Ishkara -ff story full of love , anger,lust and revenge -(part 42)

Part 42 .

Rohan pick Ishana from oberoi mansion .

After one hour they reached metha company .

Rohan – mam meeting will start with in 10 mins …….So if u want thn I can explain u the offers and the deal detail.

Ishana – hmm …K tell I am listening

Om ki art gallery.

Om – chal finally sab Complete ho gya……..Om called one of his staff ….. listen arrange dis all thing for exhibition….K.

Staff member- k sir.

Om – called Ishana……. Call is going ring ring?????

Ishana was going to start the meeting so she put her mobile on silent mode.

Om – y ishana is not picking my call ( on his mind may be mobile room ho or vo hall Mei ).

Metha company .

James – ( u all can imagine James as
Andrew garfield acted as

The Amazing Spider-Man,

Ishana – entered and was shocked to see James as she thought James must be a man of her dad age but ..He is looks like teenager.

Ishana – hello Mr James …… Ishana .

James – hello Mrs Ishana ….I must tell u r more beautiful than I thought ?.

Ishana – thanks James can we proceed.
James- ya sure .

Meeting started….And end after onw and half hour.

And the deal was finalized.

James so Ms Ishana ……I like ur thinking ….And ideas r good it will profit both the company .

Ishana – thank u Mr James ur company chosed our company ……U don’t know dis deal was my father dreams .

James – no need of saying thanks ….U earned it .

So we will start the work form tomorrow ….I am in India for 2 months.

Ishana – oh that’s great it will help us …To Complete the project soon.

Om – was busy in staff arrangements

Metha Company .

James by the way I must say Ms Ishana in such a young age u r handling ur business so well ….I never seen a girl like u ….So much determination ……I like girls like u.

Ishana – ?thanks with little hestiation.
James- oh o Ms Ishana don’t take me wrong.
Ishana – no .
James – actually I am very funny guy ……Dis business boy mask I have to wear … Nothing to do .

But I am quick friend maker so will u be my friend as now I need one ….As I am here for 2 months .

ISHANA- smiled of course .

Both shakes hands but as Ishana hand was burned….So she get hurt …..Ahhaaaasiiiiiiiiii.
James – oh I am sorry ….I didn’t notice that how it happened ??

Ishana – nothing ….It’s is because of my carelessness.

Ishana – noticed the time ( in mind….Aree shit om must had left for house I have to reach home before om).

Ishana – James I am sorry I have to leave now I will catch u later….Bye.

James- ya sure .

Ishana left

James ( in mind ) oh god she is so beautiful .

Ishana reached oberoi mansion just few mins before om .

Anika to ishana .

Ishana where were u I was searching for u .???

Ishana vo di u was in my room only .

Anika – no u were not .
And om entered.

Om – what happened Anika bhabhi ?

Anika – nothing om I was asking ishana that were she was actually I was searching here from last half an hour ….But she was no where .

Om doubt Ishana that may be she …..gone for meeting…..Om walk towards ishana .

Om – Ishana where were u ??
Ishana ( guys as we know ishana can lie like it’s true .)om I was at home only

Om – thn y Anika bhabhi was not able to find u???

Suddenly a voice come from back .

Because bhabhi was in garden …….Going through the files .
Ishkara and Anika turned towards the entrance.

And it was our rudra and Soumya.

Om – how u know .
Rudra – because I have seen bhabhi ……Before going out with saumya .

Rudra – Anika bhabhi did u checked in garden ..????

Anika – no .
Rudra – that’s y u were not able to find my partner.

Ishana breath in relief.
Om – oh k but ishana u should rest ….And y r u not picking my calls .

Ishana – vo mera phone silent that.

To be continued.

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  1. Nice one dear… Bach gyi ishana.

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      Hmm Bach gyi?…. Thanks

  2. Riddhima

    I think ridhima will use this situation … No don’t bring misunderstanding between ishkara …

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      Thanks……Hmm it’s Ridhima she can do any thing

  3. Awesome….

  4. MahiraKhan

    3 update in 1 day….


    James…. kuch toh gadbad hai??????

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    Aree wah dear….back to back update…..three parts….in one day…….amazing…
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    Anyways see u…
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    1. Ruhirachel

      (jab dil) no but it sounds interesting I will surely read it?….And thanks for ur valuable comment.

  6. Amazing nice going?

  7. Renimarenju

    Big big sorry as i didnt get time 2 read ur ff….previous parts….so i go through all just now only……..U are creating much suspense with this part…..but it is really making more interest 2 read ur ff…….Update next one by today itself…..because i will be free on today only…..hope u will update it…….This was really gud…….ruchi…….

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