Ishkara -ff story full of love , anger,lust and revenge -(part 37)

Part – 37.

Park .

Om thinking ……Yar lagta hai kuch special karna hoga …..But Kya?…..After thinking for a long…..He remember what rohan said .

Om – chal om .?

Om singing for Ishana as she was upset.
Om to ishana .
Rootha kyun…..

Mujhse khafa na hona itna tu.
Saanse bhi tere bina Main na loon

While singing dis line Om hold ishana hands and ishana looked towards om.
But ishana freed her hand and walked away .
Om …..

O..O rehna de .

Teri mohabbaton Mein rehna de.
Teri khawbon Mein mujha behna de
With above two lines I’m picked Ishana in his arms swing her in his arm

Aisa hona de tu zara..

While carry Ishana om kissed her forehead …And continued singing

Mein toh Tere shah ki subha hun na.

Haathon ki lakeeron Mein likha hun na( om take her hand and kissed her hand)

Now Ishana was showing fake anger .

Om puts her down and hold his ear and say sorry ….But Ishana was enjoying the moment . she continued her anger fake .

Om….. Rehta hai
Mere honthon pe tere honthon ka nishaan…..And ( he kiss Ishana cheeks)…Ishana was about to run but om pulled her and she landed on om chest )Om……Singing…..Looking at Ishana.
Hota hai, tanha raaton mein tere hone ka gumaan
Mujhe mehsoos hua hai aisa laga hai
Tumne chua hai na

Main toh tere shab ki subah hun na
Haathon ki lakeeron mein.

Om – again sorry .
Ishana – again turn her face .

Om – was now angry so he sit down.
Ishana – turned and Saw om upset so she there and sit ….And put her hand on om ……Hand ….But om was not looking ……Ishana ……Sing Laazim hai
Jaise sanson ke liye laazim hai hawa….(and make om to look at her ) again she sing …..Waise hi, mere liye zaruri hai hona tera
Tere mere pyaar ka rista sadiyon rahega
Sadiyon raha hai na……And Ishana ask om that sadiyon raha hai na with her face expiration…..And om also nodded in yes .

Ishana …Main toh tere shab ki subah hun na
Haathon ki lakeeron mein likha hun na.

Now both hugged each other tightly..

Now both together Main toh tere shab ki subah hun na
Haathon ki lakeeron mein likha hun na.

Singing part over .

Om – sorry ishana I now u were tensed ….And I didn’t answer ur call .
Ishana – it’s k om I also over acted …I am also so sorry .

And SUDDENLY om kissed Ishana in her lips ..

Ishana shocked .

Ishana- what was that ?
Om – it’s was ice cream ..?..
Ishana – what .
Om – it was kiss my dear wife what kind of question is that.
Ishana – embraced ……Vo vo .
Om – again kissed her …..Om u r my wife my better half so I can kiss u …Hug u anytime …..K Mrs Ishana oberoi .

Ishana – blushed and said k .

Om – let’s go home ….. Every one is tensed for u …… Chalo .

Both left .

To be continued

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  3. Kavya347

    Awww… cute. Really noone on this planet can say no to such a cute, adorable apology.?.. loved that part. And the last scene, where Om kissed Ishu…???ohh….so lovely… really great… keep it up….And missed ur ff a lot..

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      Thanks a lot ?

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