion .

Hall .

Om- ishana y don’t u listen to be bola tha room Mein rest karna but u .

Rudra – om bhabhi must be getting bore …As Anika bhabhi is not allowing her to help her in any work ….And mom and dad r also not at home u know …..That’s y she was roaming in garden…..Chill karo O.

Anika- ya om rudra is right ……or vo Ghar per thi na bs………

And I must say AJ rudra ka bata correct hai ….Kya bat rudra.

Saumya- u Anika di even I am in shock …….U know what I have seen when it come too Ishana Didi rudra talks r locgilcal.

Anika – hhmmmmm right.
Ishana – aree devar kis hai hai .!!!!!??

Rudra &Ishana give a hi-fi to each other.

Om was very happy that his family is now so happy and ishana and rudra r now so close to each other …..He always want that the girl he will marry must love rudra more thn him ….That’s that’s happening too….So he was very happy.

Shivaay entered .

And saw every one was again standing and talking about some think.

Shivaay said loudly Oh Shit ..

All turned towards shivaay….And a confused look .

Om , Anika,rudra asked together Kya hua shivaay!?!

Shivaay – aree I missed the show .

Anika ,om ,rudra,Ishana , saumya show what show.

Rudra- koi movie thi??

Shivaay – aree nahi reality show hai …..Mera Ghar ….Name hai devar bhabhi ka sath ?????and he start laughing…..And asked about Kya hua.?
Anika- so u r saying hum log joker hai???

Shivaay – nahi .
Anika – ya u mean that only .

Ishkara and rudmya…. Looked each other and said we should leave let the fight …. Because when the both fight ….Both end up in pool …..And Ishana om, rudra, saumya …. Together I don’t want to get wet …….4 of them left to their respected rooms.

Om rooms..

Om – Ishana close u r eyes.
Ishana – y??
Om- karo.
Ishana – first will y.?
Om – uffff surprise hai karo.
Ishana – what surprise Kya hai ……Bolo om ??
Om – Ishana eyes closed om nahi to.
Ishana – Kya??
I will he come close to her. …..I will not tell what is the surprise .

Ishana make cute puppy face and closed her eye .

Om – wait and don’t cheat k…..Wait
Ishana- slightly open her eyes to see….But noticed that ……..Om- Ishana no cheating
Ishana- k?.
Om – k come with me ………Om put her hands on her eyes .
Ishana- om where r we going ??
Om – Ishana u ask so many questions……… Don’t have passion…….. Don’t how u r managing metha company.

ISHANA- slightly hit her elbow .
Om- ouch….Ishana.
Ishana,- I manage my company with open eyes not close…..And right now my eyes closed …That’s I am asking.
Om- so u don’t trust me??
Ishana- if I didn’t trust u thn I never loved u…..And now I am ur wife.
Om- just say yes or no.
Ishana-yes I do.
Om- thn keep walking without talking.
K .

To be continued.

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    Wonderful!!!!? really cute…and the devar-bhabhi ke saath vala show thay os really really great!!!! So sweet…. And Omish just keep getting more and more adorable. Loved the “close your eyes”part..(you are really incredible at describing these scenes??. …) Loved the episode a lot…..and eagerly waiting to know what is Om’s surprise for his ishu..

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